It’s not about how hard you work, it’s all about how much you love your work.

Everyone does hard work but doing each and every task in a smart and easier way is the key to success. It’s about proper time management, planning, collaborating or scheduling your daily tasks in a handsome way.

Your efficiency plays the major role in deciding the key to your workflow.

For easy convenience in scheduling or making the work smart I am going describe you the 5 apps that will enable you to save, time and reduce all round clutter.

IKE-To Do LIst,Task List:

IKE Android App Work Smart

IKE is the very important app where you can prioritize the tasks based on urgency and importance. The layout is very simple with four colored themes and handy widgets to get reminders, alerts, can do edit and mark the completed tasks.

You can play everything very careful without any distractions in your work using the Eisenhower method.

Features of IKE

  • For every activity or anything you do first thing is the prioritizing the tasks with the Eisenhowers priority matrix based on the urgency.
  • Its very easy to add the due dates and set a deadline and get reminders weekly, monthly or for a particular period of time.
  • You can add multiple time or location based reminders for your tasks.
  • You can wind up with the images or audios for adding more information for the tasks.
  • The notes section enables you to add entire information or description of your tasks.

Time Free-Free Shared Calendar

Time Free Shared Android Work Smart App

With the Time free shared calendar you can coordinate very much better with your family, friends, and relatives than previous.You can create, manage the group events and can share the group discussions too.You can import data from other calendars such google calendar to your device.

With the time free shared calendar everyone schedules on one calendar. It helps in connecting all the people together at one place even in spite any situations.
The time tree benefits for the families, friends teams at schools or colleges etc to know the other daily busy schedules.

Key Features:

  • Its the best interface to know the full upcoming events very quickly.
  • You can share the calendar and schedule the tasks for all your group members at once.
  • You can also share the notes that every member in the group can look at.
  • It supports to create multiple calendars for family, personal use and office work etc.
  • It works well for the desktop as well as for mobiles with the configurable widgets to edit.
  • You can also share one time event instead of sharing the whole calendar at once.
  • You can share your events to other apps who don’t use the time tree.

Polaris Office Android App:

Polaris Work Smart

With the Polaris office app, you can collaborate easily on the documents, spreadsheets, slides and PDF files. Multiple users can edit the documents atPolarisime by automatic saving of the documents. You can add the handwritten notes and images from the photo gallery to the documents for editing.

Around 70 millions of users across the globe uses the free android apps to simplify their Work Smart.

The Polaris office is a free all in one office suite but with few exceptions for the subscription to some fields.

Features of the Polaris Office

  • It supports the file formats of the DOC, DOCX,XLS, XLSX, PPT,PPTX,PPS,PPSX, TXT and PDF.
  • Its supports free for 24 templates, 20 various 2D/3D charts, 37 slide transition effects, 173 different shapes and 300 formulas for spreadsheets.
  • It supports 18 global languages.
  • Polaris Drive is a default cloud but also come sin other clouds such as google drive, dropbox, one drive, cloud for 24 hours, 365 days etc.
  • It had earned ISO 27001 certification for international cloud privacy standard.
  • It is highly compact and supports 50 MB size for all types of documents.
  • It is fully compatible with MIcrosoft Office, PDF reader and converter.
  • You can improve your creativity with the handwritten input.
  • You can collaborate easily and quick connect to anyone.

CamScanner:Phone PDF Creator

With this camscanner you can scan any of the documents using your phone and save them as PDF.
It automatically sets all the setting issues such as lighting effects, crops and adjusts aligns.

Uses the optical character recognition to scan important elements of the documents and save them in the digital formats.

It is the worlds #1 mobile document scanner and sharing app for doing making Work Smart.

The CamScanner helps you to scan, store and collaborate on various documents on the smartphones.

Features of the CamScanner

  • By using your android mobile phone you can scan everything such as receipts, notes, inovies and save them as PDF.
  • It supports a good optimize scan quality as it adjusts the screen settings, does cropping and alignments automatically.
  • You can do quick search by entering any keyword listed in the documents.
  • You can do or extract the texts from images for editing.
  • You can share the PDF/JPEG files with others.
  • Its very easy to print or fax the documents in the camscanner.
  • You can even invite your friends to comment on your scans.
  • Advanced Editing such as making annotations and customized watermarks on the docs are made available.
  • You can secure your documents and sync across the networks for protection.

Google Drive App:

Google Drive Work Smart Android App

The google drive is the ultimate for the backup and cloud storage to Work Smart. Just turn on auto backup and all the things are saved for you.You can upload files and links which are too large for sending them through the emails.

Google drive is the safest place for all your files. Everything can be back up to the drive so never feel them losing off. You can easily invite your friends or others for editing too.

Features of Google Drive

  • Its the safest place to store your files and access them anywhere you want.
  • Its very easy to search the files or content based on the names.
  • Its very easy to share your files or folders with others than email.
  • You can also set the access levels such as who can view, comment and edit of your gfiles.
  • You can quickly access the recent files.
  • You can see the file details and activities.
  • You can also enable viewing of files offline.
  • You can use the device camera to scan important documents.
  • Its very easy to access pictures and videos from the google drive.