Staffing agencies match candidates with businesses, helping companies find new employees and helping individuals find jobs. Staffing agencies often help with a number of careers, so no matter what kind of work you plan on doing, a staffing agency is a great option for you. Additionally, most staffing agencies allow you to work in temporary positions or permanent ones. 

However, to work with a staffing agency, you first have to be interviewed by one. Here is a comprehensive list of what you should expect in your staffing agency interview!

What Should You Expect On Your Staffing Agency Interview? 

1. Pointed Interview Questions

Your interview with a staffing agency is not necessarily a job interview. The agency is simply trying to get to know you so they can match you with the right employer. Moreover, the better you do in the initial interview, the more likely they will place you. 

That being said, they will ask pointed questions -like any interview- to learn what your goals are, what you are looking for in a job, and what your past experiences are, among other things. In order to get the best placement possible, you will want to perform well in this interview and be as honest as possible. 

Though the staffing agency interview isn’t a job interview (yet), it is still a formal one. Therefore, you need to dress accordingly, bring your resume, and conduct yourself professionally. 

2. Tests

Many staffing agencies administer tests at the initial interview. They might give typing tests to see your words per minute or give a 10-key test, which measures how fast you are at entering numerical data. Additionally, they may ask for writing samples to ensure spelling and grammar are up to par and you are proficient in customer service.

To prepare for these tests, you can practice typing. However, if you are skilled at typing, grammar, and/or customer service, add these skills to your resume. Many staffing agencies look for these skills, so adding them to your resume will make you stand out as a client. 

3. Judgment

Like any interview, the interviewer is judging whether or not you would be a good candidate. Remember, staffing agencies are trying to match you with employers, so you in effect would represent the kind of talent the agency offers clients. They won’t want to work with someone who comes to the interview dressed sloppily, is in eloquent, or does not possess necessary skills. They are looking for people who will represent them well.

Therefore, you need to dress nicely. Generally, it’s good to wear minimal jewelry and solid colors. Do your hair nicely as well. This interview can open up many job opportunities for you, so make sure you treat it as importantly as you would a job interview. 

4. They Expect Preparation

You need to prepare for your interview, giving it forethought. Believe it or not, but interviewers can tell if someone doesn’t prepare for an interview. Follow these simple tips to showcase to the staffing agency that you came prepared:

    • Ask questions. It’s always good to ask questions in an interview because it showcases the knowledge you have of the position. Moreover, if you’ve never worked for a staffing agency before, you probably have questions about how the process works, what kind of jobs the agency specializes in, benefits packages, and more. Prepare a list of questions to bring to the interview and show the agency that you are serious about working with them. 
    • Fill out paperwork in advance. If the agency needs you to fill out paperwork, do so before the actual interview. Not only will it save the interviewer’s time, but it will also streamline the process. In addition, it also communicates to the agency that you are responsible and ready to be placed in a professional setting. 
    • Bring a resume. Don’t just bring one copy. Bring many! You never know how many you might need. Make sure it has a list of references. 
    • Bring a detailed schedule of your availability. This will further help them to place you in the right position that works for both employer and employee. 
    • Bring identification. Just like with any potential job, they need to verify that you can work in the United States. Therefore, most agencies will want you to bring your passport or two forms of ID. For example, you can bring a driver’s license and your birth certificate. 

If you do these simple things and come to your interview prepared, the staffing agency will no doubt get a great first impression from you!

5. Drug Test

After the interview, the agency may have you take a drug test. If you fail to do so, the agency may not send you to potential employers. 

Most agencies require drug tests because their clients expect the agency to send them qualified, reliable candidates that are legally allowed to work in the United States and do not take illegal drugs. For more information about drug tests, check out your staffing agency’s policy before going on the interview. 

6. Varying Job Opportunities

If you do well on the interview, staffing agencies match you with different companies. Therefore, if you have your heart set on a temporary position, a temp-to-hire, or a permanent position, make sure you clarify exactly what kind of job you are looking for. Moreover, communicate the specific jobs you are looking for. Otherwise, you may get matched with a position you are not interested in. 

7. Follow-Up Interviews

After your initial interview, there will most likely be a few follow-up interviews. These follow-ups will be with specific job opportunities. That being said, don’t expect to be interviewed once with a staffing agency and simply get a job handed to you. If you do well on your staffing agency interview, the agency will send your contact information to prospective employers, where you will have a job interview. 

Make sure to prepare for these interviews as well. It could be helpful to review some specific interview questions that a particular job might ask you. 

Go to Your Interview With Confidence!

Now that you know exactly what to expect in your interview, you can go in with confidence! If you haven’t applied to any staffing agencies, yet, however, don’t despair! There are many qualified staffing agencies out there! 

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