5 Best Android Drawing Apps in 2018

Yeah, here is an interesting topic for the people who wants to cherish their moments with the meaningful and lovable picture arts. Drawing apps benefits not only the artists but also the one who had keen interest in turning picture into painting.

If you want to turn photo into picture there are myriad of apps which literally help you to tap into your creative skills.

Through my discussion I am going to give my readers a few and most interesting drawing apps. With those painting apps they can turn each and every photo into colorful way,

1. Recolor-Coloring Book:

With the recolor painting app you can just imagination a different sense of creativity. You can give option to new stuff such as creating the pictures to paint for relaxation nothing but yoga and you can also enjoy the joy of coloring. You can add more beauty to your home decors with the wonderful paintings.

Recolor drawing apps helps to change your creative skills with new accomplishments for art making. It the entertaining and joyful art app to step back back from stress in your daily life. This art app features more than 2000 coloring images and introduces new one on daily basis.

In this painting app you can see that all the information is organized in a themed chapter from beginner to expert levels. So everyone can find easy to go through. You can finish your creation with unique style effects. By using this drawing app on ecan design the special harmonic palettes which free yourself from stress.

Why you need to use this recolor art app?

  • THis picture painting gives you option to choose from different pictures for easy go to color your photos.
  • You can color your photos in 3D.
  • You can also use the gradient colors, crayons. Finishing filters and effects like canvas and watercolor for free.

2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch:

The adobe photoshop sketch integrates with wide range of tools such as pencils, pens, markers, erasers, ink brush, watercolor paint brush. One can create a handsome artwork with those things and sent them to the adobe photoshop cc or Illustrator CC as the layered filers.

With this painting app you can use 11 tools which help to adjust size, color, opacity and blending settings.One can create multiple sketch brushes with capture cc.You can add multiple images and drawing layers . merge and transform for better creativity.

You can even organize your favorite tools and colors in toolbar. There are 3 ways where you can sketch your photos i.e Adobe photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and Capture CC.

With the adobe photoshop sketch you can enjoy other cloud services like Adobe stock, creative cloud libraries, powered by creativesync,direct to desktop and get feedback.

Why you need to use the adobe photoshop sketch?

  • It gives a good experience for the professionals designers especially those who use the adobe world.
  • You can get sync easily with adobe products and use them for free such as photoshop, capture cc and stock etc.
  • You can behance your integration links to the community of artists for feedback.

3. Sketch-Draw and Paint

THe sketch app is the official art app from sony. This sketch helps in giving a funny drawing and photo editing experience irrespective of their skills in painting. The sketch community helps you to create the wonderful work art with the digital art facility. You can explore the digital art for the endless joy.

You can also inspire others with your art by sharing it on the sketch community. You can share your thoughts and improve your artistic skills.


  • By using the fun brushes and tools you can draw creative sketches.
  • You can build and enhance your sketches with the free stickers and tools.
  • You can sync your drawings to multiple devices.
  • With the art community you can inspire others as well get inspiration from others.

Why you need to use the sketch art app?

  • It is an user friendly app so that anyone can create work of art easily.
  • You can explore varieties of free features from smudge, symmetry tools to stickers, brushes text, magic brushes etc.
  • It provides the community centric where you can share you work and collaborate for sharing the interesting piece of content.

4. InColor-Coloring Books 2018:

The incolor app is awarded as the best app in 2017. It helps to bring out your artistic skills and you can create wonderful artworks just by filling colors.

Incolor provides countless coloring materials and styles updated everyday. Coloring is quite easy with incolor because it had different painting tools which are customizable.You can color every picture into coloring. Turn photo into painting comes easy with inclor art app.You can draw your own sketch and fill the colors from incolor app.

Apart from this incolor provides an amazing community such as the social platform for sharing your work and get inspired by others.

Why do you need to use the InColor drawing apps?

  • You can be creative with the customizable brushes to fill.
  • You can browse the images by category and explore the themed coloring books.
  • This art app helps to scribble you art and also makes you stay in borders with the smart border feature.

5. ArtFlow:Paint Draw Sketch:

The artflow is the pro licensed purchase art app.You can convert your tablet into digital sketchbook with more than 80 paint brushes.It is the very fast and responsive drawing application which will easily unlock your imagination.It supports the pressure sensitive pens where your device is converted into canvas.

Only single license purchase will activate all your devices associated with google accounts.

Features of ArtFlow:

  • It supports high performance paint engine i.e GPU accelerated ones.
  • It had layering clipping mask.
  • It does color adjustment and infinite undo, redo.
  • It supports 16 to 32 layers with 11 different blending modes.
  • You can export images .PNG,.JPEG and PSD.
  • You can import directly from the gallery.
  • Pressure sensitive pen and pressure simulation for touches.
  • Configurable symmetry drawing mode.
  • Active edge Shortcut system.

Why do you use the ArtFlow drawing apps?

  • The artflow helps in making the complex artworks ideal from scratch.
  • It provides 20 brushes, tools which help to create a true sketching experience.
  • For pro users they can add up to 16 layers for easy base color changes.


Whether you are an artists or lover of creative art no need to worry. THe above mnetioned drawing apps helps you to take and improve your creative skills, it helps to refine your artsitic skills where you can create wonderful artwork. You can turn photos into paintings.