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Most of the people believe that if artificial intelligence technology is implemented in each and every sector will result in the elimination of jobs and workers too. But in reality, it creates double more opportunities for the workers. With the introduction or implementation of the artificial intelligence technology, many jobs are taken away as well as replaced with new opportunities in the AI tech workplace.

Before going into depth let us know a few things here.

What does artificial intelligence technology means?

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to natural intelligence which is displayed by the humans and animals. Artificial intelligence technology had been included in many of the applications or systems such as understanding human speech, competing in the highest level gaming system, autonomous cars, intelligent routing in the content delivery system and military simulations.

AI development is mainly done on basing the learning and problem-solving technique.

Problems of AI research Include:

  • The goals or problems of AI research include reasoning, problem-solving, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects.
  • They use the statistical methods, computational intelligence and traditional symbolic AI in solving the problems.
  • Artificial intelligence technology draws a conclusion based on the computer science, mathematics, psychology, philosophy and many others.

Note: Essentially AI techniques form as a part to solve challenges in computer science.

8 ways to create work opportunities using artificial intelligence technology

  • 1. Encourage people to be more creative

AI will be going to take away the jobs which don’t really require a high degree of creativity. They can manage the things through automation process or fairly by using the repetitive or linear tasks. By using the AI it will be going to replace the positions which require the high degree of creativity and mainly focused on large, complex problem solving like climate change. It will help the workers to focus on what they require in long-term with great output and meaningful impact.

  • 2. AI will help the agencies scale

There might be situations where marketers had feared of losing their jobs. Because here artificial intelligence technology is able to provide, organize large samples of data very clearly to help the agencies to perform better in their industry. But unexpectedly the AI rises more job opportunities by increasing the retention rate and new customers. With the AI tech, the agencies began to grow and benefit the industry as a whole.

  • 3. Create job opportunities

Use of AI had been expanding in many fields from finance to medicine. Here machines will collect the data and humans need to make sense of it. Suppose if you are possessed with data, you need qualified humans to analyze the data and make recommendations. It will help in government, business and education sectors. As a result of this many jobs will flourish such as data analyst, consultants, financial advisors etc.

  • 4. Influence more entrepreneurs

Most of the entrepreneurs find it difficult to compete with larger corporations due to their robust workforce. With the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, it will be an easier task to tap into an automated workforce to create more job opportunities.

  • 5. Require human input and oversight

Artificial intelligence technology excels in automating specific repetitive tasks, freeing up individuals and allowing them to focus on the different aspects of the business development. It will create new job workplace by replacing some existing jobs as well. As a vital, AI requires machine learning and human programming to ensure total optimization of data and technology which we are using.

  • 6. Generate opportunities in sales

AI online helps in creating more job opportunities in the sales and marketing. The smart databases which are developed using the AI are very effective in building large-scale sales forces. The tools such as Salesforce, Nextiva NextOS, and Zendesk are using the elements of AI to exact the information that to is acted upon the people.

  • 7. Drive new kids of art

Many of the artists are very eager to explore the possibilities of AI, generative art, and machine learning technologies. Writers, artists, musicians, painters are using the artificial intelligence technology to develop new ways to experience the art. All of them using the AI in dealing with their respective instruments. They present the show with a good sign by optimizing the resources they had.

  • 8. Develop new types of positions

Even though AI will eliminate some job types, it will create the workplace for other digital jobs. It will replace the jobs which require more creativity and develop new types of positions. The supplement for AI comes from humans which need to fed correctly for generous outputs.
If the computing power and algorithms are created then humans still needed to check work, manage it and improve still. As AI evolves to be a growing organization you need to think about it how employees can grow with it.

Applications of AI:

Here come some of the AI applications, how they are used in ones day to day life.

  • Artificial intelligence had been breaking into the health industry by assisting doctors in treating certain disorders.
  • Advancements in the AI lead to the growth in the automobile industry such as self driving vehicles.
  • It is used in finance and economic market in online trading and to take decisions .
  • AI is used in video games to generate dynamic purposeful behaviour.
  • It is used in military, financial statements audit and in advertising etc.


As the technology is increasing day by day one needs to accept it. With the artificial intelligence technology, one can reduce the workforce and hire for the more creative thoughts only. Here work pressure is reduced with more supplement for job placements in higher creative positions.