As you live in the world of technology, you need to make and change your lifestyle to live a smart. If you want to make your home smart, there are several cool electronic smart gadgets at a reasonable price on Amazon.

Use of smart gadgets signifies your smart home and life. You can decorate or use those smart gadgets to beautify your life. On Amazon, you can find several cool gadgets to buy which are under 500 rupees.

In Amazon you can see the best cool electronic gadgets at affordable price and quality.

List of smart gadgets on Amazon under 500.

1. Zipper Earphones: New Tech Gadget under 500:

La Ale Zipper earphones are the cool electronic gadget which is available at a price of 194 rs. These zipper earphones are named as so because the earphones are rounded using the zip system with a hand free mic.

The la ale zipper earphones are very stylish in look suits, especially for the college girls. The package dimensions include 15.7*7.8*2.5 cm. No batteries are required and included.

Features of Zipper earphones:

  • The zipper earphones had an amazing style which would be loved by all.
  • We can get amazing colors available if required.
  • The life time of these earphones last for long time without any issues.

2. Multi-screwdriver 8 in 1 Multi Function:

Multi screwdriver 8 is the all in multi-function which is required for all the domestic households. The tool is easily fordable and can give access to the tool which you require. The multi screwdriver kit is highly portable and comes in handy when required. It also had the torch to ensure light in dark environments.

In the kit you can get one multi-function screwdriver kit, tool kit set+6 LED light torch. From the manufacturing point of time, this multi screwdriver kit is very helpful because of the 6 LED light torches. It is a portable device and can carry anywhere you can fix the problems. The product is made of quality material and lasts for a long time. It is very ideal to fix screws for the domestic houses.

The product dimensions include 17.5*13.7*6.1 cm, 118 g.

Features of Multi screwdriver kit:

  • The kit is very easy to foldable.
  • It is very handy and portable.
  • It is very much convenient to access to tools.
  • Light torches help to fix problems in dark.
  • It maintains durable quality.
  • In this kit you can get 8 tools in one kit.
  • 6 LED torch lights support.

3. Rewy 8X Zoom Lens: Smart Gadgets for SmartPhones

The Rewy 8X zoom lens is the universal telescope camera lens. It is used to set camera alignments of your smartphones. Upon fixing this lens to the smartphone camera you can get the best clarity of the things even of far distance. The images can be seen enlarged on fixing this 8X lens. The lens helps you to take or focus on enabling the DSLR picture functionality to your devices.

It is very easy to install the Rewy 8X zoom lens, no charging is required. It is also very easy to operate the lens. With the universal clip, you can attach the lens very easily to your device and can remove if not required.

The minimum focus distance of the objects should be 3 meters. The product weight 109 g. The package includes 1 telescope lens, 1 holder and 1 wipe cloth.

Features of Rewy 8X Zoom Lens:

  • The rewy 8x zoom lens is compatible to all types of smart devices.
  • It is portable and detachable device.
  • It supports all Android and IOS smartphone devices.
  • You can take DSLR picture types with the help of manual focu functionality which is -enabled by the lens.
  • No battery or charging is required.

4. Rewy Bluetooth Stereo Pill Speaker for Android/IOS devices

The Rewy Bluetooth stereo pill speaker supports the wireless music streaming through new Bluetooth v3.0 technology. It offers best connectivity for a range of more than 10 meters distance.It supports multiple interfaces to play the music such as Bluetooth, aux, microSD or a TF car. It had built in rechargeable battery of up-to 4 hours of playing music.

It is the lightweight designed device which makes it to carry anywhere you go.It is very easy to connect to laptops, computers, pcs etc.You cna get an USB charging cable with the product.

The stereo speakers gives a loud sound in spite of its compact nature. The device also contains a built in microphone for hands free calling.

Features of Rewy Bluetooth stereo pill speakers:

  • The product color may slightly vary.
  • It is the lightweight product easy for portability.
  • Ideal to spend your time at home, gym, exercising, camping with this stereo pill speakers by Rewy.
  • It had a microphone to support hands free calling.

5. Generic Lavalier Lapel Microphone:

The generic Lavalier lapel microphone is very compact and attractive design in terms of appearance. The high quality design of the microphone helps to fit best voice chat, video recording, video conferencing. It is very easy to clip to your shirt, collar or placed in your pockets.

The product is compatible with the headset jacks 7RSS, CTIA equipment, IPAD Iphone and HTC phones. The headset device is consistent with the TRRS and OMTP standard plug through a special transfer wiring switch. With this microphone you can record your soulful voice hassle-free.

It is very easy to use. You need to plug AUX cable in to the AUX port of your device and then start speaking.You can plug the MIC to your outfit and then record your voice.Because of its small in size its very easy to carry in your pockets.

Features of Generic Lavalier Lapel Microphone:

  • It is compatible with IOS and Android that supports TRRS jack.
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • The microphone wire is 1.5 meters long.
  • You can record your soulful voice hasslefree.
  • You can get output impedance of 58db.

In the world of smart gadgets Iphones does a lot. You need to know something special about IPHONES before you buy. Then click the link below for more information.

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So I here conclude that the smart gadgets for every smart home are very much in needy. So you shop the cool tech gadgets with low prices and of high quality from the Amazon. I had listed the best cool electronics  for every home as well as for personal need. I can say you to find out the smart house gadgets at Amazon at reasonable price.