No matter where you live, keeping your property safe from intruders is important, both when you’re home and when you’re out. With the plethora of tech available on the market today, “when you’re home and when you’re out” has become more convenient and comprehensive than ever.

There are countless gadgets out there that you can install in every corner of your home. Some are worth their asking price, while others are little more than gimmicks. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best modern gadgets that money can buy. From smart doorbells to monitoring robots, we have everything you need to obtain peace of mind in your home.


Gone are the days of having to look through a tiny fisheye window in your door to see who’s on the other side. These days, you can do it from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your iOS or Android device thanks to the power of SkyBell.

As soon as a visitor rings the bell, the camera snaps an image and sends it to the app via Wi-Fi. Even if someone shows up on your doorstep and doesn’t ring, the camera’s motion sensor will automatically detect them and take a picture. This not only instantly notifies you when someone’s there, but will also act as useful evidence for insurance claims if there’s a break in.

Riley Home Monitoring Robot

When it comes to cool security tech for your home, few gadgets are as impressive as the Riley Robot. This Star Wars-esque character will roam in and around your home looking for intruders. With the mounted camera, you can get a live feed of whatever Riley sees, giving you eyes on the ground when you’re away.

Ring Video Doorbell

Unlike the SkyBell, the Ring Video Doorbell provides a live video feed of whatever is at your doorstep. This is done through Wi-Fi and is sent to the Ring app on your iOS or Android device. The camera is capable of recording HD video through its wide-angle lens, giving you clear footage in the event of a break in or incident. For the best wireless doorchime, check out 1800Doorbell’s comprehensive selection of affordable kits.


For something truly impressive, look no further than the Cocoon smart home security system. This camera unit is equipped with Cocoon’s SUBSOUND Technology, which uses AI-powered software to learn the sounds that it hears in your home. When something out of the ordinary is detected, the camera automatically begins recording and sends the footage to your smartphone.

Presence Outdoor Security Camera

Unlike a standard motion sensor, Netatmo’s camera combines the best of both worlds to provide a unique security system that’s capable of detecting cars, people and animals. Live footage will be sent to your iOS or Android device whenever the system detects any unusual activity occurring in your home or driveway.

Arlo Q Plus Security Camera

Few security camera systems are as powerful and high quality as those offered by Arlo. This camera records in Full HD and features night vision to ensure clear recordings around the clock. The two-way audio system allows you to communicate with others via the camera itself, making it suitable for businesses as well as homes.

These gadgets are just a handful of the countless pieces of tech that you can outfit your home with. With just a few of systems, you can create a comprehensive security suite for your home that allows you to see, hear and record anything that happens.

Head out and pick up some of your favorites to start building your dream home security system today. It’s a worthwhile investment that will always pay off in the end.