Even if you haven’t upgraded to the latest iPhone flagship, these smartphones are incredibly useful. These phones are designed with the end-user in mind. From an easy solution to settling debates, right down quality pictures to capture memories in the moment.

But there is more most don’t even know about

You may already love everything about your iPhone. But what would you say if we told you that there are hidden tricks, and tips that will make you fall in love with your smartphone all over again!

Well, you are in luck. Through this article, we go through 10 iPhone tricks that we think are pretty awesome. We are sure you will feel the same way.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Help Siri Become Just That Little Bit Smarter

Siri may be great to solve quick problems and nasty debates. But we all know that she struggles to understand the average consumer at times. For example when you are trying to call your mom, and she cools your ex instead! Oops.

What you may not have known…

You can actually teach Siri how to pronounce certain words, which will keep those awkward phone calls at bay. After Siri makes a mess, all you need to say is “Siri, that’s not how you pronounce…”

From there, she will ask the correct pronunciation… and as simple as that, Siri will be a new and improved tool you can trust to keep things simple.

Make Your Pictures Look Like A Professional Took Them

iphone tricks

One of the greatest things about an iPhone is the super quality behind the camera. This makes it ideal for consumers who love going out and spending time in nature. Or simply making memories.

So you know how you can set a focal point by simply tapping the screen. That makes it really great to get high-quality pictures, right? But the problem is whenever you move the phone or change the angle the focal point disappears – which can be rather annoying.


We have a trick just for you…

Instead of tapping the screen, hold your finger down for about 2-seconds. Eventually, an “AF Locked” box should pop up. Now you can throw your phone in the air (not recommended), twist it, rotate it, or even go selfie mode and you will have the same focal point. Pretty nifty, right?

Give New Life To Your Phone’s Battery

iphone tricks

Apple has a bunch of nifty tools integrated into their iPhone’s to help users instantly access certain information. Such as your favorite sports latest playoffs or your favorite artists newest tracks.

A prime example of this is Spotlight. Although, it can be incredibly useful. It is also a battery siphoner. If you are facing problems with your phones battery life, turning this function off could help you maximize the life of the phone between charges.

How can you turn the Spotlight off?

All you need to do is go to settings -> General -> Spotlight Search, from there limit what is going on in the background.

Say Goodbye To Hanging Out The Window, In The Attic, 2-Stories Up For Signal

Argh! The frustrations of no signal. Nothing is worse. Especially if you just got back in touch with your friends, or you were really looking forward to streaming your favorite series. This has led to some of the most random late night exploring, searching, hoping for a stronger signal.

Apple was rather genius with this one…

Apple is the only company that has designed a way to make these late-night explorations simpler for their users. Instead of hanging out the attic window worrying about dropping your phone. All you need to do is dial *3001#12345#.

This will open up a hidden field mode tool, which gives you your signal in a number format. If you have around -50, then your good to put your favorite movie on and cuddle up in bed. But if you are at record-lows of around -120, well… let the explorations begin.

Keep Private Photos – Private

You know those friends who love going through your photos. Perhaps you are showing a colleague something, and they swipe just a bit too far… awkward!

Luckily, iPhones make it easy to hide sensitive pictures that you would rather keep private.

All you need to do it is select the images you want to keep private and select share. Be careful now, you don’t want to accidentally share them! The box that pops up will have a “hide” option – this is the one you want to select.

Now your pictures are invisible. Regardless of whether your friends go through your moments, collections, or even year views.

Add Nifty Text To Your Apple Clips

Sending clips to your loved ones? Perhaps you are live-streaming for your endless fans on Twitter? It could be difficult for them to understand you.

Maybe it’s just that funny hat you’re wearing, or someone playing music at full-blast next door. This could be a real pain. But thanks to new innovative software for iPhone, there are ways you can add text to your clips. Meaning nifty subtitles or corrections were you may have said the wrong thing!

Never Lose Your Phone Somewhere Silly!

This is probably one of the niftiest, pioneer moves that Apple could have made for their iPhones. There is no worse feeling than the stomach-plummeting after-effects of losing your iPhone.

Apple has made it far harder though, saving a bunch of their customers a ton of money on

replacements! Not only can you make use of the find my phone feature, which lets you track your phone on a map… or dials it. (note when calling through the app… the ringtone is loud, really…really loud).

If you are really worried about losing your phone, you can also fill in the Medical ID section. For those friendly guys, who are honest… they can access your Medical information, which will have all your contact details handy.