Hey are you worried about making your pics look more smarter. Here are various android apps for you to make your gallery with stunning designs.

Here are 10 best photo editing apps for Android you can download on your phone and edit photographs any time you need.

The best android photo editing apps for the year 2018 are:

1. Picsart photo studio android app:

Picsart photo studio

Picsart is the #1 photo editor app and pic collage maker on mobile. It had more than 450 millions installations with supports many tools, effects, camera and drawing tools. It helps to create awesome pictures by remixing the free to edit pictures into wonderful memes.
It’s the free android app which provides the drawing tools, camera, picsart photo studio all in one at one suite.

Features of the Picsart photo studio:

    • Picsart collage maker and grids: It helps and also provides 100 of free templates for free and new images are uploaded by the community every day to set as the background for your pictures. It helps to make the grid style pics.
    • Photo editor: Picsart photo editor had everything you need to make your picture awesome. It contains tools to clone, stretch, crop, add text, adjust curves, fullscreen artistic photo filters.
    • Free Stickers,cliparts and sticker maker: Picsart helps to you create and share the custom stickers with the picsart photo editor.
    • Drawing and Camera: Picsart photo studio had varieties of drawing tools and excellent camera.
    • Photo Remix and Free edit on images: By taking an image from the picsart photo studio, you can remix and free to edit according to your need.
    • Creative contests and Photo Challenges: With Picsart photo editor you can learn very easily new editing tricks.

2.PhotoDirector Photo Editor App:


It’s the time to change your smartphone images into beautiful and stunning images with the photo director-editor app. You can create a professional artwork with the enhanced features of the photo director-editor app. The photo director app helps you the create the rich-featured images by adjusting the RGB with a visual histogram. The Photodirector provides the varieties of tools in making the pics into spectacular national geographic style artwork.

Features of the PhotoDirector Editor App:

      • It’s the powerful with many photo editing tools for changing the colors, adjusting the brightness and highlighting the specific portions of the images.
      • The photodirector had advanced camera module with live effects.
      • Collage maker helps you to create , adjust, and combine your favorite photo to create the fantastic collages.
      • It’s every easy to add HDR, photo effects and layer editing too.
      • With the photodirector you can do quick and easy photo sharing.
      • It saves the images in the ultra HD 4k resolution.

3.Pixlr free photo editor app:

Pixlr free photo editor app

Make your beautiful moments with the pixlr creative effects. The pixlr free photo editor app contains the 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters. Once you are ready with your pictures you can directly share to social channels too. It’s the perfect editor for everyone who had never done with photo editing.

Features of the Pixlr app:

      • You can create collages photos with varieties of choices such as layout, background and spacing.
      • You can balance out color with one easy click with auto Fix.
      • Double exposure to get unique look for multiple photos.
      • You can stylish your image look like a pencil drawing, poster or sketch.
      • You make make your selfies beautiful with the tools of the pixlr app.
      • You can choose from the varieties of effects packs to make your image look beautiful.
      • You can resizing the images easily and quickly after editing.
      • You can make your picture with text overlays.

4.Snapseed Photo editor:

Snapseed Photo editor

The snapseed photo editor app is the complete professional photo editor developed by Google with using advanced tools.

Key features of the Snapseed photo editor:

      • This photo editor app supports JPEG and raw files.
      • It had 29 tools and filters to create the attractive images.
      • It had the facility of saving your personal looks and apply them later.
      • All styles can be tweaked with fine and precise color.
      • You can select the your desired brush for making the image look beautiful.
      • Crop:You can crop images very easily and rotate too.
      • It supports the fix skew lines and perfect of the geometry of horizons and buildings.
      • Healing does the deleting of the uninvited neighbors from your images.
      • HDR effect gives your images a stunning look.

5.Photo Lab Picture editor:

Photo Lab Picture editor

Photo Lab Picture editor is the very useful app for all types of people with many tools for editing. Your photos will look great with the advanced effects and the filters. This photo editor app comes with the best photo frames and filters to add to your images. It’s the best photo studio to personalize your images with the background blur effects.

Features of the Photo Lab Picture editor:

      • You can make your photo square in one step with no cropping on background.
      • You can select from the wide range of HD frames available for your images.
      • Fill square fit post full size.
      • You can make your background blur with certain effects.
      • You can enter caption and text in pictures with this photo editor app.
      • Photo effect with the write to pictures on emoji.
      • It had different stickers.
      • Background, blur effects, filters for you to leave a good pictures.
      • You can show your emotions with the emojis and tags on the pictures.
      • It’s a all in one photo editor for making awesome pictures.

6.Beauty Plus Easy Photo Editor:

Beauty Plus Easy Photo Editor

Over 800 million photos designing 200 million are using the beauty plus photo editor. The reason behind this is being simple with advanced effects, filters, artists and augmented reality filters and many more features to take your selfie to next step.


      • You can create beautiful and natural look photos, video selfies with the beauty plus photo editor app. You can add all the effects to look your photo more engaging.
      • The reality behind this app is it was designed by the makeup artists and photographer to get good results.
      • This photo editor app had skin editor to add beauty to your faces and retouch skin tone.
      • This app helps you to design perfect eyes by removing the dark circles around the eyes and appears like glowing.
      • It does beautiful white teeth ending to add attractive smile to your face.
      • Magic brush add a new fantastic look to your photos.
      • This app does professional photo editing for the blurs, cropping and applying the advanced filters.

7.Toolwiz Photos Pro Editor:

Toolwiz Photos Pro Editor

Toolwiz photos is the superior way to make the creative and gorgeous photos on the android phones.Its the best all in one powerful pro photo editor with 200+ tools. Toolwiz does everything to turn your photos into the masterpiece.

Features of the Toolwiz pro editor.

      • It supports the 40+ prisma filters and art filters to add beauty to your photos.
      • It will process the image , set the image tone and enhance the image quality with many effects.
      • It will give a beautiful art effect and decorate your photos too.
      • It supports 20+ blur styles and 10+ painting styles.
      • It also supports many drawing tools to add extra beautification to your photos.
      • HDR and black, white images are provided.
      • You can also display the text over images too.

8.AirBrush Easy Photo Editor:

AirBrush Easy Photo Editor

AirBrush Easy Photo Editor app was designed to be the best photo editor with user-friendly retouch tools, filters, effects, natural beauty results.

Features of the AirBrush Photo editor:

      • Blemish and pimple remover to add beauty to your photos.
      • Whiten your teeth and brighten your eyes.
      • Makes your skin perfect in every photo with retouch filters.
      • It does slim, reshape or lengthen your selfie photo.
      • HD effects are added i.e artistic retouch features.
      • It supports the real time editing technology.
      • natural and radiant filters to enhance the best pictures.

9.Fotor Photo Editor:

Fotor Photo Editor

The fotor photo editor has been awarded google play store as the “Android Excellence Apps 2017”. It’s the one-stop photo editing, sharing and sales platform. It’s the all in one photo editing toolkit and also user-friendly one.

Features of the Fotor Photo editor:

      • Enhanced camera with 6 photo taking modes such as grid, big button, burst, timer, stabilizer and square.
      • The photo editor is completely customizable with the scale, shape and adjustments.
      • The Scene effects improves the brightness to your photos.
      • Unlimited number of effects, styles, vintage and filters.
      • It supports 10 customizable edit functions.
      • You can rebuild image composition with the crop.
      • It provides the weekly updated stickers, fonts, designs , filters for the new day to design best photos.

10. Square Size Collage Maker photo editor:

Square Size Collage Maker photo editor

Square Size collage maker is the best photo editor for post full square size photo without cropping on Instagram. You can collage your photos with square lite. This is a powerful collage maker with 100 of design templates, layouts, emoji tags, smiles for your photo to look stylish. The text function adds the snap text, sticker, and pics to your photos.

Features of the Square Size Collage Maker Photo Editor:

    • It supports sharing, filters, adding text, blur effects, frames, setting background colors for your photos.
    • You can select the pics with hundreds of layouts, frames and shape effects.
    • You can create the snap photo text editors and snap stickers, share with your friends.
    • Just a single tap to share on facebook, instagram and twitter.
    • Shadow 3d and overlay effects.