Knowing a single language is precious but being multilingual is more valuable than ever. The world becomes smaller if you prefer the new vocabulary on your way to journey in learning different languages.

With the help of the best language learning apps you can get good command over English fluency.

Here is the best language learning apps for you to face this world as the multi-language speaker.

5 best language learning apps in 2018:

1. Hello English: Learn English App

With this hello English app you can learn English free for 22 languages. You can improve your English and provides 100% offline audio and video visuals. You can speak and learn English through voice recognition technique. It helps to provide fun practicing games, reading, writing and speaking.

It helps you to practice audio, news, ebooks, and videos. It also supports you with the chat helpline feature. You can improve your English with new learning techniques such as quizzes. It also provides you some plans for specific purposes such as preparing for an interview which includes personalized coaching and mobile support.

It is the best language learning apps for more than 24 million learners who spoke English very well, build grammar and vocabulary. The Hello English is the #1 ranked free educational app to learn English.

The Hello English App is featured as the Google plays the best app as well as the Innovative app for the year 2016.

Features of Hello English:

  • It provides 100% free interactive lessons with conversational English Grammar topics, vocabulary and many more.
  • You can get interactive games where you can learning the new tips for the grammar.
  • You can have the discussions with the teachers.
  • It provides 10000 words dictionary.

This is the perfect app to be downloaded because it helps your dreams to come true. You can get the things done very fast and neatly with excellent English speaking skills.

2. ABA English:best language learning apps

ABA English is one of the language apps where you can improve your speaking skills. By watching out the 144 free video classes you can experience the real-life situations. With interpreting feature you can practice speaking by recording your voice. You can learn grammar very simply and choose the topic for study from the ABA moments. It is completely based on videos where it focuses on the different aspect. After watching any video classes you will be provided to answer the questions so as to test your skills in English, it also improves your vocabulary, speaking and writing.

If you had got the subscription, you will be given access to American and British Academy films, personal coaches, and ABA issued certificates.

You can download this free app where you can get complete English courses. This app helps you to get Advanced certificates or to pass the TOEFL test. You can make a move to abroad very easily with the ABA English because it helps you to drive good results in Competitive exams such as TOEFL, Advanced certificates as well. With this app you can get one private tutor, 6 learning levels, the 144 units help you to be a master of the English language.

Features Of ABA English:

  • ABA moments are the short activities in English to learn English which you receive 5 days a week.
  • ABA films are the best way to learn vocabulary, Grammar,expressions by watching the short and feature length films.
  • 144 video classes in ENglish which will be very effective and entertaining online classes to learn English.
  • You can get guidance from the online tutors to learn the best.
  • You can easily evaluate your progress during learning the courses.
  • You can also get ABA English certificate upon completion of each level.
  • With single account you can access it from any device.

3. Duolingo:Learn Languages Free

Duolingo English App is the best way to learn to read, write, speak, listen English, French, Spanish and few other languages for free. It is an extremely user-friendly and interactive app where you can set personal goals to compete with your friends. It is the cartoon owl mascot which cheers your progress and sets the stage for the learning experience.

You can start with basic verbs, phrases, and sentences to learn new words daily.

Features of Duolingo English:

  • It provides the most popular and fastest growing languages for learners.
  • It is the free language learning app.
  • Its the funny app learn by playing games, practice new words by taking questions and answering them daily.
  • It is very effective app for the students and also the university level education where millions of students use it to learn language.

4.Memrise: English Learning Language App

Memrise is the best language learning app where you can easily learn new languages, Grammar, and vocabulary. If you want to access the app offline you need to get paid which also includes other lessons. You can test your new language skills by an alien race and use the text to chat with enemy.

Memrise will track your progress very effectively. You can enjoy a lot and have fun while learning the foreign language with memrise. The more you enjoy learning, more skills will be attained by you. With this app the entertained is mixed with real life, you can enjoy the relevant content at the very core of memrise language learning experience.

If you really want to connect to the world, you need to improve your English. You need to build real-life language speaking skills through innovative chatbots and use of games.

With memrise you can get the best language course and games which are simple, enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

You can improve your English with memrise by:

  • You need to start through reading and listen everyday vocabulary and games.
  • You need to record your voice and compare with locals.
  • Use the grammarbot to know how to form useful sentences.
  • You need to put down your skills into practice with chatbots.
  • You can learn both in offline and online mode to test your skills.

Memrise as the best language learning app able to connect to new countries and cultures through the language. They teach you very useful lessons, everyday words, and phrases which help you to connect in real life to the people.

5. Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books

The beelinguapp is very pretty for the learners who had the basic understanding of the languages. With this app you can give an outstanding reading proficiency. You can text in 11 languages and stories are kept short and free. You can learn different languages by keeping the text side by side.

It is the funny and free app to learn English. You can learn at your own pace. The beelinguapp helps you to learn with the audiobooks. This app teaches you with fun and familiar text. You can use the native language as the guide to start learning today.

Features of Beelinguapp:

  • Learning language made easy with beelinguapp by referencing the words and phrases in your language.
  • You can learn the best with the help of the audiobook reader.
  • You can find great stories side by side for reading at your own pace.
  • You can learn different languages by keeping and comparing the text of the words side by side.


The above mentioned best language learning app are very beneficial for the learners. They help them to learn a good and perfect English. If you want to connect really to the world with trips and adventures need to know many languages with perfect fluency. You can improve your English to a great extent with the language apps.