As well as aware of the technology and its improvement, our lifestyle also changed a lot. Earlier in order to communicate with each other, we used letters, later audio calls, SMS or even with an MMS you can share photos. But today technology introduces from person to person personally. You can catch up your family, friends, each and every auspicious moment in your video calling. With the video calling apps you can make your video calls very securely, fast and reliable.

You can also make your presence for a family party though you are not in the location.

You can introduce yourself without failure in any occasion, meeting with the video calling option. In order to support strong your video calling, there are video calling apps in front..

But I am going to present before you the best video calling apps for android users in 2018. With those apps, you can connect with your family, friends, meetings very clearly without any disturbances.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android in 2018:

1.Google Duo Video calls for Android:

Google Duo is the very much excited and interesting Android video calling app where you can never miss out a video call. It is designed to simple, reliable and for fun. With this video conference app, you can adjust the video quality without dropping the calls in case of poor internet connection.

Its very easy to start using google duo free video call. Just install the app and verify your phone number. Then start calling, its simple.

Features of Google Duo:

  • Google Duo offers a simple interface to handle that brings video call to the forefront.
  • The knock knock feature enables you to see the caller preview in an video call before you answer the call.
  • You can experience high quality video calls much faster and more reliable.
  • You can make an video conference among your friends in just single tap itself.
  • You can make audio calls when you cannot have a video call.
  • The google duo video calls are encrypted for privacy.

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2. Skype-Free IM and Video Calls:

Skype is the trusted and true business can be possible in the skype conversations. It is most trusted and lovable by all the business experts. It requires only the email address to communicate no phone number. It is the clean and ad-free interface which focus on communication part. You can even send chats during the video call session, does not mean you need to leave the call.

Skype is the best video calling app because to answer your video chat, you don’t need to cancel your call.

Skype is supercharged with lots of features to stay connected with the people for free.

Features of Skype video calling:

  • With the skype video calling app all the things are kept cluster free.
  • In a group video chat or video call you can connect to 25 people for free, thereafter data charges may apply.
  • It supports cross platform functionality.
  • You can supercharge your video chats with the Add-Ins.
  • You can do a quick capture of your moments and add stickers, smiles and sent them to your friends.
  • You can keep continuous message for the people you care for free everyday.
  • You can add emotions, GIFS,reactions to your calls and chat.

3. Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie:

Marco Polo video walkie Talkie app is the face to face messaging app and group conversations also. You can share moments and genuine conversations where family and friends come together. With this video messaging app you can keep video chat as long as you wish or else you may delete.

With the voice filters you can add hilarious effects to your voice and make fun of it.

Features of Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie:

  • You can make face to face conversation with your family and bring closer your cherished moments together.
  • You can also connect in groups to memorize your sweet memories.
  • It can be very funny, silly, the voice and camera filters make your whole group chuckle.
  • It offers to do rich conversations at your own pace no need to wait for the other to be online.
  • With app is perfect for making your busy schedule turn aside to have a walkie-talkie to your families.

4. Snapchat Video Calling App:

With the snapchat, the video chats are very delightful and you can exchange the snaps very easily. Anyone can passively watch or even join the call. When you take a snap all your messages or snapshots are saved so be mindful when you are taking any snap.

Your life will be funnier when you live in the moment with the snapping.

Snapchat is for spontaneity and silliness, the video caller is perfect for both of them. With the help of the ever-changing selection of filters, you can bring out perfect snaps. The video chats will disappear once you read them even on your video call also.

Features of Snapchat Video Calling App;

  • With the snapshot camera you can express yourself at the moment.
  • You can learn about the world and watch out the stories made for you by the creators and community.
  • You can live in the moment, chat live with stickers, emojis and save what is required, rest is disappeared.

5. Messenger-Text and Video Chat App:

Messenger is the well-known app for Facebook users as it had been integrated with it. Messenger is the free, fast and secure video calling app. You can connect instantly with people in real life.

With messenger it is very easy to find out the friends or people with the help of names and phone numbers.

If your friend is on messenger you can call without asking. You can chat with 5 people while you are on a group video call. Video chat heads help to minimize your call screen in order to use other apps while you are on the video call.

Features of Messenger Video Calling App:

  • With the messenger you can message anyone, one on one or in groups.
  • You can capture photos and videos with fun art and effects so as to make a funny journey with people on messenger.
  • You can make voice and video calls from anywhere you want.
  • You can also connect with business which matters most for you.
  • You can play games and compete with friends and check the score also.


Video Calling makes the sense of people life really facing each other.

Google Duo is the perfect for the people because of its encrypted privacy. You can also get to know about the person on the call with the knock knock feature even before you live the call.

Just simple to install no email or mobile number is required. The video quality is also based on the network connection.

So I prefer the Google Duo video calling app for the people who want to watch their dreams real.

Skype had a good reputation in the field of IT as many business clients use it for their conversations. It’s also a trusted communication center mainly opted by the business people.

Messenger is the integration app from facebook where you can get ping messages on to your desktop and can chat every easily without login on to your account.