Due to the advanced technology many people are using the apps to simplify their work. You can get all kinds of the apps related to games, music, entertainment, money making apps all at one google play store. You need to visit the store and simply select your desired app and download to your desk.

Google Play Awards winning Android Apps in 2017

The apps are designed elegantly and intelligent to make your lives easier by connecting to the world of internet.

Here I am going to discuss the few google play awards winning apps which cleverly conceived, beautifully designed and wonderfully useful.

1.Socratic: Maths Answers and Homework help:

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The Socratic app is compatible with all types of devices and quick responses in a few seconds. You need to take the photo of your homework or maths equation and get explanations, videos, and step by step solutions for solving instantly. It’s a completely free app and your homework done in a snap.It supports the maths, science, history, English, and economics.


  • Instant results for the problems.
  • It is the powerful app and much better than google for studying.
  • It covers all subjects to be solved.
  • It is well customized and teaches you what you required for solving.
  • It is the free and user friendly app.

How the socratic app really works?

I will explain you step by step to use this app.

  • First take the photo of the homework problem and the app AI will figure you out to learn the concepts required to solve it. This app makes your work easier to learn on phone.
  • The Socratic Al reads the questions using the machine built classifiers and predict which concepts which help you to solve the problem.
  • The Socratic team of educators creates the high visual and free learning content to teach every student with the best videos.
  • The Socratic math solver helps the students to get step by step explanation by taking the image of the equation.

Moreover, this app represents huge improvements in the students to solve different areas of subjects.

2.PicsArt Animator App:

best android apps 2017

The picsart animator app is the very entertaining app where you can create videos, funny things and even escape into transit during downtime. It is related to the art and designing area where you can drag stickers to animate.

PicsArt is an animator maker or cartoon marker which is very simple to use and drive maximum functionality. You can make cartoon videos, funny doodles, animated GIFs in a few steps. No skill is required, you can have fun and amaze your friends with your artistic skills with the picsart animator.

With picsart you can use more animation features to your stickers.It supports the duplicate frames, stickers and drawing tools.

Features of the PicsArt Animator:

  • You can use the animated stickers and customize the movements.
  • You can draw frame by frame and set timeline to scroll the frames.
  • You can duplicate, insert and delete the frames.
  • By using advanced animation tools you can edit your selfies.
  • You can save animations as the video or GIF to share them on the social channels.
  • You can record sounds and voiceovers for your animations. It is 100% free app and you can make your personal emojis.

3. SideChef:Step by Step Cooking

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The side chef is the best daily helper tool to build healthy habits, and make everyday tasks easier and enjoyable. The side chef makes learning cooking easy, funny at any skill level with the step by step photos, voice commands and instructions. With this app, you can easily browse the recipes and purchase ingredients to make the final meal.

The side chef introduces the novice cooks to the kitchen and helps the people to get cooking skills. This was guidance team considering the point i.e cooking is for everyone. In the side chef, you can get 4000 recipes with step by step guidance to prepare them.

If you are getting tiny mistakes in your meal and want to make the variety of dishes then this app better fits your need.

Features for Cooking:

  • You can search for the recipes based on the ingredients you own.
  • 4000 varieties of recipes.
  • Integrated timers.
  • Responds to the voice commands for the hands free cooking.
  • You can browse the recipes and add to the cook book.
  • You can rate recipes and upload your photos.
  • You can search and browse by ingredient , recipe, dish, cuisine etc.,/li>
  • You can get notice to featured recipes from the chefs and bloggers.
  • Shopping checklist easily sharable through email.

4.Pinterest app:

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The Pinterest app is the most innovative app for getting interactive ideas of budgeting time, money and helping others by experiencing the world around you. It provides full of possibilities to design your life. You can discover recipes, lifestyle, projects for the home and can get new ideas too.

Features of the Pinterest;

  • You can find every idea you love.what to make for dinner, put on the walls and every part of your life.
  • You can save your ideas for later and even organize them by topics so that it will be easy for future references.
  • You can search by keywords or camera to point.
  • You can collaborate with friends and save ideas for next group trip or party.
  • Just save your web ideas you find with the Pinterest save button on the mobile browser.

5.AppyStore: Kids Learning Videos

award winning android apps

The AppyStore is the delightful and enriching app for the kids to learn the numbers with videos. You can browse 1000 videos songs, rhymes for your kids at appystore. The appystore is the comprehensive learning app for kids up to the age of 8. They can learn audio songs, videos in the form of rhymes, phonics, story, reading, numbers and math logic.

With this app your kids can learn funny things in the preschool, kindergarten to 2 years.Based on the global child development it was designed by experts. The app had 5000+ audio songs videos across 20 categories which cover the development areas of the kids.You can also view the child progress chart in the app.

App Features:

  • This app is child safe, privacy protection and 100% Ad Free Experience.
  • Watch video and audio songs from the offline history section.
  • You can track the child progress and the the parenting videos for engaging their child.

Skills developed by the Child:

  • You child can develop life skills such as positive attitude and basic life skills to success in life.
  • They can learn audio songs and rhymes.
  • Educational worksheets are delivered to the home for the child to practice.
  • The app provides the coloring, crafting the fun videos.
  • Improves the child’s logical thinking with the puzzles and logics.
  • Your child can recognise the early number maths skills.

6.Like:Magic Special Effect Video Editor

With the LIKE app you can add music to your videos and share with friends. You can add magic effects to your videos. You need to submit your videos to the LIKE community so that you get featured videos. You can make magic music videos to share on the social channels with the LIKE app. It’s the new Android app which is used by many users worldwide.

Brand New Dialogue Acting;

Like is a full drama fully depending on your acting skills. Numerous funny dialogues are waiting for you in the LIKe.

Features of the LIKE App:

  • With the cinematic effects you can boom your videos into the Hollywood Blockbuster.
  • Make your videos bloom with the 12 kinds of the 3D magic effects.
  • You can create marvelous videos with the magic effects such as Laser Eye, Heart, Frozen etc.
  • Various dynamic stickers are waiting for you.
  • Automatic beauty effects, you can get a glowing appearance to your videos anytime and anywhere.
  • With the LIKE fun community you can make the best LIKE videos and coolest friends.

7.Improve English :Word games(google play awards)

You can improve the best English with the knudge.me in an easy, interesting and effective way. The advanced scientific algorithms on this app will help you learn the best English. In this app, courses are designed to improve vocabulary and games.

English section courses offered by this app:

  • Vocabulary builder easy, intermediate and advanced.
  • English Idioms.
  • Common Confusing Words.
  • Phrasal Verbs.

Games offered by this app:

  • Mix and Match games.
  • Space Pursuit Game.
  • Fly High
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Echo and Jelly Fiz.

Features ;

  • Spaced and adaptive learning helps to boost your brain.
  • Best English app to learn vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary Pronunciations.
  • You track your progress as a study.
  • Handy flashcards empower you to revise lessons very easily.
  • Helps in the vocabulary based exams.
  • Interesting word games to learn and improve English.

The above-described apps are awarded as the best apps from a different category for the financial year 2017. Everyone should have a try to those apps as they will benefit you.