With the advert in technology, online applications for Indian railways jobs have cut across the traditional applications for jobs in railways.

Apart from the other government jobs in different sectors (civil services, banking sector, defense, navy, teaching, etc.), Indian railways definitely take a large piece of the pie. Online applications, vacancies, admit card, exam centers, etc. are the various aspects of the railway exam notifications, which have attracted front-page headlines of various news/media websites.  

RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) Group D exams are all set to be conducted from 17th September. This year, RRB Group D has officially declared 62,907 vacancies. It’s a golden opportunity to make your career in one of the largest employment sectors in the world.

Being a job aspirant, you’ve been grinding for months to get through the RRB Group D exams.  

In this game of cat and mouse, it’s important to keep your hard-earned, malleable talents focused and stay ahead in the race.

You may have perfectly studied as per your study plan, but you feel like you need to put some more efforts.

That said, here are some of the tips culled from the industry experts to easily crack the railway exams:

1   Be a digital pest on the Indian Railways official website

It’s super-important to visit official railways exam frequently to get the latest updates/important notifications related to exams.

2   Secret sauce – Time Management

If you don’t want to become like a majority of the people who fail to achieve their goals, then you need to figure out good time management system which works for you. You’ve got only 15 days to appear for RRB Group D exam and you have to make the most use of every ounce of your precious little time.

3  Another secret sauce – Speed and Accuracy

One very important thing to note is RRB Group D exam duration is 90 mins and total no of questions are 100. This means the aspirants will get less than a minute to attempt the question.

Another aspect of this exam is that there’s a negative marking for each incorrect answer. 1/3rd of the marks allotted to each question will be deducted to each wrong answer. So, you can’t go about solving random questions which you are not confident of.

This will hamper your score as you will lose maximum marks.

Needless to say, accuracy is the most important factor to consider while attempting the exam.

4  Be decisive

Here’s a rundown of the RRB Group D exam syllabus:

Subjects No of Qs Duration
Mathematics 25 90 mins
General Intelligence & Reasoning 30
General Science 25
General Awareness and Current Affairs 20
Total 100

With multiple iterations of online mock tests, analyze your results and implement different strategies/approaches to solve these tests. Analise the best strategy and stick to it for the final exam. Make a decision, live with it, and move on.

5  Mock those Online Mock Tests

As it is rightly said by Vince Lombardi – American football player and  coach,

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

It’s time to hit a perfect online mock test resource and practice more and more!

Testbook – an Online Test Series for Government Exams, is about to launch a crash course – one stop shop to crack the RRB exam easily. This package would cost only Rs.49, which would be a compilation of best video lectures and ample of full mock tests.

These tests will have meticulous tracking and analysis, which would help you to analyze your strong/weak points and test whether your planned strategy for attempting the exam worked or not. This is very close to the real exam.

6  Expect from ‘Expected’

With the help of the subject matter experts(SMEs), many of the coaching classes/online education portals proved the expected questions for various competitive exams. All you need is find out these study resources and try to solve these papers.

These SMEs compile these expected questions from:

  • The detailed analysis of  RRB ALP question paper (which has the same exam pattern and syllabus as that of Group D exams)
  • Closely studying the expected RRB ALP cut-off and comparing it to the previous year cut-off
  • Analysing other previous RRB question papers

Cross checking that questions asked in RRB ALP exams actually matched the types of questions they predicted in Expected Sample ALP Question Paper.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Stay Motivated and avoid distractions

It’s true that there are tons of things which are waiting for you to get distracted from your goals. It all ultimately depends on you how you weed out those distractions and stay motivated to take a plunge and achieve your goals.

8  Stay healthy

Make a good diet plan and follow it wisely. Don’t rely on large/heavy meals for lunch, which would make you feel sleepy and dull. Instead, have small meals and snack on healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables during the day. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water.

This will keep your mind fresh.

9  Get a good sleep

Sleep being an essential component for the wellness of your body and mind, get 7-8 hours of sleep.

10 Avoid Late Studying

Keep your mind calm. Don’t overdo things. Study during the day and avoid staying up awake till late at night. This can cause anxiety issues.

It’s time for final words!

Don’t learn anything new at the last moment. Revise the shortcut tricks well. Revise from your own notes. Analyse your online mock test results and decide the order of attempt of questions and be firm on your strategy. Never ever experiment with your strategy on the day of the main exam. Don’t try to be the jack of all trades. This simply means that since there’s a negative marking, don’t try to attempt all the questions just for the heck of attempting it. Attempt only those questions which you’re sure of.

Wishing you all the luck!