Today I am going to give the readers an interesting topic i.e. keep updated the google adsense account by following the terms and conditions stipulated or else you’re account will be banned from using the adsense services any more. Here having the account for the adsense approval for each and every website is easy but to maintain the consistency of the ads on the websites you need to definitely obey the google terms and conditions which are updated and changing periodically.

Having the account to be approved in order to use their services is the major task. Once the account had been approved you will definitely reach out to the services from the google adsense. You are permitted to have only one google adsense account and by enrolling in the adsense you’re are permitting the google to serve your account with all their services listed such as the serving advertisements, related search queries and links to your websites, mobile phones etc.

The google adsense will post the updated and modification services in the policy terms and will reflect to the websites only after 14 days of their publishing in the google terms and conditions page. If you won’t accept the modified and updated changes then you may stop using the affected services from there after.

Updated Google Adsense Policy Terms and Conditions:

Be attentive and follow the new modified policies for removing the banning of account. All the publishers are required to adhere the following policies so as to remain your account status active without disabled. If you are not comply with the rules then there might be chance of banning your account with the ads serving and sometimes you’re account will be banned permanently.

1)Invalid Clicks and impressions:

Publishers should keep in mind that clicking their own ads will be a reason for prohibiting the ads on their websites. They are advised not to use any inflate impressions techniques for getting income where you’re account will be banned. The clicks and impressions done with artificially or some manual methods will be a reason for the banning the ads to your website.

2)Encouraging Clicks:

The publishers should not ask others to click their ads or use some wrong techniques in order to do clicks. Offering compensation for viewing the ads for the users, promising to raise money for doing such type of activities should be restricted. Placing of images next to individual ads is not a good behaviour. Do not format the ads so that they will appear as if the web content and the user might click it. All those kind of activities are mis behaviour and are not trusted , so be conscious and keep attentive to a god vision only.

3)Content Guidelines:

Content Guidelines are very important for the effective functioning and serving of the ads in the website. Publishers should not place the adsense code on the pages that violating the content guidelines rules and regulations . You must check that the pages with the google ads should not link to the pornography, voilent content , the content that creates harm or threatens to the website should not be linked. You’re google ads should be linked to a well and nice content only if not you’re account will be banned. Do Not link your pages to the content which is illegal, related to malware softwares, drugs and many more.

4)Content Righted Materials:

The publishers should not display the google ads on the pages which are protected by the copyright law unless there are some legal rights to be appeared on the content. They should not link to the pages that contain copyrighted materials, pages hosting copyrighted files and the page that drive links to get traffic are strictly prohibited.

5)Counterfeit Goods:

The publishers are restricted to provide or display the google ads on the web pages that contain the offer for sale or promote the counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods contain a special trademark which is completely different from the trademark of other goods. They appear as the branded products with the mimic features of the trademark products and put for sale on the website, so be alert and conscious for such illegal things happening in the website.

6)Traffic Sources:

The publishers using the google adsense should comply with the google landing pages as matter of security. The publishers should not place the google ads on certain pages on the web from where the traffic is coming such as unwanted emails, display ads as the result of action of any software application and the paid to click programs all are prohibited.

7)Ad Behaviour and Ad Placement:

Publishers are allowed to do modifications to the adsense code as long as there is no harm to the advertisers. Publishers are encouraged to experiment with all ad placements and formats. The adsense code will not be placed at the popups, emails and malicious software etc. The google ads should not linked to any software application or tool bars.

Google ads should not be displayed in search pop ups or pop unders etc. The ads should not be placed in the emails where the mail is the primary focus. Google ads are not displayed on the dynamically generated content as the primary focus is of the content.

8)Site Behaviour:

Keep in mind that the websites showing google ads should not redirect the user’s attention with some pop ups or external download links, free from malware and should not redirect to the other unwanted and faly websites which makes the trusted users to loose hope and attention on your website. Your website should be free from other unwanted content for the users to navigate easily through the website.

9)Technical Requirements:

For the websites with the google ads there should be some concern for the technical specifications. From the technical point of view it supports certain languages only and the web formats. Adsense for content and Adsense for Exchange display ads are not supported in all views.

10)Identifying users and user consent:

You should not personally pass any information on the google, it should use or recognise you. You should also keep secret the information of the device which is identified on the google.

11)Children Online Privacy Protection Policy:

If you use the google advertising service in your website or a section of the site which is covered by the children’s online privacy protection policy then it’s your duty to notify the google about that sites using some tools or methods.You should not use your own advertising to target the activities of the users under the age of 13 years.

12)Gambling Content:

Adsense restricts the placing of ads on the gambling websites and gambling related content. Publishers are not allowed to place ads on the gambling related websites or link to the websites with contains gambling content. Online gambling content includes the games, sports, games and many more things.The above listed are the newly updated information for the google adsense. If you follow all those rules in giving the website a good combination of serving google ads using this adsense then it will be definitely very effective and advantageous.