What exactly pinches in your mind when you heard about the word automotive electronics.

It’s all about the safety, luxury and comfort come in your mind.

It’s also about the high tech airbags for the luxury cars, music system which connects to your iPod and the electronic controller settings as well.

With the advancements and enhancements in the technology the today’s cars are designed very excellent and preferably by considering all the electronics.

The Automotive electronics inside a car includes everything from headlight to the seat belt, LED brake light as well.

To the more surprising and interesting point, every module in the car is designed or equipped with the latest high tech electronic gadget from the user point of view.

In past, the electronic applications for the automobiles were designed to serve the fundamental need to control the engine. But today with the high tech technology methods the electronic applications for the automobiles were re-engineered with most powerful and structured electronics to give the user a fantastic driving experiences

Through my discussion, I am going to present the readers a basic introduction required for the people who love to ride the electric cars. You will be noticed with the basics about the electronics inside the car and how they help you. So just make your ride joyful with a tight seat belt fixed.

With the help of immersive and multiple automobile operations in electronic systems, the manufacturers are designing the cars in such a way to give the best driving experience to the users by using the fuel in an efficient way. It also considers both the driver and rider comforts. You might have noticed that there will increase the electronic components every year so as to provide the increasing usability feature.

On the way to provide the best experience to the users, fuel consumption, the mechanisms are transformed from mechanical systems to electronic ones. The embedded systems stand as the core for automobile architecture. The embedded systems serve and used in safety airbags, anti-lock brakes, radio, music systems etc. The electronic parts which are designed will digitally control most parts of your car.

The electronics are integrated into the core engineering of the cars to support the engine, it’s brakes, auto control settings of the steering speed.

What are the electronic subparts inside an electronic car?
The electronic components in a car are:

-Engine Ignition,
-Anti-lock brakes
-Steering control
-Collision Avoidance Systems
-Seat control
-Air Conditioning
-Navigation Systems
-Transmission Controls
-Safety Controls
-Security Alarms
-Music Systems
-Head and Sidelights as well.

Yeah, the central part of the car acts as the interface between you and your car at your fingertips. You can control the temperature, sensors and navigation systems at the central panel. Next the engine system it is the most important part of the car which works and controls in accordance with the real-time mechanisms. The engine control car has the 32-bit microcontroller which controls the process of fuel injection, emission control, and the AC system control etc.

The future automotive electronics in your car will be rendered with high-speed solutions which pave way for the better utilization of the time to enjoy the novel services. To more interesting the electronically smart cars are built with a rich feature set which can be controlled and operated automatically. Those automotive electric cars are more comfortable, reliable, secure and energy efficient ones. According to the estimates, many top companies are preparing to launch the self-driving cars by the end of the year 2021.