Tik Tok, previously known as Musical.ly has become one of the most popular videos sharing mobile application in a short period of four years around the world. According to the latest stats of 2019, TikTok is known as the most popular destinations for music video creators. While the motive behind developing Tik Tok was to provide a platform to the people to create music videos and lip syncing videos but today it has been used beyond that. People also create funny, emotional and even education videos through TikTok.

The idea behind creating this application was indeed new and awesome to attract the people to use this application. The majority of the users of TikTok are youngsters where the application already reached to millions of online users in a short time. While Tik Tok is already a great application to create videos, but there are some great alternatives for TikTok available for videos in 2019.

Following is the list of 7 best TikTok alternative video apps in 2019 which are similar and look like apps to the TikTok.

1 – Dubsmash

This is not just older than TikTok but also one of the oldest Android video apps available to give the idea of video creation on the music videos. It has already reached more than one hundred million installed. There are hundred thousands of songs, music TV and movie quotes available to create a different type of videos.

2 – Lasso by Facebook

Create an entertaining video through Lasso. The idea behind this app is similar to TikTok. A user can create a video by dancing on music or lip syncing to music etc. Unlike TikTok, This app is not limited to music only but one can create video from fashion to health and more and share it with the world.

3 – LIKE – Magic Video Maker & Community

This is also a free app but only available for Android users at the moment. Like Tik Tok, LIKE also have thousands of music, sounds, dialogue, and related materials. You can add unlimited video effects when creating video through LIKE and change the musical intonation and volume etc. This app also allows you to share your video on social media website instantly.

4 – Cabana

Cabana may be new for the world yet but it has been time since Tumblr launched this unique application for mobile users. This app does not only allow you to create a video but also allow you to watch a video with multiple friends at a time and see their reaction real-time. This is really an interesting concept app for video lovers.

5 – Vigo Video – Funny Short Video

Vigo Video was formerly known as Flipagram. This app allows users to create videos and share them with the world. Once can create slideshows and videos with the music, filters, and effects etc. If you want to create a video by using photos only, the Vigo Video is a great option for you.

6 – Cheez-Funny Videos & Dance

Want to create a video, share with the world and get paid for creating videos? Cheez is the only video creating app and a great alternative to Tik Tok which reward people for posting videos and video engagement. In short, you won’t be compensated for created videos only but also for posting comments, shares, and likes etc.

7 – Triller

This app is available for both; Android and iOS users for free. It is a great community platform which allows the creators to create video content and show their creativity to the world in seconds. You can create any type of videos according to your taste without any limits. This is the same app which makes people start the Drake #InMyFeelings challenge and many more.