If you are the person who had many accounts to be managed and got confused on using the right password for the accounts. Then no need to worry here comes the dashlane which is the best password manager for protecting or securing your passwords from the hackers.

If you use the same passwords for multiple accounts, there might be the chance of getting hacked. In my dashlane review, I am going to present the users a good sign of approach in Password management system.

Initially as the new to the technology usage I kept all my passwords same. But it was not the good approach has it can threaten your accounts from getting hacked. So try out for the resources or tools which help me to secure or manage passwords. In meanwhile I had come across the dashlane, the best password manager for the securing the multiple accounts passwords.

With the dashlane you can safely store your passwords and encrypted on your mobile devices.The dashlane password manager is the world best for simple and safe logins. With the dashlane, you can secure password storage. By using the unique passwords you can protect your identity as well as online accounts very safely.

You can get a key to protect the passwords in dashlane. You can see all the passwords at your fingertips on your device itself. You find it very easy to unlock any password any time without any failure. You can use the dashlane for individuals as well as for business of all sizes.

Features of Dashlane:

Secure Password Manager

Password Manager is the best feature in dashlane which manages all your passwords with the help of the master password. It’s very hard for the hacker to get through your information without knowing the secret master password or key.

  • The dashlane secures all your passwords and keep track of them, create unique passwords for all accounts, remember them and made typed for you online.
  • It will save and manage passwords in a password vault that you need to access it.
  • It will store important data in the security notes.
  • It will help you to log into apps and websites automatically.

Form Autofill

  • The dashlane does the smart form autofill that works very perfectly.
  • You can store your data into the forms on dashlane for security.
  • Autofill works seamlessly with the password generator to create new accounts very simple and fast.
  • Dashlane fills the forms or logs automatically in your devices.

Digital Wallet

  • You can organize and stores credit cards securely in your mobile wallets.
  • Sync up all the apps to express checkout on any website any time.
  • It will help you to keep your receipts under lock and key in payments section.
  • You can have the Id and passport information in handy.
  • It will fill the web forms instantly for you.

Password Generator Tool

The password generator tools help to resist the hackers from theft your passwords or sensitive information. The dashlane password manager helps you to generate the strong, unique passwords for every account you hold.

The password generator is a tool that will automatically generate the passwords based on the guidelines you set for creating the accounts. A strong password should be the long, random and unique. Remembering all of them is difficult so you need to go for the dashlane where it types you all the details in advance and store them securely.

Password Changer:

With the dashlane you can get another best feature i.e password changer.You can change the dozens of passwords in a single click and save them typed for your website or for easy use. It just replaces the old ones with the new strong passwords. It takes just seconds to update or change passwords.

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You can get instant security alerts and fix them automatically.

Why the password security should be taken seriously?

  • Dashlane uses the AES 256 security encryption to secure your data with the backup to the local storage.
  • You can unlock the dashlane with your fingerprint on the android devices.
  • With the dashlane you can build the passwords and data always to be secure, private and accessible by you.
  • Dashlane Budget Plan:

    Dashlane offers the free, premium and business. The premium plan costs 3.33$ per month and business plan 4$ per month. The bill is to be paid for yearly. Dashlane works better for the password management system.

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    Password management pro:

    The password management pro is a secure vault for storing and managing the sensitive information such as passwords, documents and enterprises. It’s also the enterprise password manager too.

    The password management pro does the following:

    • You can store, discover and organize the privileged identities in the centralized vault.
    • You can securely share the administrative passwords with the members of the team.
    • You can automatically reset the passwords of the servers, databases and network devices.
    • It will control access to IT resources and applications based on the roles and job responsibilities.
    • You can launch direct connection to the IT resources and web applications.
    • You can get complete record of all the actions.


    I here say that to provide tight security to the multiple account passwords you can go for the best password manager tool i.e the dashlane. The dashlane offers the excellent password management system and keeps all the passwords in one place and also autofills the accounts when you are online.