You are human, you can easily forget or lost anything.

As the technology increased you no need to worry because if you lost the phone, you can easily track a cell phone location by number. With the help of the plenty Android phone tracker apps on the Google play store, you can easily track a cell phone.

Every Android mobile phone should be equipped with the GPS phone tracker because you can easily find out your lost device in any case.

In the market you can find out plenty of tracking apps but they slow down your battery power due to high consumption of memory. But in real time you can come across the apps which are highly optimized and provides a user-friendly interface for the people to track the lost devices.

With the help of mobile number tracker you can track your lost or stolen device and even do call tracking.

How do you benefit from call tracking for any business?

Top 5 Android phone tracker apps in 2018:

1. Spyzie: GPS Mobile Tracker

The Spyzie is the excellent GPS phone tracker which uses high technology. It is very easy to use this Android phone number tracker. It is designed with multiple enriched feature set. With the Spyzie you can track any activity on your smartphone with it.

You can start tracking in just 3 steps.

  • Register for the Spyzie account.
  • Connect with your target smartphone.
  • Then start monitoring.

With the Spyzie you can keep a spy on all your phone calls. You can view the call history and all the call log information. After creating the account in order to spy on your Android devices, you need to be logged into the account after successfully registering.

Once your account is ready you may view all the data regarding the phone which are tracking on the control panel.

Features of Spyzie:

  • The spyzie is fully compatible with every Android device.
  • With spyzie you can get highly advanced GPS mobile tracking system.
  • You are provided with real time results while you are tracking a cell phone by number.
  • The dashboard is very much impressive where you can get all the information you required.
  • The GPS phone tracker is very accurate with the spyzie.
  • You can track the exact location of any device with the GPS mobile tracker.
  • THE GPS location enables you to view the phone locations and the places where it moved.
  • You can remotely view the missing phone with the internet connection.
  • You can track the text messages and monitor the whatsapp.
  • You can browse contacts, view browser history, view photos, view installed apps, read notes & reminders etc.

2. GPS Phone Tracker

The GPS phone tracking pro app is very essential in your day to day life as it does the following.

  • You can find your friends very easily, get directions to their locations.
  • By checking the apps website you can detect your lost device.
  • You can stay connected to your friends with the GPS phone tracking pro app.

The GPS phone tracker pro app is very handy and easy to use as it leverages the latest technology. With this mobile number tracker app, you can stay connected to the friends in real time.

Features of GPS phone tracker:

  • Great Friend Locator: The GPS phone tracker pro uses the GPS coordinates and the state of art GPS location data to report about their friends in real time. By installing this app on your phone and your friend’s phone, you can easily track them based on the GPS navigation. You can check out whether your friend had got stuck in the traffic, whether they are at the party or any meeting, theater etc.
  • Great Family Tracker App: You can monitor the friends travel from one place to another with the apps GPS maps. It is a very useful feature it helps to locate your friends while traveling in dense forests or mountain hills. You can track the progress of anyone still the last moment of your travel.
  • Reliable Cell Phone Tracker:It provides 24/7 support to pinpoint the exact location of the registered or lost device. Upon login, to the website your phone appears as an icon and click that icon to find out the location of the missing device.
  • phone tracking for friends with feature phones: If you don’t have the smartphones but still enjoy its features and benefits from the friend’s phones. By sending the text invite to the feature phone and once your friend accepts the invitation by saying yes, then an individual icon appears on the apps GPS maps. From here you will get the GPS assistance -to track your mobile phone.
  • Innovative and Versatile Phone Locator: If you are the person who misplaces your cell phone constantly and getting tired of asking others than this app will fit for your requirement and need. It’s the state of art GPS system which keeps a spy on registered devices to find the exact location of every phone with the account. It uses the nearest triangulation or cell phones tower signals to find out the missing phone location.

3. Mobile Tracking:Track mobile location by number

With the apps GPS locator one can easily connect with their friends in the digital world. It also helps your children from getting lost, tracks the friends and can send instant messages to any device at free of cost. The mobile tracker messenger helps you to connect with others for communicating any time.

The mobile tracker app is the family locator app which secures your location sharing, no one can reach out to you without your tracking pin. You can make your location sharing off anytime. Mobile tracker comes with a user-friendly interface where it uses less space and saves memory.

Features of Mobile Tracker App:

  • You can track your lost phone by number itself.
  • You can get through the travelling history of any date.
  • The messenger chat with friends and family can also track while you are messaging.
  • You can view the real time location of your family and friends.
  • You can get the shortest path to reach to any mobile devices.
  • By using this app you can track your kids movements.

4. Geo Tracker App:

The Geo tracker is the excellent GPS tracker. With this app, you can record your tracks of trips and then share with your friends. You can record when your phone is switched off. There are no problems in term of memory storage. All the recorded tracks are saved in GPX and KML formats so that they can be used in the application such as Google Earth and Ozi Explorer.

The Geo tracker app helps you to make:

  • It helps to make reverse journey successful in an unknown area.
  • You can tell your friends how to repeat a route.
  • You can use others routes stored in GPX and KML formats.
  • You can mark important trips in your journey.

The Geo tracker application calculates the track statistics which boldly show off your achievements.

Geo phone tracker app you can calculate:

  • Max and Avg speed of the each and every track.
  • The time and average speed of moving.
  • MAx & Min altitude and altitude differences.
  • You can calculate vertical distance, ascent and speed.
  • You can calculate max, min and average slopes.

5. Find My Device App:

The find my device is the new and improved Android device manager. It is an easy to use mobile tracker app based on the GPS signaling system. Your information is safe and sound while you lock the device.

The find my device needed to access all your contacts and email accounts equipped with your mobile number. It is also needed to access the device current location on the map.

Your phone gets freeze when used for long hours.

Features of Find My Phone:

  • The app can lock, show you the messages and even erase them.
  • You can locate your device by making it ring or vibrate.
  • You can easily locate your misplaced Android phone, tablet and wear device such as watch.
  • It can secure your device remotely and get someone in touch.


If you had misplaced the device then no need to worry. Because there are many phone tracker apps in front to help you in locating your lost devices. By using those Android apps you can track mobile location by number, track the travel trip details and can also save them for future use.

The GPS phone tracker, mobile tracker, find my device helps to track the lost Android devices very securely and safely.