I am thinking so that all of you are aware of the word artificial intelligence. But don’t know the actual meaning, the theme behind this simple scientific word.

In my discussion, I am going to cover a few things which help you gather a meaningful and useful information about Artificial intelligence future.

What for it is used, advantages or any effects?

What does Artificial Intelligence actually mean?

Discoveries in neurobiology, information theory and cybernetics helped the researchers to build an electronic brain which constitutes neurons. One Of the great scientist Turing proposed the theory if a human could recognize the responses from a machine than the machine can be considered as intelligent. The Turing first work is recognized as the AI which is the formal design for the artificial neurons.

Artificial Intelligence is renowned as the machine intelligence as it is demonstrated by the machines. In terms of computer science, Artificial intelligence Future is termed as the intelligent agents which perceive its environment and completes the tasks on successfully achieving the goals.

We know that AI is used in different industries so as to make their work simple and easy. Right from online chess playing to self-driving cars are the things are done by processing large amounts of data. Computers can perform the accomplished tasks by recognizing the patterns of data along with deep learning techniques.

Solve problems easy with AI:(Goals)

A complete research on the AI is to create a technology which allows the computers and machines to function or work in an intelligent way. In order to create the intelligent systems for displaying there had been broken many issues in the following cases.

  • Reasoning and Problem Solving: Researchers used step by step algorithms to solve the reason or puzzle games. With the introduction of ai uses the probability and economics to deal with uncertain and incomplete information.
  • Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Engineering are central to classical AI research.
  • Planning: USing the multi-agent planning with cooperation to achieve the set of goals.Does automated planning and scheduling for achieving the goals.
  • Machine Learning is the fundamental concept of AI to study the science.
  • Natural language processing gives the machines to understand the human languages for processing the data.
  • Perception: The machine perception is to use the input from sensors such as facial, object recognition.
  • Motion and Manipulation: Robotics is closely related to the AI.Here the intelligence is required for the robots to handle the tasks such as object manipulation and navigation.
  • Social Intelligence: Affective computing is the study and development of systems that recognize, process, interpret human effects.
  • AI address the creativity both theoretically and practically.

Approaches adopted by Artificial Intelligence Future:

AI research into 3 approaches such as computational psychology, computational philosophy, and computer science. Computer psychology is to make computer programs that mimic human behavior. Computer philosophy to develop an adaptive free flowing computer mind. Computer science is one which accomplishes the task of completing work. All the actions, behavior and human together make up the AI.

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Cybernetics and brain stimulation, symbolic manipulation, logic based, cognitive stimulation,knowledge-based, computational intelligence, soft computing embodied intelligence etc are the areas where the AI had been deployed for best results.

Tools used in AI Research:

Artificial Intelligence had developed a large number of tools to solve the most difficult problems in computer science.

A few of them are listed below:

  • Search and Optimization: Problems can be solved very intelligently with the searching techniques adopted by the AI.You can find out the reasoning for performing a search. Many learning algorithms use the search algorithms based on optimization. Evolutionary computation uses a form of optimization search .
  • Logic programming and Automated Reasoning: Logic is used for knowledge representation and problem-solving.
  • Using probability theory for uncertain reasoning: To solve the problems in AI requires an agent to operate with uncertain data. Using the probability statistics and economics all the problems had been solved. Bayesian network is a very great tool which solves several problems in the field of reasoning, learning, perception, and planning.This network also used in Adsense to determine which ads to place on the website.
  • Classifiers and Statistical methods: They are the functions which use pattern matching technique to determine the closest match. They are used widely in statistical and machine learning approaches.
  • Artificial Neural Network: The Neural network is the interconnection of nodes in the human brain. They are used in predicting the stock market and the self-driving car.

Artificial Intelligence Future

  • Deep Learning: It is a kind of artificial neural network long chain of links.
  • Languages: Earlier AI used Lisp and Prolog but now the AI development uses the mainstream languages such as python, c++ and wolfram.
  • Artificial Intelligence had been evaluated its progress in many fields. IT is also used in CAPTCHA to unlock any website.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence technique is nothing but when the task reaches the mainstream this phenomenon is simply termed as AI effect.

The area where AI is used widely in autonomous vehicles, medical diagnosis, creating art, proving mathematical theorems, playing games, online assistant such as Siri and google mini, echo spam filtering, targeting online advertisements and so many areas. Many of the social media sites use the AI technology to post stories to generate higher volumes of traffic.

Siri and echo, Google mini is the online assistants where AI is used in structuring them. To know more in-depth click the below links.
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  • Competitions and Prizes: The main areas needed to be promoted are general machine intelligence, conversational behavior, data mining, robotic cars, robot soccer and games.
  • Healthcare: AI is used in the healthcare industry for assisting doctors in the surgical treatments. It also helped the doctors to find the best treatment for cancer. IBM also created its own AI computer, IBM Watson which had beaten the human intelligence.The IBM Watson successfully diagnosed a woman suffering from leukemia. Does automatic calculation of the bone age with the computer software.

Artificial Intelligence Future

  • Automotive: Advanced improvements in AI lead to the growth of automotive industries in creating the self-driving cars.Many companies are using the AI into the creation of driverless cars. Tesla, Google, and Apple are included in AI technology.
  • Finance and Economics: Many of the banks use the Artificial Intelligence systems to operate, maintain bookkeeping, invest in stocks and manage properties.AI technology helps in reducing the frauds and financial crimes by keeping a close watch on the behavioral patterns of the users.
  • AI also used in online trading and decision making.
  • Video Games: In video games, it is used to generate the dynamic purposeful behaviors. The AI techniques will help you to find the path.
  • Military: Military spends a huge amount on the robotics. Military drones which are capable of autonomous actions are the useful assets.

Platforms where AI is used:

A platform is nothing but a hard architecture or software framework that allows the software to run very smoothly.

AI mainly runs in two platforms one is

  • Educational sector
  • Partnership

In educational sector there is a shortage of AI professional and managers so many programs are conducted to increase the number. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook an IBM had established a non-profit partnership to know best about the AI. This partnership helps them to create the educational materials on AI technologies such as machine learning, planning, reasoning and perception etc.


With the AI implementation there are advantages as well as disadvantages also. A full development in AI will help the world to do the tasks very fast without any failure but it will be the end of the human race. Once it had shaped out it will increase its visibility where humans cannot compete with it. But as a human, you need to use the technology in spite of thinking about the Artificial Intelligence Future. You cannot stop at this sign by just thinking that it will overcome you.