With the increase of technology, the introduction of new and varieties of toys into the world had been increased. The 3 wheel scooter is for everyone including all ages but designed based on the kids, adults, and teenagers. The mobility scooters are designed with respect to some conditions such as age, weight etc. Each and every scooter had their own burden weight.

The mobility scooters are designed by keeping the age of the users in mind. The ride on toys for kids is based on the toddles and youngsters. If the user of the 3 wheels electric scooter is a child you need to be careful as he is a newbie on riding to it. These toys are designed especially for fun by keeping safety and stability as the major concern.

For your toddler you need to give them the balance bikes. The riding of such tri-wheel scooter had many benefits. These toys keep your child entertained in outdoors. These toys help in promoting the physical activities as well as physical development of kids, riding on 3 wheel motor scooter also lower the risk of obesity and all medical complications.

As a good parent of your child you need to focus on their safety first. You need to choose the best and branded product that fits your toddler requirement. You need to select the best-designed toys because poorly or heavy designed toys may be hard for the toddlers to use. You should know everything before you buy about the product.

There are many recommended brands for the toddlers in 2018. You need to select the best toy irrespective of price.

Top three wheel scooter for your toddlers in 2018:

1. Radio Flyer: Mobility Scooters

For any toddler the radio flyer mobility scooter is the best and funny scooter for your kids. It is a user-friendly 3 wheel mobility scooter has it provide the wide base for the support of your child. The babies of age 2 and a half can easily enjoy riding with this toy. In the front part, you can get two-wheelers which provide good support for steering and stability.

The radio flyer handle is designed very excellently. The toy comes in two colors pink and red. You kid will learn to balance every easy in no time. It is the very safe push for your toddlers.

This toy avoids the risk of slipping and falling off. The toy is designed in such a way to support up to 50 pounds. With this toy, you can get high-quality wheels fitted which boost your toy performances.

Features of Radio Flyer:

  • The radio flyer had the stable wheel design.
  • It had quality polyurethane wheels.
  • The toy is lightweight design which of 4 pounds.

2. Razor Jr:3 wheel motor scooter

The Razor Jr 3 wheel electric scooter is the best model for the mini kick scooter. It is known for the best skateboard helmets. It is a charming product and the 3 wheel scooter with the best stable design. This is the well-structured product where your child can enjoy the best riding. It supports up to 50 pounds.

The stable and wide design also had the slip-resistant finish that boosts the safety of your kids. It is made from strong steel and aluminum. It had 3 wheels, 1 at the front and the other two at back for stability. This toy can be folded and can be portable too. This toy featured with soft foam handle grips that fit perfect for the hands of your toddler. It is very flexible when compared with other 3 wheel scooters.

Features of Razor Jr 3 wheel scooter:

  • It is very lightweight toy supports upto 50 pounds.
  • The toy is build very quality.
  • You can easily fold the toy which is very much flexible for taking through the places.

3. Micro mini kick scooter:

Micro mini kick scooters are recommended for all ages. The 3 wheel scooter is very much stable which keeps your child entertained. It is one of the reputable brands with high quality designed products for the age group of 2 to 5 years. The design is very easy to mount and ride for the kids with green-themed finishing.

This 3 wheel scooter is well engineered where your kid can ride effortlessly. This is one of the best toys in case of safety for your kids. The aluminum handle is very good enough and fits for stability. It is a low profile fiberglass platform supports up to 44 pounds. This toy will keep your child active and happy upon riding it.

Features of Micro Mini Kick Scooter:

  • Lightweight design of 5.4 pounds.
  • Unique lean to steer technology.
  • It supports low profile fiberglass platform.
  • It had durable polyurethane wheels.
  • Shock absorbing design.
  • It had eye catching green design for all types of kids.

4. Globber 3 wheel scooter for the toddlers:

The Globber toys are a very good choice for your toddlers. It had an adjustable bar as your child grows taller. It is the recommended product for the age group of 2-6 years. The unique style and stands out because of its superior design. The reinforced steel plate supports up to 110 pounds. You can see many scooters with fixed handles. But the Globber s3 wheel scooter is a versatile brand with adjustable handlebar.

It helps to maximize your handlebar according to your comfort. It runs smoothly on all terrains. This mobility scooters can reach the astronomical speed. It had a long rear brake which covers the entire wheel. The spring loading mechanism helps to dampen shocks and keep your toy straight.

Features of the globber scooters:

  • It had very much impressive safety features for your kids.
  • It had high rebound PU wheels for having the smooth rides.
  • It had a spring loaded handlebar.
  • It had a reinforced steel plate deck.
  • It had an adjustable handle bar of 16.5 to 31 inches.

5. High Bounce Max Glider Deluxe Scooter:

The high bounce max glider deluxe scooter is jam-packed with all quality parts. It is the best toy of the baby who is more passionate about riding the 3 wheel scooter. The toy had a good disk which is made from premium grade PU. All the wheels are very strong and can withstand the rough surfaces.

This 3 wheel scooter will give the rider a wonderful experience. It is a T shaped bar which is adjustable with the lowest height of 24 inches and the highest height of 36 inches. It is best for the older babies to face challenges and learn best things quickly. It is strongly built and can accept the weight up to 132 pounds.

Because it looks very stylish and black body with carved desk it is widely accepted by all toddlers. It also appears in red, blue and green.


As a parent you need to look after the enjoyment of your children. You need to provide all the toys which are required for their happiness, joy etc. Giving them gifts such as toys especially the 3 wheel scooter makes them very much happy. Before you buy any toy you need review it by keeping in your mind your kid’s safety. The 3 wheel electric scooters will help the children develop physically and it also forms the part of exercises.

So always make your toddlers, kids enjoy with fun.

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