Here is the latest and updated version of the Google Android versions i.e the Android 9 Pie. It is structured and well designed by using the power of Artificial Intelligence so as to make a lot of features to the Android users. And now it is available for all the users with much pretty look for your devices, smart and gives you fast results as you use it.

The Google Android 9 Pie is tailored for the users to give an everlasting experience over the time with a smooth and better opportunity. The latest android version comes with an adaptive battery and brightness as well. You can use it for a long time with a single charge. It also sets the brightness automatically as you browse the phone.

Key features of the Google Android 9 Pie:

1. App Actions: Right when you want

The app action feature let you know your daily schedule and the tasks to be done. You can pick up your next task more easily when you use Google Android 9 Pie. It helps in reminding of things you need to focus and do at your desktop, office or even when you use headphones etc.

2. Google Android 9 Pie slices:

Slices features help you by bringing the relevant parts of your favorite right at one place and on the surface. When you search for specific things all the related data pertained to it will be delivered at the single point. It makes your work simpler and faster.

Android 9 Pie

3. Intuitive Navigation:

You can get around very easily and fast with this navigation features. You can easily switch between apps by using gestures instead of buttons. Gestures are also not fully controlled and optimized in this version .

4. Digital Wellbeing:

digital Wellbeing is the great part of technology which helps to communicate and learn instead of distracting. It helps to discover the tools set which enables you to learn the way to use the phone and you can also customize and make any changes if needed.

5. Dashboard for better idea on your phone:

In the dashboard you can see where are spending your time. You can get a better idea of how you are using the phone, notifications and you check your phone.

Android 9 Pie

App timers help to set the time limits for the work and reminds you to do the tasks or anything. It will remind you back when you are reaching or close to the set time limit. You can set the do not disturb feature this helps to make your phone rest without any sound irritations at bedtime.

6. Accessibility Nature:

With the Android 9 Pie you can enjoy a good experience to access the menu. You can take screenshots and even edit very easier when compared with the previous Android versions. The Android 9 comes with the select to speak where OCR support is added to recognize the text and speaks it loud. It is provided with a good sound amplifier so that you can hear very clearly even in a crowded marketplace. The Android 9 now supports the dual front and back cameras along with external USB camera support as well.

7.Display of Google Android 9 Pie:

The Google Android 9 supports the cutouts to make available screen space. It supports the devices with 18:9 and tailor aspect ratios as well.

8. Enterprise Level Feature:

The Google Android 9 Pie makes easy for the users to share the work, especially for the shift workers. You can separate your workspace for apps and turn them off when not in use so as to save your battery life. The Android 9 also helps the enterprise IT admins to freeze for the period of 90 days for the devices not to update for the Android OS.

9. Media support for Android 9:

With the Android 9 you can connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices which makes you never to miss a call. It also provides support for headsets with sound delay reporting. It also builds high support for HDR i.e High Dynamic Range movies.IT now comes with HEIF photos so that it saves the memory storage by compressing the images.


Android 9 supports strong notification enhancements for messaging. You can manage the notifications and also turn off the unwanted notification alerts from specific sender aslo.

11. Google Android 9 Pie:

Google Android 9 Pie helps in encryption of Android backups. It also secures the data with the help of standard biometric authentication prompt so as to provide a good and secure user experience across the Android devices. It also safeguards your privacy by restricting access to phone’s microphone, camera, and other sensors. It also protects all the web communications very privacy.


As an overall scenario Google Android 9 Pie supports strong and long-term support fort eh Android users with multi-functionality. It makes your Android devices run smooth, fast and reliable. It also provides strong security, you can unlock your device automatically by setting time limits. You can make your phone do not disturb by setting it during rest time. Moreover, you can have a wonderful experience with the Google Android 9 Pie.