As our life is a mixture of complications and simplicity we want the things which make our daily mundane tasks easier. With the advent of the Internet Of Things, we adapt ourselves to engage better, learn and live within the Smart Technology. Usage of smart devices had changed the way the world works.

A simple question arises in every mind.

Are smart devices play a prominent role in our lives? Whether they are to be acquired and accessed by every individual.

I say definitely Yes. Because one should be very open-minded to accept the technology if desires to use them.

Importance of smart devices in our daily life?

Well, most of the people rely on smart technologies to do various tasks. Life had become more comfortable and enjoyable with the development of smart devices. To experience an enriched personal life the smart devices plays a prominent role in performing your day in and day out activities.

With the help of smart devices or smart technology which leaps and bounds every day from smartphones to smart devices, smart homes, smart cars, and smart cities becoming more part of your life.

#1 reason to buy the smart devices is that they promise convenience.

I can definitely say that smart devices are an important part of our daily lives. The smart devices include smart wearables, smart home, smart camera, and smart lights. With the help of those smart devices, you can really experience a smart and better life every day. The fitness bands and smartwatches enable you to measure your fitness progress. Easily track the steps, calories burnt, rate, calorie intake, and distance traveled etc. You can control your smart home with your voice commands or at your fingertips with the Google Home.

How does the SmartHomeRevolution had my life easier?


The smart home revolution could bring a lot of unforeseen benefits beyond just dimming your lights with your handy smartphone.”

A smart home is the one where the homeowner enjoy the luxury comforts, security, energy efficiency and convenience at all the times, regardless of the person’s availability

Smart home can be defined as a residence that has appliances, lighting, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio and video systems, security and camera systems etc which are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled from any room in the home or can be accessed remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet connection.

In my point of view installing smart devices,  gives the home and its occupant’s various benefits such as convenience, comfort, enjoyments will save the money and energy. The affordable approach for every homeowner to make their homes smart is enhanced by retrofitting smart products into their own finished home.

“With the smart home revolution the real benefits start to take shape.”

Smart Homes:How can they change our lives?

Over the past couple of years, the number of smart devices dedicated to habitations had been increased. You might have come across many smart products to enhance your home security. For example, the thermostat can control the temperature existing in the home and can adjust accordingly.

Software to guarantee your security:

With the best security systems available you can control everything from your smartphone. The alarms, smoke detectors, video cameras can be remotely armed and disarmed in your smart home. You will be notified with a message and can look at what is happening at home. By arming with a few devices and your smartphones, you can be your own crime fighter. If you are really interested, then have a look at the handy smart security systems.

Smart convenience to turn of lights:

If the devices, you use are more convenient, than you may encourage the people to live in a more eco-friendly environment.

I will explain with a simple example here. I am a businessman who needs to perform various tasks daily. In order to manage, organize my tasks it consumes most of my precious time. We all know the people who never seem to remember to turn off the lights after them. To be honest I am the one who resembles with the same feature. By using the smart products i.e smart lights, we can deal with our bad habits and turn lights off remotely from your smartphone or turn off themselves when not needed. It helps to save the energy, cutting our electricity bills thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Smart Fridges: Key to reduce the wastage and save planet:

One of the important feature of the smart home revolution is the conversation of the earth’s limited resources. Day by day people are going to experience new trends in the technology to make their homes truly smart and green by efficiently utilizing the home controllers which are integrated with all home subsystems. The homeowner can easily access the connected systems and adjust consumption any time, anywhere.

With the help of the smart fridges, the homeowner can keep the track of food and prepare the meals. The smart fridges can promptly give the items which are running out, also asks you to replace the food which is going to expired, also reminds you about consuming the food. This smart device had the potential to reduce the food wastage also helps in saving people’s money and planet resources.

Smart Wearable : Keep track of your health fitness

smart wearables

The smart wearable such as Smartwatches is the brilliant devices because they offer you real benefits. With the smartwatches you can track your runs, gym works and calories burnt. They help you to maintain the body in perfect condition by observing the readings. You can also set alarms as a remembrance for any task. You can also schedule your daily activities and carry out them without any interruption and never miss any.

The Apple watch series are the best ones when compared with other smartwatches. They are water-resistant and swim proof. The built-in GPS to track your routes and runs daily and it also supports the health apps.

“ The Smart Wearables will help you to lead a smart and better life than before.”

Fitness trackers are a great way to monitor your activity and health at no cost. These fitness tracker devices help to keep tabs on your workouts, heart rate, stress and everything with little accuracy. It also helps to measure the quality of sleep and step count. The Huawei brand 2 pros smart band is a slim, capable wearable device with impressive battery life.

It’s a good habit to keep track of our health using smart wearable devices. But we also have to consider that some may have a sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea, that prevents you from getting a good night’s rest. With this condition, some may need a continuous positive airway machine to breathe normally and keep airways open.

One electronic device to rule them all:

smart home

Due to the multiplication of the smart devices, we need to centralize the control from single point. This is the reason for the evolution of the #1 smart device to connect all the smart products i.e Google Home.  Google Homo is the smart assistant device to broadcast your voice to control other smart devices in your home location. With the Google Home, you can control anything with only the sound of your voice. The Smart speakers enable you to hear the lovable music tracks, control your entire smart home at your fingertips.

Advantages of having Smart Home revolution in daily life(#SmartHomeRevolution):

If you turn your home into smart then you can enjoy the following benefits.

By transitioning to a smarter home you can improve your control over every aspect of how your house operates and then increase safety and accessibility.

  • By installing the smart devices in your home you can control them at your fingertips itself. No need to worry.
  • Smart devices such as smart alarms, security systems, cameras ensure proper safety for your home.
  • The smart technology can be operated in your smart home with just your voice commands.
  • You can save energy with respect to electricity consumption.
  • The smart devices also helps you to save the environmental resources on the earth such as food supply.
  • The smart brands and watches helps to track your fitness and calculate your runs if your an athlete.
  • You can control your room temperature automatically.
  • In spite of your busy schedule, you can turn off the lights or any other switches very easily.
  • It also reminds you of your daily activities. You can enjoy music every second.
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“Be a smart guy to accept the smart technology  which is enclosed with infinite smart products.”

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