With the advanced technology usage hacking, stealing of the sensitive information had become very easier. Each and every device needs to be protected with the best free antivirus for Android smartphones.

Here I am going to list you the best free antivirus for android smart devices for the financial year 2018.

Let us have look after of them and save your data from being theft.

What does antivirus mean?

Antivirus acts the protecting agent to protect your data from the Android virus which attack your devices in the form of junk files, spam folders etc.

Best Free antivirus for android devices.

1. Hi Security Lite App

Among the plenty of the Android security apps, hi security lite app is the free antivirus protection program, which protects your Android devices from the virus attacks, WiFi spies and from privacy snoopers. The hi security lite app is an absolutely free app which acts as antivirus, booster, WiFi security, privacy clean and app lock.

Features of the Hi Security Lite App:

  • This Android security app gives the user a good experience as it provides a cloud-based antivirus database without any threats. The antivirus engine helps you to scan and kills all the android virus on the internal storages, SD cards etc.
  • You can speed up your device performances and even run smoother, faster with a dynamic browsing experience.You can effectively utilize the memory of your phone too.
  • This app supports the app lock feature where you can protect the sensitive apps with the different privacy protection themes such as fingerprints, pattern lock or PIN lock.
  • It protects your devices from the insecure public WiFi and phishing hotspots by detecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing. It ensures network security for any android virus detection.
  • It’s the user friendly, occupies less memory and give your high output.

2.  360 antivirus app :

The 360 security app is one the best free antivirus solution for android devices.2018. The 360 antivirus app is trusted by 200 million of users and its the #1 android security app too. It’s the all in one app which does power cleaner, smart speed booster and antivirus app which optimizes all the background apps, memory storage, junk files, battery power keeping your device safe from android virus.

Why did I recommend this app to you?

The 360 antivirus app is the MUST -HAVE app due to following:

  • Speed up your phone performances just in ONE click.
  • Its one the number one battery saver because it kills the apps which drain your battery power.
  • No need to worry about android virus because it uses the top solution to remove the malwares and trojan from entering your space.

Top notch features of the 360 security app;

    360 antivirus acts the protecting agent to scan all the installed apps, memory cards automatically.

  • It cleans all the junk files to save memory.
  • Boost the speed of your phone and the RAM performances also.
  • It supports multi function lock screen feature.
  • CPU cooler master which cools the phone , save power and optimize all the background apps.
  • 360 antivirus is the all in one anti theft which enables you to locate the lost devices.
  • You can also take the intruder selfie who is trying to open your apps.
  • It supports fingerprint lock to unlock the screen in seconds without worrying about forgetting patterns.

3. Super Speed Cleaner App:

The super speed cleaner app is the top rated android virus cleaner as well as phone booster too. Gives you a good performance with the CPU cooler by saving battery power. It’s the all in one antivirus for cleaning the android virus from the devices.

Effective features of the SuperSpeed Cleaner app:

  • It acts the junk file cleaner and saves memory too.
  • The super speed cleaner is the best phone cleaner to optimize the phone performances by removing the junk data and freeing up the storage space on the phone.
  • It will boost up the speed by free up the storage space and saves the memory.It’s the one tap booster which cleans and boost the phone to give an excellent performance.
  • Its the free antivirus to clean the android virus on your devices every effectively.
  • The CPU cooler helps to reduce the overheating of the devices and improves the performances.
  • It will stop the power draining apps so as to save the battery power.
  • It will also organize the notifications and hide useless notifications showing only the important ones.
  • It also manage the apps for uninstalling and APK files.

4. Virus Cleaner App:

The virus cleaner is the best android virus cleaner and security app.It is the free android antivirus app for the devices. It gives the same features and benefits as that of the super security cleaner app. The only difference between those two is that virus cleaner does the real-time data monitoring. Unlike all the features such as booster, android virus cleaner, removing junk files, saving battery power, app lock is same.

It’s the best antivirus for the android devices for data monitoring in real time. This app measures your daily traffic and analyzes the data in an easy and understandable way.It gives your warnings when you are using or crossed the data traffic limit, which safeguards you from the data overuse.

5. Antivirus 2018 App:

The antivirus 2018 app is the free and real-time antivirus protection app. It safeguards the data from the android virus in real time scenario. It this app monitor your device for the malware or spy apps to protect your device.

The antivirus android mobile security app 2018 is the #1 all in one power cleaner 2018, smart booster 2018 and antivirus 2018 app which optimizes all the background apps for better performances.You can download this app with in one tap and enjoy unlimited browsing experience on your devices without any second thought.

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One of the major things this app contributes is that it supports multi-function facility. It is a handy tool where you can turn on, dial etc. It will provide high-quality wallpapers to make look your lock screen more attractive.It will manage notifications and supports to operate music player on the lock screen.It also gives you alarm sound when your device is charged to full extent.

Features of the Antivirus 2018 App:

  • It will scan and check all the installed apps, content from any junk data or malwares or for any android virus entering.
  • It deletes all the junk files to free up storage space.
  • CPU cool master which cools your phone temperatures.
  • Speed booster will help you to boost your phone speed for good performances.
  • It supports all in one anti theft solution to relocate the lost device or retrieving the lost data.
  • It does real time protection.
  • This app will block the digital threats from entering the devices.

6. DU Antivirus Security App:

DU antivirus android security app is the 100% free antivirus and mobile security solution for the Android device users.This app protects your personal data from the Android virus from entering the devices. It’s the best free antivirus for android devices which gives the users following features.

Features of the DU antivirus security app:

  • With the updated antivirus database it scans for the virus, trojans and malwares.
  • It detects the android virus from the devices automatically and removes it.
  • Applock intruder selfie to safeguard your data.
  • You can block unwanted spam calls, manage the contacts and secret calls.
  • File locker helps to keep safe your files.

Why one needs to download the DU antivirus security app?

  • It provides top notch protection for free.
  • You can easily get the thief who tries to break down into your devices with this app.
  • File locker to protect the personal data and app lock to secure your phone.
  • You can block the unwanted calls.

7. AVg antivirus free for android security 2018:

It’s the best free antivirus for android to protect the devices from the Android virus and threats. You can keep your personal data safe and secured with the app lock, photo vault, WiFi security scan and app permission advisor.

Highlighted features of the AVG antivirus app:

    It will scan the apps, websites, games, files with the dual engine antivirus in real time. WiFi scanner for network encryption.

  • You can extend the battery life by turning down the battery draining apps to save power and also kill the tasks which slow your device performances.
  • By using the AVGs remote management console you can locate the lost phone via google maps.It does the theft i.e sends you a photo who tries to steal your phone. It does device lock automatically whenever the SIM is replaced.
  • You can hide the photos in a password-protected vault.App lock to protect the sensitive data.
  • This app uses the device administrator permission to remotely lock and wipe your device from my.avg.com

8. Avast mobile Security App:

You can protect your devices from the unwanted popups and ads from displaying. Its the worlds free and trusted mobile security app. You can secure your devices against the phishing attacks and get notified whenever any issues are broken down.

Features offered by the Avast mobile security app:

  • The antivirus engine scans all the device for any spyware and android virus.
  • It blocks all the spam calls.,/li>
  • It reduces the battery draining with unwanted apps.
  • It does anti theft and protects your device for safety.
  • It will clean all the junk files and blocks the unwanted data from entering the devices in the form of ads, spam etc.
  • WiFi scanner for testing the network encryption and app lock to privacy to the phone.

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9. McAfee Mobile Security App:

The McAfee mobile security app is the free virus cleaner, protects and clean your android phone, increase the performances with the anti-theft feature.This app had both free as well as premium features too.

Features of the McAfee Mobile Security App:

  • You can easily locate your device and take back up information.
  • You can pair your android wear and detect the lost devices.
  • You can remotely manage the mobile security antivirus.
  • You can control other apps see on your device.
  • It supports the free virus cleaner.
  • It increases the performance by optimizing the battery life.

10. Hi Security Lite Antivirus App

Hi security lite app is the world-class free app which protects your Android devices from the virus attacks, privacy snoopers, and WiFi spies. It is 100% free antivirus app with multi rich functionality for the Android devices. You can detect the android virus very easily.

Features of the Hi Security Lite App;

  • It effectively scans and kills the android virus on your devices.
  • You can accelerate and boost up the phone performances.
  • It supports the app lock with privacy protection themes.
  • This app protects your device from the online threats, virus from entering the devices.
  • Its the user friendly app with high performances and low memory consumption.

I here suggest you to use any one of the above mentioned free antiviruses for Android devices to avoid any disturbances of threats, spyware, and trojan malware. The highlighted features of the each and every app makes your android virus away building a secure platform for your android devices.

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