Hi, guys today I am going to share with you about the devices which are very much useful in our day to day life.

Recently Amazon has launched echo smart speakers in competence with the Google smart speakers. The Amazon had introduced 3 devices namely:

  • 1.Amazon echo
  • 2.Amazon echo dot
  • 3.Amazon echo plus

Amazon echo vs Echo Dot

Amazon echo:

The amazon echo is the smart speakers which connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa which response to the “Alexa.” This device is very much capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, providing audiobooks, weather reports and real-time information.

Both the echo and Amazon Alexa are designed around your voice. It’s the best smart speaker with the Alexa charcoal fabric from the Amazon.


  • Amazon echo is a new smart speaker with a new stylish design for the customers. Amazon Echo is available in a range of colors and finishing. Echo can be connected to the Alexa to play music, connect calls, set alarms, time, ask questions and control smart home devices instantly.
  • With multi-room music, you can play from the compatible echo devices from different rooms.
  • You can call or even message without your hands and also connect to other echo devices in your home with your voice itself.
  • The Dolby processing for crisp vocals and dynamic bass response can fill the room in 360-degree omnidirectional audio.
  • With the help of seven microphones and beamforming technology, noise cancellation you can hear from any portion of your room without any failure.
  • You can ask your Alexa to control your home, sprinklers, thermostats, smart lights, garbage doors weather reports and traffic as well.
  • You can make Alexa to control your TV.

The Amazon Echo is the smart speaker new spot with a no-brainer and rich sound in quality. The thing is that whenever you want to say the wake word you need to say the Alexa and echo responds instantly.

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Voice control your home, music and play anywhere

You can control your voice with the 2.5 downward firing woofer and the 0.6 upward firing tweeter by the Dolby processing to control the music throughout the room. Alexa play music anywhere says that you can play or hear music in any room.

You can control your sweet home with your voice. Use the echo to switch the lamp, turn off the coffee maker on your way to bed, you can dim the lights to watch a movie. You can control TV with your voice, change the volume levels, channels. You can control multiple devices at a single moment with the scheduled times.

amazon echo

Alexa had thousands of skills which add more capabilities to it.

You can be getting more better with the prime and can serve the ad-free streaming of 2 million songs of the prime music. Alexa always works smarter. The more you use echo the more Alexa adopts to your speech, voice recognition patterns etc.

You can select the style you prefer:

You can customize your echo for any room with the decorative shell environment. You can select from the wide range of fabrics and finishes which suits your room style or color combination.There will be slight variation in colors and fabric used in the manufacturing of the device.

amazon echo

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 5.8 * 3.4*3.4(148mm*88 mm*88 mm)
  • Weight: 821 grams.
  • Wi Fi Connectivity: Dual band Wi Fi supports 802.11/ab/g/n(2.4 and 5 GHz)networks.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) supports for audio streaming and AvRCP(Audio/Video Remote Controller Profile supports for voice control of connected mobile devices.
  • Audio: 2.5(63.5 mm)woofer and 0.6(16 mm)tweeter)
  • Alexa App: This app is compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS devices.

Amazon echo dot:

The Amazon echo dot is the voice controlled device with a small built-in speaker.You can connect to the speakers, headphones over Bluetooth through a 3.5 mm audio cable to deliver stereo sound to the speakers you choose. You can connect the dot to the Alexa voice service to play music, make calls, receive messages, provide information, weather reports etc.

Same the echo, echo dot can hear you from any room. When you want to use the echo dot just say the wake word Alexa and Dot responds instantly. If you had more than one Echo or echo dot then Alexa responds to the echo which is very near to you based on the Echo Spatial Perception(ESP).

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  • The sleek and the compact design of the echo dot makes it suitable to any room in your home.
  • You can play music across multiple echo devices.
  • Echo dot provides the voice control for Amazon music. Hands-free voice control to Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.
  • making calls is very easy with Alexa dot.
  • With the echo dot you can control your smart home such as to turn off the smart lights, thermostats, etc.
  • It helps for far-field voice recognition.
  • You can get better with prime.
  • You can customize your dot for any room with optional echo dot case.The echo dot is available in colors, leathers and fabric.

Do more with Alexa App:

With the free Alexa app on android, ios and browsers you can easily set up and manage the echo dot.By using this Alexa app you can connect to the music services, link your calendar from Google, make calls, do messages, read books from Kindle, view shopping lists, control timers etc.

Comparison of the Echo devices:

You can compare the different echo devices of the Amazon in terms of price, speakers, screen size, wifi, Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility and many options.
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Amazon echo and amazon echo dot provide very good services. They make your works simpler and easy too. Just control the things with your voice instead of hands. Everything you can monitor by sitting aside. All this magic happened with the Amazon smart speaker echo devices. So I suggest all of you guys use these smart devices in simplifying your work. As a technology guys keep yourself updated with the new things.