Many people now spend hours every day working at a computer. All that time adds up, and not just with regard to what it does to a person’s cardiovascular system.

In many cases, someone will spend months or years staring daily at a poorly positioned monitor. Even without realizing it, the resulting strain and stress can give rise to real problems, with the underlying cause often going unnoticed.

Buying and using an affordable monitor arm is a great way to avoid problems like these and others. In addition, a high-quality monitor arm will open up helpful new options. A quick look at five of the best reasons to consider such a purchase will make it clear why so many now have monitor arms of their own.

All monitor arms are alike in enabling a different way for computer displays to be mounted and positioned. In addition to doing away with the need for a stand, some monitor arms accommodate two or more screens at once.

Figuring out whether you need a monitor arm should normally be quite straightforward. About 80 percent of all American households now include a personal computer, and adding a monitor arm quite often proves to be the best related investment.

Given that a monitor arm will normally cost only a small fraction as much as a PC, it will rarely be difficult to justify the cost. Even an especially sturdy and feature-packed monitor arm should never break the bank.

Despite these facts, many regular computer users go years without looking into whether monitor arms might work well for them. Some of the best reasons to consider buying and installing one include improved:

 1. Display positioning.

Built-in monitor stands are not normally designed to make it easy to position displays as well as possible. As a result, many people end up craning their necks or otherwise straining to view monitors attached to their computers. Having a display attached to a monitor arm will allow for almost infinite adjustment.

Desktop space.

Conventional monitor stands take up space on desktops or wherever else they might be placed. Monitor arms attach to the edges of such surfaces, consuming a lot less valuable real estate in the process. Adding a monitor arm can easily make a formerly cramped desk feel spacious and accommodating.

Number of screens.

Even people who might benefit from using two or more computer displays often go without additional ones because of concerns about related hassles. Monitor arms that accommodate three, three, or even four displays at once make it practical to go far beyond the basics.

Orientation options.

Many monitor arms feature build-in gimbals and hinges that allow attached displays to be swiveled however desired. That will make it easy to orient a display vertically, for example, to better view certain types of documents or information.

Temporary adjustment.

10· When sun strikes a monitor attached to a conventional stand, it will often seem as if the only options were to accept the inconvenience or close the shades. A monitor attached to an arm can be adjusted quickly and easily and then returned to its usual position without trouble thereafter.

For reasons like these and others, regular computer users quite often find that monitor arms end up being some of their most treasured accessories. Adding a monitor arm to a computer setup at home or the office can easily end up being satisfying and productive.