If you are a huge lover of experiencing the new world with your traveling. Then don’t think a second look out for the best free travel apps on your hand free Android devices.

Your traveling to the new destinations around the globe can be excited because all the things can be managed easily with the apps from your Android devices.

The thing is that before you start planning a trip you need to check the best travel log app which provides good accommodation and facilities. The travel application should be user-friendly and easy to navigate through the application.

Here I am going to discuss the best travel itinerary apps which help you to make your travel smart. The apps should be very reliable and accurate in performances. When you are taking a flight, setting a sail, or hitting roads these trip apps will definitely make your travel smart and full of funny.

Your holiday plans can be set very much pretty with the holiday planner app as it shows hidden gems, plus deals on hotels and transportation.

Here is the list of funny things to do to enjoy your travel at most.

Best Free Travel Apps For Android in 2018:

1. Trivago: Hotels and Travel

Trivago is the one of the best holiday planner app where you can easily get the exact locations, stay, price deals and compared with other hotels nearby. You can save money as well as time for your next holiday trip with this trip planner app as it helps you to discover the great deals and compare the prices there itself.

As it is one of the best free travel apps you can find perfect hotels for your holidays and business meetings. In this trip planner app you can find millions of hotels to choose from and compare the prices with other websites, then only you can make your travel trip very exciting at some affordable prices.

The Trivago is the perfect app for all types of travel because it shows the budget according to your need.

You can discover great hotels before your book with Trivago.

Why you need to download Trivago trip app?

  • With Trivago you can compare hotels and rooms with hundreds of travel websites before you book.
  • You can travel at cheaper rates by discovering hotels at the great price, finding travel deals and discounts, savings from hotels worldwide.
  • It is the best travel itinerary app because you can select the rooms in your budget near the attraction places of your choice.
  • With Trivago you can save money on vacation and travel websites.
  • You can search the hotel based on Trivago rating index before your book.

2. Google Trips:Trip Planner App

Google trips are best tourist app where all your documents and itineraries are accessed in one place. It is the ultimate organizer when compared with other holiday planner app. This app will show you the famous restaurants, popular attractions, and transportation option for your nearby location. You can share your trip details with co-travelers in a single email itself.

You can even explore the world easier when you are offline with the customized day plan schedule with the Google trip app.

Why you need to download Google Trip App?

  • It does automatic trip organization such as day plan, things to do, food, drink suggestions etc.
  • With this travel app your information is bundled so that it is very easy to locate the flight, rental car, restaurant and hotel bookings.
  • You can set your day plan organized based on your interests and available time at the location.
  • You can check out the popular attractions in any nearby place and see the other traveler reviews on it.
  • All the things are organized in a perfect plan, For visiting world’s top places will also get the curated suggestions and travel trips.
  • You can also access your information even in offline also.

3. Cleartrip: Best travel itinerary app

More than 20 millions people use Cleartrip on their mobile to search and book their trip. They plan their trip with this app as it provides good facilities at affordable prices. One can book flights, hotels, and trains, check the PNR status also.

Why you need to download the Cleartrip app?

  • You can search and book cheap tickets.

You can book best and cheap domestic and international flights. You can set the fare alert so that you will be intimated when the price rises or falls. You can pick your travel from the famous airlines such as Indigo, Jet Airways etc. You can choose from multiple payment options. You can also reschedule or cancel your flight bookings.

  • Search and book cheap hotels:

You can find great deals on hotels in +1500 cities. You can search rooms for all hotels of your choice which fits your budget. You can book your room on Cleartrip and pay directly in the hotel. By using star rating, price, location filters you can find the best hotels. You can also read the travelers reviews to pick the right hotel for you.

  • You can discover your city:

The Cleartrip local presents the exciting traveling experience in your city to have the fun. You can book or discover amazing experiences and go out on your passion. You can enjoy your city and there is something special for everyone. You can enjoy the best meals in your city, know the events and things happening in your city. All the things are happened and can be brought to your notice just with this Cleartrip app itself.

4. Trip Planner App By Holidify:

The trip planner app by Holidify is the best travel itinerary app in India. It is the highest rated trip planner app in India and designed by the experts. This app helps you to plan the best travel itinerary by providing the best travel guides on all tourist places in India.

Why you need to download the trip planner app?

  • First decide where to travel with the Holidify App:

The Holidify app helps you to decide your travel location with your friends and then you can plan your trip accordingly. You can use the filters to customize your trip plans, personalized travel recommendations help you to get great suggestions.

  • You can explore places for your next trip:

You can discover the popular holiday destinations, offbeat places that are not so crowded, places for adventure, sports, trekking, rafting, mountain biking, road trips etc. You can plan the perfect summer vacation with your family. You can find beautiful places for honeymoon destinations, exotic beaches, hills, deserts, wildlife sanctuaries, caves and more can be enjoyed with Holidify travel app.

  • You can get popular trip ideas:

You can plan your trip to unexplored places of Kerala, Sikkim, golden temple in Amritsar and a few places of Himachal Pradesh.

You can enjoy the best trekking and adventurous journey in the Nepal region.

  • You can be notified of the travel guides and top things to do in your traveling.
  • You can easily plan your weekend trips with the Holidify.
  • You can also find the best possible way to reach between any two places in India.
  • You can browse through the amazing blogs curated by travelling experts.

5. Trip by Skyscanner:

Trip by Skyscanner is the award-winning app. It is one of the best free travel apps which guides to travel to the best. This app uses your interests, weather, time of the day to locate and discover the best attractions, events, restaurants, and hotels around you.

Here is the list to find countryside beautiful destinations in India.

Why you need to download Trip by Skyscanner?

  • You can get recommendations based on your interests.
  • You can get timely suggestions for your day schedule.
  • You can get ideas for the things to do based on the weather conditions such as rainy,sunny and cloudy days.
  • You can discover local gems and popular places while exploring the cities.
  • Explore the new ideas for the weekend gateways among the skyscanner 60000 destinations across the globe.
  • You can book and save hotels recommended by the trip skyscanner community.
  • You can share your experiences by creating podcasts and reviews of your joy.


Travelling needs to be a part of human life for enjoyments, recreation or for the business opportunities. In any case to make your travel a lovable experience and an easy way the above-mentioned apps will help you much better than anything.

Enjoy the world with the Trivago the best free travel app for the android users.

Trivago as the best holiday planner app helps you to save money and time in scheduling your holiday trips. One can make a perfect destination with it. I prefer the Trivago as the perfect spot for your summer vacation. You can travel worldwide with new adventures.

with cleartrip you can manage your information very secure and can interact with co-travelers through an email. You can browse your data even offline also.

Trips by Holidify and Skyscanner are the perfect destinations for the people of India to enjoy their city beauty on the weekends.

Moreover the above-mentioned apps are the perfect apps to spend wisely every day of your holiday vacation. They also help you to manage your days in spite of your busy schedule.

So make a new world around you to the new challenges and discoveries with the trip planner apps.

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