Are you getting bored during your summer vacation?

You are waiting eagerly to make your brain function like a robot.

Yeah, it’s possible. If you want to spend your vacation wisely and are very eager to improve your memory and mental skills.

Everything can be turned into a useful way with the brain training apps. You can face the world with your creative skills on using the fun apps for Android. You can reveal the hidden skills inside you with free brain training apps.

Here I am going to bring to your notice about the fun apps which will train your mind with the fun games. Those brain training games will definitely help you to think about of box to solve any problem and also makes you mentally strong.

Lumosity:#1 Brain Games & Cognitive training app

Lumosity is the #1 free brain training app for Android users. The Lumosity app will help to enhance brain performance by playing the games in different combinations. In the free version you can enjoy 3 games and in order access the full array of games, you need to have the premium account.

You need to make the time for solving the brain training puzzles which improve your memory. At Lumosity app, you can find 40 million educational games for the adults to put your memory, skills, and logic for a test. The cognitive braining games are very best to take up the challenge for your memory. This funny and free brain training games will test your critical thinking capacity.

With the Lumosity app, you can create more challenges for your brain. The cognitive brain training games will turn into fun games to test your mind. The Lumosity app does a great part in functioning or arranging the brain training activities for the users. You can enjoy the daily workouts, challenges, track scores etc.

With the Lumosity app, you can enjoy free brain training apps which provide mental stimulation.

Here are the things what you get to benefit from it.

  • You can get daily workouts with fun games.
  • 40+ brain games for challenges.
  • It provides puzzle games, problem-solving games, critical thinking games, memory and logic games as well.

NeuroNation: Focus & Brain Training

The NeuroNation brain training app is awarded as the Googles best app for the year. This app helps you to sharpen your brain, memory, focus, and intelligence with a daily dose of fun games. If you finish the games once it will show you the recommended courses for you to take up. In the free version, you can get some games and upon premium account, you get the full catalogue.

The NeuroNation as the personalized brain training app honoured with the LEONARDO, the health award for digital prevention.

What can you get from NeuroNAtion App?

  • 28 fun exercises and 7 tailored courses.
  • You can get notified about your personal strengths and potential.
  • It provides personalized and scientifically developed training.
  • You can know about your friends and groups and can know where you stand among them.
  • You can get frequent new exercise and engaging gameplay.

You can achieve a lot with NeuroNAtion fun games.

  • Stay Focused, sharpen your mind.
  • Improve memory, think faster than previous and achieve success.

Neuroscientists from the free university of Berlin had worked hard to bring this app into the picture. They have succeeded in training the brain memory and strengthened their potential with the fun games. This app is designed in such a way as it works similar to a personal trainer at the gym. This app also creates personalized training planning according to your specific needs.

Peak- Brain Games & Training

The peak brain training app is awarded as one of the best Android apps in 2016 by Google. It’s the smarter app where you can sharpen your brain. It trains your brain with simple and colourful exercises and games. You need to go for the pro version if you need to access all the 41 games at your console.</p.

Features Figured Out From Peak:

  • You can access free games which challenge your emotions, memory, attention, problem solving, mental thinking, creativity and emotion control.
  • You can learn in which category you are expert and compete with your friends to achieve success in that area.
  • You can meet the personal trainer for your brain so as to track your progress.
  • It also works offline and you can enjoy peak games anywhere you want.
  • You can get more than 35 games and regular updates also.
  • With pro subscription, you can get personalized insights and workouts.
  • You can get access to peak advanced training modules where you can be trained in any one particular skill.

Elevate-Brain training games

Elevate is one of the best free brain training apps for improving skills. It uses the language as the tool for brain training. Only English language speakers get benefit from it. You can get access to the free trial version for 14 days with 5 games and to unlock 43 games you need to go for the pro subscription.

The elevate is a brain training program designed to improve attention, speaking skills, processing speed, memory etc. With Elevate every person can get personalized training program so as to maximize the results. With Elevate you can build critical cognitive skills which are designed to boost productivity, earning power and self-confidence.

Features of Elevate brain training app:

  • 35+ brain training games focus on critical cognitive thinking skills.
  • You can track your detailed performance output.
  • You can get personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need.
  • The adaptive difficulty is progressive to ensure your experience is challenging.

Memorado – Brain Games:

Memorado brain games as the name imply that it is mainly focused on memory management games. You can access images, maths, language-based games that test your overall brain power. Then only the personalized workout plans are created for you.

A strong and mentally well-developed brain leads a much happier life. More than 4 million users across the globe use this Memorado brain training games. It acts as the leading gym for your mind in providing the fun, personalized workouts which are geared towards your memory. You can choose from 450 levels in 15 games based on neuroscience which is designed to get sharper.

Key Features of Memorado:

  • You can challenge your friends to find out who is smartest.
  • It provides personalized daily workouts figured according to your preferences.
  • Over 450 levels in 15 games to train 5 key brain areas.
  • It’s very easy to handle with the stunning graphics.
  • It does regular scientific tests which show your brain fitness levels and progress.
  • It shows statistics from your strengths and potential.
  • You can boost your skills essential for real-life such as maths, problem-solving and logic.

CogniFitBrain Fitness App

The CogniFit Brain Fitness app is mostly designed to improve the user cognitive health by administering a range of training programs on the brain. It helps to track and evaluate the progress, areas needed to be focused and improved. For the age group of 55 and above the CogniFit offers a special program to improve the mental status of the brain. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. It is designed with some highest standards in mind.

Key Features of CognifFit Brain Fitness App:

  • It includes brain train programs to train the brain.
  • Brain games to improve memory and test logic.
  • Brain games to improve the executive functions and reasoning, mental challenges, concentration and mental agility etc.
  • Online tests to evaluate your cognitive skills and memory game for kids etc.


BrainHQ is one of the online training apps that met the highest standards of study. It is backed by a rigorous program for better brain health. The app training system helps to improve the brain function, basic elements of perception such as memory, thinking and decision making.

Key features of BrainHQ:

  • The challenges can be overcome to make functional changes, better memory and fast processing speed.
  • Helps in the lower chance of depression system.
  • Simulates physical brain changes, healthier white matter and more coordinate neurons etc.

Apart from the above Android brain training apps Artificial Intelligence also benefits a lot in terms of thinking and developing neural networks.

You can get other entertainment apps for free on Android in 2020.

Conclusion: Whether Brain training apps are required?

Yes, ultimately brain training apps are required because many people waste their precious time by doing nothing. In that sense, these brain training games help a lot in developing creative skills and improving memory, logic skills etc. The brain training activities will improve your thinking capacity and exposure to new ideas as well. Upon Adopting to any of the brain training games will definitely help you to reach out to a success path.