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5 Best stock trading apps for Android in 2018

Hello, everyone are you aware of the financial stock markets. Do you know that it is not an easy way to access the financial stock markets? As a beginner or a common user of the stock trading business, you need to be careful while dealing with financial matters.

The achievement in the stock trading business is not a luck it entirely depends on the current situation, ups, and downs in the business market. The stocks may suddenly fall or even rise, there is no proper reason. But you need to watch the stock exchanges careful to catch the attention when the stock trading increases.

In buying or selling any stock investments needs a supervision under the stockbroker who will charge you for executing your stock trade. But with the advancements in technology, you can see many websites and Android apps where you can supervision your own stock trades.

The best stock trading apps or stock trading websites help you catch the attention of the financial markets within no seconds.

Best stock trading apps for Android in 2018:

You can enjoy the best stock trading apps on your fingertips.

1. TD Ameritrade Trader

TD Ameritrade Trader is one of the largest stock brokerage firms in the country with many trading options. It offers or provides multiple mobile apps depending on their needs. The most powerful trading experience can be caught through the TD Ameritrade Mobile trading available for ios and Android.

You won’t bother whether you are a bull or bear because it is one of the best among the world’s best stock trading apps. TD Ameritrade Mobile Traders 1.22 gigawatts trading technology gives you the freedom to trade the stocks, complex options, and forex till your fingers bleed. This app provides an interactive dashboard with a wide range of features too.

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader App is very useful for customizing the home screen, transfer funds, market research, watch videos to learn more about the stock trading options and can get market notifications too. It is the best choice for the advanced and active investors as they get good indicators and analysis of their stocks which helps to take decisions on the way to enter into the stock trading.

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Features of TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader App:

  • You can see the trade stocks, complex options and forex as well.
  • The support chat features helps the investors to chat about the stock trading rise and fall.
  • You will be given access to chatrooms where the professionals at the TD Ameritrade Trader answer your questions.
  • You can stream live CNBC and international CNBC.
  • You can access real time quotes and book depth.
  • You can share your ideas and connect with other traders.

2. E*Trade Mobile:

E*Trade is one of the best stock trading apps which remains pioneer today. It is a good leader in online as well as mobile trading with a good pack of features. It is also known ad optionshouse because it had its own options for stock trading.

With E*Trade Mobile for Android you can get the real-time streaming quotes, place or order trades, manage your account very skillfully from your Android power device itself. It is the right tool in front of you for trading and investments in your palm.

Features of E*Trade Mobile:

  • You can observe stream line trading options, ETFs, mutual funds and many more options.
  • CUstomized dashboard with real time streaming and full screen charts.
  • It is very easy to set up and view the watch lists.
  • It comes with powerful stocks and ETF screeners.
  • You can get real time alerts and can view, edit the orders.
  • You can see the economic and earning calendars.

3. Forex Game:Online Stocks Trading for Beginners:

With the forex app you can learn basic functionalities about the forex. It’s a great app for the beginners who are very interested in doing online stock trading.

No need to worry whether you are a beginner in the forex stock trade market.

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With the forex trading app you can learn the best to do a good deal of online trading.

The forex game for beginners is funny and risk-free game to develop the skills on the financial markets on the real forex and market trades. It is the simple game to learn the trade market and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Through this forex game, you can learn how to do trade i.e buy and sell the bitcoins and make the profit out of it although the fun way.

With the forex game you will get to know how forex and crypto trading is working and how traders make millions of dollars from it.

This app allows you to buy the virtual goods which make the stock markets true to life.

Features of Forex Game:

  • It is completely free for download and play.
  • You can see the real time quotes from the financial markets.
  • You can trade the most popular cryptocurrency i.e bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • It is simple to trade just two buttons up and down.
  • It had an user friendly interface and share the trade results with friends.

4 Kite by Zerodha-Free trading App

Zerodha is a fee flagship trading platform for many of the stock trading apps. Zerodha had mainly 3 apps for online stock trading such as Kite, coin, and pulse. It is one of the best stock trading apps in 218. It had a very neat, clean, user-friendly interface. It serves as the super fast and super backend for all your stock investments and trading needs.

It accepts 0 rs for brokerage and flat 20 rs for F & O trading.

Zerodha kite is available for free of charge for all its customers among ios and Android devices.

Features of Kite by Zerodha

  • You can observe the live streaming data across the app.
  • It supports one tap universal instrument search for all the contracts across all exchanges such as NSE,BSE,MCX etc.
  • It supports multiple market watch and live watch market depths.
  • It comes with advanced charts with 100+ indicators to show the stock trading.
  • You can access years of free chart historical data.
  • You can do trade on trade equities, F&O, commodities and currencies.
  • It provides different types of orders such as regular, AMO,BO(Bracket orders,CO(Cover orders).
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5. IFC Markets Trading Terminal

The IFC markets trading terminal is a unique trading analytical software. It provides a broad and wide range of trading and account management solutions for various financial instruments. This stands as the best stock trading apps among all the Android apps. On using this app you no need to stay on your personal desktop instead you can enjoy or make deals on financial markets anywhere in the world.

The IFC market trading terminal is very convenient and of high functionality for every trader.

It comes with many basic functions of a full-scale stationary such as :


  • You can setup your real and demo accounts very quickly.
  • It is very simple to close and open your trading options.
  • You can easily place or remove orders.
  • You can look at the orders and trading history.
  • You can monitor the price change of the stocks by looking at the market watch.
  • You can monitor the changes in the trading account in Margin Analysis.
  • It uses technical indicators and graphical objects to show how trading goes.
  • It also display the charts.


If you want to do easy trading business. Instead of using the brokerage i.e third person in between you can use the best stock trading apps. Those trading apps simplify your trading and make it very easy to handle the stocks. You can get instant messages or updates on the market watch without being logged into any particular website.

You can get or know the status of your stocks anywhere irrespective of time and the place. Get a free and best stock trading instantly is made possible with the magic of the best stock trading apps.

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