The best earbuds 2020 or in-ear headphones, or earphones, whatever you may call them are undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to listen to music. There are so many varieties, irrespective of brands such as wired, wireless earbuds and true wireless earbuds. You need to apt the one according to your choice of preference.

With the innovations in the Bluetooth technology, there emerged true wireless earbuds. This doesn’t mean that wired earbuds are going out of fashion.

One of the finest reasons to keep for the wireless earbuds is good reliable connectivity, security and better audio quality.

Not all earbuds are created equal. Here I am going to present the best earbuds 2020 in terms of value for money, sound quality, sleek and perfect design and many exciting features.

15 Best earbuds or in-ear headphones 2020:

1. SoundMAGIC E10:

SoundMAGIC E10

SoundMAGIC E10 serves as the #1 in-ear headphones because it’s a sleek design, balanced sound quality, quality build, comfortable wear and the right amount of bass used in manufacturing.

SoundMAGIC E10 is easy to fit like other in-ear monitors. Sound isolation is very pretty good, you can listen to music even in rush streets without any disturbances while keeping an eye on those things.
They are very much comfortable because of it’s lightweight in design, and if you have small ears you can replace with small in-ear headphones for maximum comfort.
You can easily spot the metal casing as it looks premium, durable and adjustable to your ears.
Excellent sound quality, bass tones are prominent and clear.
The perfect balance of sound quality and stylish metal casing made it a wonderful choice of many.

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2.Tin Audio T2

Tin Audio T2

Tin Audio T2 is a great pair of dynamic driver in-ear earbuds. If you are looking for high quality, comfort, durability, and sound then it is a perfect choice.

The cable looks like fabric and it is detachable. It is lightweight, full comfort and lasts for a long time because they are well built from the metal.

You can enjoy excellent noise isolation, perfect for music genres, and the price fits the budget with excellent features.

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3. Wings Alpha:

Wings Alpha

Wings Alpha is the latest touch sensor control true wireless earbuds with the voice assistant. Wings alpha had a smooth exterior and an ergonomic fit, which fits perfectly in your ears giving you a sophisticated look.

It comes with a TYPE C charging port, which is very easy for charging. It is enabled with touch sensor controls to change at your fingertips.

You can enjoy 14 hours of playtime on a single charge. It is enabled with SIRI a google Assistant to your voice commands.

It is compatible with all the devices.

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4. Jabra Elite 65t

in-ear headphones

Jabra Elite 65t is an Alexa enabled true wireless earbuds with charging case. Conversations are made very clear with the true wireless earbuds that feature 4 microphone technology and are proven to deliver best in class call performance.

With the help of customizable equalizer, you can personalize the sound to hear, the way you want. With one-touch access to Amazon Alexa, you can listen to your favourite to your music.

Jabra has a proven track record of true wireless connectivity. It is a completely water-resistant earbud.

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5. BoAT Airdopes 311v2:

in ear headphones

boAT Airpodes 311v2 true wireless earbuds are integrated with Bluetooth V5, seamless connection with HD sound and sleek design. You can hear the music for 3.5 hours on a single charge.

It comes with premium high tech design that makes your home class. You can set high tone frequency precision and sensitivity that allows for premium audio reproduction through extremely lightweight earbuds.

IPX5 water and sweat resistance, the integrated design allows for safer portability. You can control this device very easily with the voice assistant.

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6. PTron Bassbuds in-ear headphones:

in ear headphones best

pTron Bassbuds in-ear headphones are true wireless Bluetooth headphones that come with a mic, stereo, and Bass. On-the earbuds multifunction buttons allow calls, and music control for a hands-free experience.

pTron Bassbuds is a Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, 6 hours of music playtime, 5 hours talk time support, 1.5 hours charging time, and 100 hours of standby time.

10m wireless range, voice assistant support, 400mAh compact and portable charging case, micro USB charging cable,

With the help of a built-in microphone, one can experience hands-free music and call management.

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7. Syvo Bass Twins:

in-ear headphones wireless

Syvo Bass Twins is a true wireless earbuds stereo earbuds featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that produces incredible Hi-Fi sound quality.

Because of its lightweight design, it fits comfortably and snugly into your ears. You can have maximum comfort even if you wear it throughout the day.

It uses advanced Bluetooth technology, and never misses a call or network connection drops. Enjoy your music without any network failure all the time. Enjoy music for 4 hours on a single charge. It also charges very fast and requires 1.5 hours for a full battery charge.

Syvo Bassbuds Twin earbuds come with 350mAhcompact and a portable mini charger case, you can recharge your earbuds 3 to 4 times, so that you can enjoy all the day without any distractions.

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8. Muzili VV1:

in-ear headphones bluetooth

Muzili VV1 is the most cost-effective and sound quality earbuds in 2020. Muzili Bluetooth earbuds built-in 13mm driver units, high audio encoding technology, low power HD noise reduction to eliminate noise in different frequency bands.

Bluetooth 5.0 enables a more stable and fast transmission connection. It had several functions which can be activated very easily. Muzili earbuds are tailored earphones and comfortable fit as they as designed by the structural designers to give a smooth and comfortable fit of the users.

Muzili true wireless earbuds utilize IPX5 waterproof and sweat resistance. This facility helps to protect the earbuds from sweat and rain etc.

It comes with a 350mAh charging box that charges both earbuds four times and one earbud eight times.

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9. Noise Shots X-Buds:

in-ear headphones

Noise Shots X buds are truly in-ear headphones enabled with Bluetooth v5.0 Bluetooth 5v.0 enables fast pairing, more stable wireless connections, greater range and better battery life on X-buds.

It comes with an amazing 4 hours of playing time packed with charging case that can fully recharge 3 times, for a total of 16 + hours of playtime.

The in-ear headphones are stylish earbuds with short stems, rounded rectangular shapes, and satin finishing. It is based on full touch control, you can listen to music, take calls very easily.

With the help of voice assistant controls, you can use Siri and Google’s assistant with your X-Buds truly wireless earbuds. IPX5 waterproof and can be worn during workouts and training.

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10. Truke Fit 1:

in-ear headphones bluetooth

Truke Fit 1 true wireless earbuds designed to deliver crystal clear sound with true bass on Single Press. The BlueTooth wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 support which is 2-times faster than 4.2.

Moreover advanced wireless Bluetooth technology ensures a steady wireless connection without a dropout. Truke Fit 1 comes with 12 hours of playtime with a 350mAh charging case.

Truke Fit 1 provides Single Press operations to manage calls and music simultaneously. It also had dual digital support form Google Assistants like Siri.

Truke Fit 1 True wireless earbuds are splash-proof so that you can enjoy intense sweating workouts without any hesitation.

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11. Wings PowerPods:

Wings PowerPods

Wings Powerpods touch screen is the only digital display case in the market. You can check the battery power left in the charging case all the time. With the help of touch screen controls, you can change the songs, answer the calls, adjust the volume, etc.

It comes with a whooping power bank function of 2500mAh to charge your mobile while travelling. It supports 50 hours charging time, each earbud plays 5 hours on a single charge. It had an LED light indicator for attraction, voice assistant features too.

It is enabled with an in-built HD mic and stereo calling feature to hear on both earbuds.

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12. Motorola Verve Buds:

Motorola Verve Buds

Motorola verve Buds true wireless in-ear headphones with Bluetooth v5.0 support enables for faster responses. It had a playtime of 9 hours with a 250 mAh battery case.

You can use either earbud as it is built-in with mic for calls. It is enabled with Hubble, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri support for voice assistant commands.

Motorola Verve Buds are compatible with all the devices.

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13. Irusu Bees Touch Sensor:

Irusu Bees Touch Sensor

Irusu Bees Touch sensor True wireless earbuds come with superior sound quality. Bluetooth V5.0 gives you high-quality sound for listening and conversations.

It is a portable charger case, you can recharge whenever you want. Playtime up to 8 hrs and charging case for 20 hours.

This device is IPX6 water-resistant and no need to worry during workouts. It’s sleek and neat design makes you focus on listening to music and calls apart from the dirt or sweat.

It is touch control and you can handle the devices with your voice commands like Siri. It is very easy to adjust the volume, change song tracks, etc.

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14. CROSSBEATS Pebble 2020:

CROSSBEATS Pebble 2020

CROSSBEATS pebble 2020 in-ear earbuds designed for folks, you can easily turn your heads the way you want. It comes with a unique tan-coloured leather sling tag that can carry your earbuds more convenient. There is a copper-coloured finishing on the calls button to give a stylish appeal.

Enhanced bass in the headphones will deliver so real that makes every track a better experience. They are 2020 noise cancellation earbuds giving the user a great listening and awesome experience.

With the help of type C fast-charging system, your device gets charged in less than 60 minutes. It comes with dual microphone support so that your audio calls will be real as live. It is a super entertained device wherever you go. It is a secure fit and designed for all types of users.

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15. Wings Touch Earbuds:

Wings Touch Earbuds

Wings Touch Earbuds is a touch sensor control where you can change the volume, answer calls, songs with just a simple touch on the left and right earbuds. It is optimized for 30 hours playtime and each earbud plays for 5 hours.

Wings Touch earbud is Google Assistant and Siri enabled. Easy auto-pairing as both earbuds connect automatically with each other. It is a deep bass with clear vocals.

It had built-in Mic-Stereo calling for both earbuds. It is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

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They are a wide variety of brands competing in the marketplace for their existence. All the products differ in terms of price, features, usage.

As a technology lover, and more curious about the wired and wireless devices. Generally, wired devices are going down with the evolve of wireless. There will be price variations, you need to check and pick the one which matches your requirements.