[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]Looking great listens? You can enhance your listening experience with the podcasts by searching for free and best podcasts on the google play store. You can discover audio stories that entertain, inspire and inform. You can also listen to the recent episodes of the podcasts and then subscribe using your app of choice.

The best android podcast apps are:

1. Podcast player

The podcast player is audiobook podcast player app. You can enjoy everything you want for free such as music, audiobooks etc. The podcast provides the audio content which covers the entertainment and education on a daily playback scenarios.

Benefits of the podcast player

  • The best use of the podcast player is that you can listen the podcasts 2017 including s-town, This American Life serials, Joe Rogan, true crime and NPR podcasts etc.
  • EDUCATION Podcasts: The Ted Talks helps you to get insights of the technology, psychology, and history.
  • NEWS Podcast:Up to date news coverage from the BBC radios and medias all over the world.
  • MUSIC Podcast: Access to listen free songs from radios and FM channels. Enjoy the modern guitar music and so on.
  • COMEDY Podcast: Enjoy funny audios and videos, jokes which reduce your stress.
  • INTEREST Podcast: You can get the latest fashion news.
  • RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY Podcast: For better sleep you can listen to the buddhist audio or bible stories at bedtime.
  • KIDS and Family Podcast: Fairy tales for family and selected books and stories for kids.

Top Features of the podcast player

  • Ultra simple podcast publishing solution.
  • You can discover and subscribe to 340000 podcast content.
  • Offers podcasts from 70+ countries and languages.
  • You can download episodes mp3 files for free.
  • You can control playing with the podcast player from multiple widgets.
  • You can customize your podcasts and share to your friends.
  • You can easily set sleep timer and switch between dark brighter themes.
  • You can also enjoy the ads free version which is available for purchase.

2. Podcast Addict

Among the best podcasts, podcast addict is the best android podcast app with 5 million downloads. This android podcast app allows you to manage the podcasts, Radio demand, audio books, live stream radios, youtube and twitch channels and RSS feeds from a single tap.

Playback and Audio Effects:

  • You can set playback speed, volume boost, works while streaming or downloading files.
  • Variable playback speed for the video podcasts.
  • Multiple playlists support.
  • It supports the advanced playback features such as sleep timer, shuffle mode and loop mode.
  • Works as the standalone player.

Automation by podcast addict:

  • Podcast addict does automatic update, download, deletion of the playlists.
  • You can do custom settings with the podcast addict very easily.
  • You can control the podcast addict through the apps like AutomateIT and Tasker.

MISC Features of the podcast addict;

  • It supports the SD card storage and android wear notifications.
  • It does automatic filters, bookmarks, live stream radio search engines.
  • Supports the RSS comments and authenticated feeds.
  • Visual customization, virtual podcasts.
  • POdcast addict supports the advanced filtering and sharing features.

3. Podcast Go:Best android podcast app

The podcast go is the highest rated podcasts on the google play store for the podcasts.You can listen to your favorite podcasts on your phone. It’s the free and most elegant podcast player for the android phones. It allows you to listen, download and find podcasts offline any place and any time.

You can subscribe to your favorite artists. In the podcast go there are 300000 shows which you need to explore them by categories such as music, comedy, education etc.

Features of the Podcast Go:

  • You can listen offline videos by downloading them.
  • You can discover new and popular podcasts.
  • You can create the playlists and speed rate.
  • You can choose your favourite theme and set sleep timer.
  • You can subscribe podcasts to get latest notifications.
  • It’s the super simple interface and save your podcasts files to SD.

4. CastBox:Android podcast app

The cast box is the android excellence app for the year 2017. CastBox brand new search audio enabled to discover the most relevant content based on the keywords and phrases. By highlighting the keywords in the search queries you can get the best audio content.The In audio search function is combined with machine learning to get best podcasts results.

The more you deserve to use the more your work will be smarter. It’s the best podcast player for the podcast lovers, a super clean layout, and a native interface. It supports a wide range of the podcasts you can stream and download the favorite podcasts anytime and anywhere.It supports the customized playlists.

Listen to top podcasts around the globe:

  • You can subscribe 1 million podcast channels including the top networks.
  • You can stream or download the 50 million podcasts for free.</li.
  • You can listen to your podcasts in 70 different languages.
  • You can discover new and trending podcasts in 16 categories.
  • By subscribing on the cloud sync you can listen from any device any time.
  • Chromecast support.

Benefits for the podcasters with the CastBox

  • You can easily create, upload audios from the mobiles , desktops with the castbox very easily.
  • By the castbox advanced algorithms you can increase the audience count worldwide.
  • It’s 100% free podcast app.
  • It supports unlimited storage with no restrictions on uploading audios.

CastBox features:

  • Helps you to listen and get daily news updates.
  • You can flip to your favorite channel during your work.
  • Plug in when you are running at gym.
  • You can unwind your day with the mediation to ensure good night.
  • You can stay entertained during your weekly chores.

5. Anchor:Podcast and Radio

Anchor is the 100% free podcast where you can record or capture audio right from your mobile device. Its very easy task to create podcasts of your interest using the anchor. It requires no experience.

How to create audio with the anchor?

  • Voice: You can record your the audios of you and your friends and broadcast in few seconds.
  • Music: You can share your music with the Apple music and Spotify.
  • Interviews: You can call any US number and record the conversation and saved them in your station.
  • Interludes and background tracks: You can improve your audios with different sound effects.
  • Clips: You can easily change and import existing audio.
  • You can easily share your audio to the social media.

Listening Audio with the Anchor Podcast

  • You can listen daily audio summaries.
  • You can easily interact with the shows using the Anchor.
  • You can listen freely in the anchor stations using mobile apps.

6. Antennapod : Android best podcast app

The antenna pod is a podcast manager and player which gives instant access to millions of free and paid podcasts. You can easily import, export and add other feeds using the iTunes podcasts databases. By using the powerful automation controls for downloading the episodes which save the power, effort and mobile data usage. You can enjoy the unlimited download, stream and queue episodes with the adjustable playbacks, sleep timer and chapter support.

Antennapod is an open source, free, no ads and no cost.

Features of the Antennapod:

  • You can easily import, organize and play the feeds and episodes.You can enjoy the playbacks with the adjustable speeds.
  • You can keep, track and share the best episodes.
  • You can control the system and take care of automated downloading.
  • You can easily manage the storage with the help of the cached episodes.
  • You can adopt to your environment using the dark and light themes.
  • You can easily backup subscriptions with the gPodder.net integrations and OPML export.