On google play games store you can find the best games which take your journey through an imaginable landscape in the year 2017.

Now I am going to describe the best game I the year 2017 which are sensational and you can enjoy to full extent.

1.CATS:Crash Arena Turbo Stars

The CATS game is the best game which blew us away with its spellbinding gameplay, glossy graphics, and an impressively intuitive interface. It’s the best game of the year 2017 to fight against other players. Using this app you can build your own battle robot and unleash its power with the PvP fighting game.

With the creators of the hit games you can cut the rope and king of thieves to construct the stylish battle bot. More than 50 million players became the star of the Arena.By participating in the gang battles to win brand new weapons and use them to design unbeatable fighting robot.

Features of the CATS:

  • Be a master engine to design the craft, upgrade and improve ultimate battle robot.
  • You can take the role of the cat and fight against other players in the PvP action.
  • You can discover the different designs of weapons, gadgets and body shapes to defend the opponent’s.
  • You can create powerful gang and new friends to share your secrets.
  • You can battle against the real players to win championship.
  • You can bet on other bots.

2.Baahubali:The Game

The baahubali is the most competitive and challenging online games which attract the world’s most determined and strategic players. It’s the free game where players need to purchase the items for game and network connection is required.

The main theme of this game is to empower and bring happiness to mahishmati. Senapati needs to train the army, build defenses and join forces of Baahubali, Kattappa, and Bhallaladeva to defend the kalakeya.You need to play with friends and enter into PvP battles around the world to bring back the glory to Mahishmati.

Features of the game:

  • You can build an undefeatable fort to empower mahishmati.
  • You can build archer and spear towers to defend your fort.
  • Ambush invaders with the dangerous spike and snake traps.
  • You can destroy your enemy’s army with the superior weapons like arrow machine.
  • You can research and train your troops with barracks, armoury and war library.
  • 10 Unique troops from the movie are available for doing battle.
  • You can plunder and capture enemy resources with the help of thieves.
  • Fight solo machines against cruel kalakeya.

3.Pictionary app:

The pictionary app is the social one which helps to play the unique, entertaining online games with friends or even with new ones. You can make the classic way of drawing and guess for making art has gone into mobile world leaving out a pencil, laptop at home. You can challenge with your friends to create the art for your world.

The pictionary takes you beyond the drawing experiences. With the tools available you can add a special mark to your arts.You can earn the surprising prize. You can also join the community to discover the hidden artistic talents.Now grab the virtual crayon and fill color in your life.

Features of the Pictionary:

  • Prize chests full of exciting gifts.
  • Thousands of fun words to draw.
  • Multiple game modes to choose from.
  • Fun animations and loveable characters.

4.Food Truck Chef;Cooking Game

The food truck chef is the best cooking game, surprising and artistic game for the players. It had been chosen as the best game of the year 2017. It’s the free app where you can cook tons of fabulous cuisines and become a top chef in no time. You can make delicious recipes and desserts.

This food truck chef game had more than 150 new tasty dishes and 250 levels to play. You can upgrade your truck to keep fun and cool for everyone.

Features of the Food Truck Chef:

  • You can unlock all levels with varities of dishes and ingredients.
  • You can unlock new items to upgrade your kitchen to be a better chef.
  • You can welcome your customers with a new look with the customization options.
  • Chase Whacky achievements.
  • You can battle against other chefs.
  • You can play with your friends when connected to facebook.

5.Coding Games For Kids:

The coding game for the kids is the best innovative game with the bright ideas and never before seen mechanics. Kidlo coding for kids is a fun coding game for kids to teach basic programming concepts. It teaches the coding with the fun games like firefighting and playing a dentist. It helps the kids to improve the problem-solving skills and logical thinking abilities.

Kids can learn the basic programming concepts such as loops, sequence, and functions. They are 11 coding games for kids. They are

  • Little Firefighter:They can learn sequence, loops and functions upto 50 levels.
  • Monster Dentist;Kids can take care of their teeth .
  • Chomp the fruit;You can complete the ;levels to reach right path to take the fruits for the good teeth.
  • Garbage Truck: It helps the kids to collect the garbage.
  • Pop the Balloons:Popping balloons always make you to have fun.
  • Ice Cream Time: You can learn and memorize what little monster needs to take.
  • Smoothie Maker: you can learn colors
  • Music Jam: Learn sounds of different musical instruments.
  • Connect the dots: Join all the dots to complete all levels.
  • Build your Home:You can build your home by showing the correct positions in the image.
  • Dress Up Occupations: Collect all the new items and learn new professions with new levels and games.

6.My Talking Hank;

With the worldwide hits like my talking tom and my talking Angela, a new app had been designed My talking hank. The game is that take care of the cutest puppy i.e talking hank. You need to help the talking hank as he is ready for the adventure to the tropical islands. You need to take care of your puppy and collect all the animals to make the fun around the world.

Features of the My Talking Hank:

  • you can welcome Hawali and check out your cute home.
  • Raise Hank:Hank needs to take care of the puppy from feeding to toilet.Take photos: You need to help the hank to take photos for album.
  • Attract Animals:You need to feed food to lure the animals which are sacred pf hank.
  • Keep Playing:Keep Exploring to discover more features in the MY Talking Hank.

7.Little Panda Restaurant:

The little panda restaurant is the place where you can learn good dishes and enjoy the yummy taste. You can be a world-class chef and never forget the taste.With the little panda, you can start cooking the delicious cuisines.

Fun Features:

  • from east to west there are wide varieties to choose from.
  • Mushrooms, eggs mix and match to satisfy your guests.
  • Wok, Blender and oven are there to finish your piece of work.
  • Chill Powder and seafood sauce and various seasonings to stimulate your taste buds.
  • Serve the dish to make money.

Design Concepts:

  • Inspirational Learning
  • Fun Building
  • Fun Contests
  • Baby Bus for unique learning experience.