If you want to generate a decent, professional content for your readers or for personal use, you need to create or share the great and stunning images. Those images should represent your idea where your content gets raised to evaluate better with the professional images.

The main thing is that everyone cannot be a photoshop expert, but still can manage the images beautifully with the free photo editing software.

I am a blogger who produces the well and unique content to the visitors but not a professional in making attractive images.

To get expert in photoshop it’s little time consuming and expensive.

Luckily, I had found many free photo editing tools which work really amazing and serves my requirement. If you really know how important an image for your content then you definitely choose the photo editing tools for getting the generalized image for your unlocking content.

Now it’s the perfect time go through the below free photo editing tools.

5 best free photo editing softwares:

I had personally tested and used all the free photo editing software to get excellent images for my clients as well as for my blog content.

I am sure that these photo editing tools will definitely help you to create a good image.

The main point is that these tools do not support too many advanced features but still, you can make your images better than previous.

Online Photo Editors:

1. Pixlr: free photo editing software

pixlr is one of the best online photo editor tools for creating beautiful images. You can find the pixlr editor and the pixlr express. It is your wish to opt one of them. Pixlr editor supports more features which are similar to the photoshop whereas the pixlr express is used to touch creative effects to the borders and overlays.

With the pixlr free photo editor tool you can create a new image or open an image from the computer, url and library too. You can do the basic changes like cropping, resizing and changing the colors. Adding the layers to the image and adjusting the image properties for
brightness and visuality.

Note: You can save the images in the format of JPG, PNG, BMP.TIFF and PXD.

You can check the below image created using the pixlr photo editor tool.

free photo editing software

2. Canva:Free online photo editor:

Unlike pixlr the canva photo editor is something different where you can easily drag and drop your desired image for restructuring. Mostly the bloggers use this canva free online photo editing software to edit images for the social channels and post on them. It’s very easy to go with the canva software for editing the images.

free photo editing software

As it is one of the free photo editors you can do some basic filters such as adjust, crop, resize, rotate and flip the images which are uploaded from your device.You can also get some free photos from the canvas library to edit. With the canva, your images really get shined by adding the fonts, grids, frames, charts, and icons too. This is the user-friendly tool where most of your work is done with the drag and drop option.

Check the below image which is designed using the canvas photo editing tool.

online photo editor

3. Sumopaint: Free online photo editor

Sumopaint is another free online as well as the desktop photo editor. This photo editor combines the features of both basic and advanced. You need to upload a photo from your desktop or URL for editing with sumo paint or else you can also create, paint beautiful images with the various shapes available in the tool.

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You can simply get all the basic elements for editing the image just from the top menu bar of the sumo paint. You can add layers, adjust the brightness, color balance, 3D effects and zoom out, ins all can do and applied to your image very easily. The left side of the tool you can see drawing tools with many shapes.

photo editing tools

With the sumo paint you can easily create logos using the simple text and brush, pencil tools. If you are not a photo expert than this online photo editor will definitely make you generate a good image for your content.

4. Gimp: Photo editor tool

The Gimp is the most advanced and professional photo editing software for free which is used by the bloggers and programmers too. It’s very similar to the photoshop with more advanced features such as adding layers to the image and providing the users a good range of tools for editing the images.

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You can do the basic change such as the cropping, image resizing and converting the image to another format. You can enjoy the best if you are a very good expert in photo editing techniques as this tool provides a handful of features.

Note: The GIMP gives the artists the power and flexibility to transform the images into the unique creations.

photo editing tools

The interesting aspect with the GIMP is that you can create the black or white color images with the layers masks as well as the desaturate and paintbrush options in the tool. If you really deserve to create some additional tweaks in images then GIMP serves the best.

5. Paint.net: Online photo editor tool

Paint.net comes with some powerful features for the newbies a swell the experts to get the best images. It lies between the basic and advanced features. It provides the same features as if GIMP and Photoshop do. The basic editing options such as the cropping, resizing, rotating, flipping and changing the image to another format are the key features of this tool.

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The advanced features include adding layers, adjusting properties and filters. In paint.net all the menus and tools are represented in an organized and logical manner. The layers in the paint.net help for rich image composition.many special effects are adding to make your images perfect with full clarity.

free photo editing software

The paint.net also covers the simple drawing tools for various shapes. This a simple photo editor for zooming and recolor tool. The best features with the paint.net are the magic wand for selecting the portions of the image for color change and the clone stamping for erasing, copying portions of an image.

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Note: As an overall, this photo editing tool is very perfect for all types of bloggers and needs to be updated on this tool for effective use.