Reading and learning preferences of people have changed drastically over the period of time. The trend of e-books is increasing as more and more people are turning into regular smart phone users. These days, if you have a look at most people searching for books, they opt for e-books so that they can read it on their smartphones and tablets in an easy manner. The internet is full of e-books and with so many options being available; users go through a tough time when they have to select an e-book. Only the best e-books get downloaded while all kinds of sub-standard options are simply ignored. An e-book should be well written. So, you have to use a Plagiarism checker tool for maintain the standards of your work.

Here are some key aspects of writing an e-book which writers should concentrate on.

1. An end to end grammar check prior to publishing

A lot of writers have the perception that grammatical mistakes do not have any impact on the response from readers. This is not factual by any means. Even novice readers do not continue with e-books that have grammatical mistakes so the importance of editing cannot be ignored. Irrespective of how expert and talented you are as a writer, there is every chance that you would make grammatical mistakes while the content is being written. This is where editing comes into play. When the writing work is being done, the content necessarily should go under editing and proofreading.

  • Gone are the days when editing was done manually and writers proofread each line they had written. Technology has overtaken all aspects of our lives and editing content is not an exception by any means. Today, we have high quality editing tools that check the content completely in few minutes. Thus, the need of going through each line manually does not exist in any manner.
  • Proper editing tools work in a simpler manner and no advanced technical knowledge is needed for this purpose. These tools are actually quite fast and save a lot of time for the user. To start with, simply paste the written text in the text box provided and execute the checking process. Irrespective of what the content length is, the written text would be proofread within few minutes.
  • When you are writing an e-book, the purpose is to increase the knowledge of readers. Each e book would have a targeted audience and the contents would be planned according to the related preferences. However, you need to remember that with so many options of e-books available, people only select the finest alternatives available. People accept and reject e-book options after considering several important parameters. The content quality including grammatical issues is one of the key components. You cannot expect serious readers to consider your e-book if it has grammatical mistakes.

2. in-depth research of the topic

Writing an e-book is not a random task by any means if you are planning on meeting the highest quality standards. Do not expect that people would read the book if it comprises of a large page count. Someone interested in reading would give the highest level of priority to quality. If the quality is not up to the mark, he would seek alternatives.

  • Why would a potential reader read your book and ignore all alternatives when it does not put anything new on the table? This is something important which should be considered when you are writing the e-book. To start with, you need to add new subject aspects to the content. If your book offers nothing new related to the topic, it would be hard to create a strong impact and impress the readers.
  • Topic research is something you need to plan well before you think about writing the content. It is impossible to cover an entire topic in one book so set your boundaries as well. For instance, if you are planning to write a book on marketing principles, it would be impossible to cover the entire topic in one e-book. Thus, the first thing you need to work on is setting boundaries. Which aspects of the topic would you cover? What would be the angles explored? These are some of the many questions you should have in your mind. Writing a quality e-book is not about selecting a book randomly and paraphrasing content on it.

3. Content plagiarism is not acceptable

Plagiarism is a serious problem and it can ruin the reputation of an author even before it is built. To start with, if you are copying content and using it in your e-book, you would not have anything new to offer to the readers. This is where the problem starts. Due to copied content, you would not have anything new to offer to the readers. People seek fresh content and new information. They prefer e-books that increase their knowledge. Along with that, submitting plagiarized content would have numerous other disadvantages.

  • When potential readers view that your e-book contains copied content, you would lose reliability as an author. This is long term damage as potential readers would stop trusting your publications. The best way to avoid plagiarism is drafting the content from the start. Other than that, it is advisable to use a plagiarism checker. These software applications scan the written content and identify copied areas. This is much easier than going through each chapter manually.

Summing It Up

Writing an e-book is all about producing top notch original content for targeted readers. Before anything, producing grammatically correct content is absolutely essential. People would now show interest in the written content if it has grammatical issues. With technology providing assistances in every area, you can easily use a grammar checking software and proofread the content in a convenient manner. This is much simpler than manually editing and proofreading each line. It like writing a quality essay for the readers.

Apart from focusing on grammatical mistakes, the depth of content is also important. The content of the e-book should have fresh topic aspects for the readers. In an overall manner, writing an e-book requires the author to pay attention to certain important areas. These include grammatical check, topic research and end to end formatting.