Most of the people looking for secure browsing, for that we need to take care about all our search histories, now i would like to share some tips to delete all searches history from google search history.

Everybody searches a lot on Google to opt for information, browse or access any data on Internet.

If someone wants to find out your interests, they can get them through the previous search history. Search patterns reveals more about you. Though Google protects your search with encrypted patterns still there are some junks when someone tries to identify on the web at server level.

But anyone tries to access your laptop or smartphones, they can quickly access your search history very fast. With the Google search history anyone can recognize your search history and can easily bluff you after looking at your search history.

With the help of Google search you can easily find out your previous search terms very fast.Though Google had updated it’s policy terms and conditions, but still there are data grabbers on online.

Since the myth says that all your search data is deleted from the history once you clean. But it’s not sure. Still it might be viewed as Google search store your data online when you are logged in with your account. Since Feb 2012, all your search data is stored for future reference or use of Google services.

With billions of searches reveals how much of your data can be hided every month.

Well, there no need to freak out about your delete history, you can control it. If you don’t want others to sneak at your desktop Google search history, you can do it.

Here I am going to discuss with you on how to get back your Google search under control and delete individual searches or entire Google Search history.

How to delete all searches from Google Search History?

Yeah, well you can easily delete the individual searches rather than deleting all searches from the web history. You can easily browse your search queries individuals by types and dates and clear them.

You are the owner to change your Google settings which helps to secure your account from being hacked or theft.

For individual deletion of the search queries you need to do following things.

  • Login with your gmail accounts and visit your web page history for individual deletion of selected items.
  • You need to check the boxes in order to remove the items from web history.
  • With single remove option you can delete all searches at once.

How to delete all searches  web history at once?

You can also clear all your browsing history at one shot.

This can be done in the following way.

  • Visit the web history page at with your login credentials.
  • On the left panel you need to click the Data and Personalization.
  • On the activity and timeline panel, click My Activity.
  • On the top right of the page you need to click more icon.
  • Click Delete Activity by date and time.
  • Now you can delete the past history as you want.

Delete all Searches

You can also manage your activity controls. Here you can turn which type of activity is to be turned on or off. You also check with your timeline and know the status of the location history.

Delete all Searches

You can also turn off in the settings for future searches not to be stored.Most of us had never look back after the Google search history. If you want to stop Google storing your searches you can disallow them by turn off.

You can manage and control all your searches for deletion. But deleting all the searches from browser is very much essential. You can delete all searches from the browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome etc.

In order to enhance the web browsing private and secure, you need to use private browsing feature which is supported by all the browsers. If you don’t want anyone to know your browsing history simply use the private mode.


Delete all searches from Google search history, it keeps you secure and safe. It is very easy to take control of all your Google search history. By taking some time and clear of the past history.

If still you had any questions regarding the Google and it’s search history. Please comment in the comment section.