Do have the habit of reading newspapers or any other articles.

Do you had the habit of collecting the up to date current affairs in your newsfeed.

Collecting the up to date current affairs is your passion and saved them for future reference.

Sometimes your newsfeed get lost due to any issues in such cases all your data will be rained out.

Here I am going to narrate the 5 best news apps for android users which will be very easy to find and organize the news for you.

Knappily-Knowledge App:

Knappily is featured on the Google has one of the best news apps that one needs to possess. It presents the 360-degree view of current affairs in all possible ways. Within a few swipes, you can have a good knowledge of the topics.

The knappily app is very beneficial when you are going to attend an interview or any competitive exam. You can know more things around you, can discuss with friends at the dinner table about the trending or current affairs easily.

Why you need this news app?

  • Knappily app is used to get in depth information of the new stories in a limited time spare.
  • It had ability to divide the long content articles called knapps into 5W1H based pages.
  • You can bookmark your reading and get on even when you are offline.

Features of the Knappily News App:

  • With the Knapps you can enjoy varieties of news.
  • You can easily analysis your news and search for your favorite topic as well.
  • It supports night mode to v=have the pleasant experience while reading in night.
  • You can share the new stories with the inbuilt social media accounts.
  • It provides references to the new sources like popular national and international dailies, new agencies and relevant youtube video references.

Nuzzel:News For Busy Professionals:

Nuzzel is used by the busy professionals to save time and stay connected with informative news. It offers personalized news discovery and curated newsletters for the business experts.

Most of the top influencers use this Nuzzel. One can get an email newsletter within 5 minutes per day. This app finds be very interesting and grasp the attention of the many users worldwide.

Why one needs this Nuzzel News App?

  • You can get the news about your social media news readers and the stories they are sharing.
  • You can easily switch between the feeds of yours, friends and celebrities as well.
  • You can easily sort the stories based on the most and number of shares or likes.

BBC News App:

The BBC news app is designed very intellectual to bring more content with a fresh look to the notice of the users. This app helps to get better performance when compared to other news apps. You can find your content very fast with the BBC news indexes.

Key Features:

  • It brings the top stories with latest breaking news from the trusted global networks such as journalists.
  • You can personalize your news with the My News section in the bbc news app.
  • You can also read offline with the option to download articles in background.
  • You can add the topics and manage your best or favorites to the screen for immediate use.

Pocket News Apps:

Pocket is the best news app for you to save, discover and recommend the best, most interesting stories on the web.

Features of the Pocket:

  • You can save the articles or content for later in your pocket. You can read them even when you are offline.
  • You can customize the pocket style settings to read your matching style.
  • You can discover the new stories with personalize recommendations on the pocket.
  • You can recommend the best of the stories to your friends and followers.

Flipboard: News For Any Topic:

Flipboard is one of the easy news apps which is used by everyone. It allows bringing together all the topics of any interest or passion. It put all the things together such as reading, collecting and sharing. This is what made it beautiful and awesome news app.

Its very free to download the app and pick your interests. The Flipboard will create a magazine for each, you can also customize your magazines by collecting the stories, image, and videos. You can set your magazines to appear as private or public.

Features Of the Flipboard news app:

  • You can get fast or quick notice to the top 9 interests on your home.
  • You can read, share, like your stories.
  • You can keep up the news with The Daily Edition.
  • You can get the latest news with the special magazines curated by the other teams.
  • You can collect all the stories and themes, save them to your personal magazines.


If you want to get the update on the latest current affairs and get a touch on them then the above mentioned the news apps are very important. You can simply download to your device and enjoy the evergreen service provided by them. Always reading newspapers to know the current affairs or any articles is not possible. In such cases, these news apps find to be very beneficial.