Options trading has gained high popularity these days for multiple reasons and because of the many benefits. People want to be options traders because they think that it is very easy to earn money from this market, though the real situation is not so easy.

They also believe that analyzing the FX market means looking at the charts and predicting the next movement. But after entering the real market, they quickly realize that the situation is not like looking at the market and assuming the next move.

Why do Forex traders make mistakes?

Forex traders make mistakes and lose money because of lacking sufficient knowledge and experience about the market. Nobody can assume the next movement only by looking at the chart. To understand the upcoming market price, an investor must have the capacity to do research and firm analysis.

Beginners and newbie Forex traders make the most mistakes because they always become overconfident or confused about the trade. Confusion will never allow you to grab or recognize a potential trade.

As a result, the businessmen lose their chances to make profits from businesses. On the other hand, being overconfident makes beginners think that they have become experts. As a consequence, they don’t want to analyze the market and enter the trade randomly to make profits.

When there is a sudden huge bearish movement, they face a massive financial crisis. Therefore, every newbie should be careful about his trading strategies and money management techniques to avoid financial losses.

Let’s see the ten most common reasons for losing trades –

  1. Every trader should stick to a trading strategy to make his progress in a systematic way. A trading strategy will help an investor to set his entry and exit point, position size, and so on. Newbies often advance without any specific trading strategy. As a result, they have lesser chances to win the trades.
  2. Beginners always focus on making profits only. Therefore, they don’t maintain discipline and don’t even analyze the market properly. They only make their decisions based on their emotions. To know more about the professional approach, you can read the premium articles at Saxo markets. Once you know more about professional techniques of trading, you will become a confident trader and lose less money.
  3. Using a bigger position size is the biggest mistake that the traders make. Bigger positions result in huge losses whenever there is a market crash. It can make you more devastated, both emotionally and financially.
  4. Newbies don’t even think about the opening and closing period of a market. They enter the market, buy at the support level, and sell the stocks at the resistance level.
  5. Choosing a time frame is another mistake that Forex traders often make. Professionals always recommend that newbies to choose and trade in a higher time frame because it is less risky than choosing a shorter time frame.
  6. Choosing a big lot size is also a reason for the investors to face the financial crisis. They usually select a bigger trade size in order to make huge profits, but the situation changes when the market moves against their luck.
  7. Fear and overconfidence can ruin a person’s entire trading career. Fear may arise when he faces multiple losses in trades. By contrast, overconfidence arises when he wins a few trades in a row. Fear will prevent you from entering a potential trade, while overconfident will likely put you in a risky position.
  8. Many beginners neglect to set the stop-loss order in their businesses because setting the limit can reduce the possibility to make more money in a single trade. If an investor can predetermine the value, he can easily bypass the financial losses that result from the market crash.


These are the primary reasons for Forex traders to lose money during the currency exchange business. By trying to avoid these mistakes, an FX investor can overcome the financial losses incurred in trading.