JEE Advanced exams are the second step towards securing a seat in one of the top colleges in the country. Every year the NTA witnesses lakhs of students working meticulously to secure a seat in these top colleges.

The competition is sky high allowing only a few blessed ones to obtain a seat in those prestigious colleges. Being consistent, confident and hard work are the only factors that will help you to crack this exam. In this article, we shall elaborate on various important points related to JEE Advanced 2020   

Apply for JEE Advanced 

Students should take up JEE Mains. Only those who have qualified in JEE Mains are eligible for applying for JEE Advanced. Keep an eye out for important dates, syllabus and eligibility criteria required. To know all the accurate details about JEE Advanced 2020 Vedantu is one of the most reliable online platforms.

Along with information on this exam, it also provides study materials, mock tests, accurate syllabus and crash courses to help students prepare well for the competition. 

JEE Exam made completely online

According to the recent rules, the JEE advanced do not have provision for offline mode anymore. All the interested qualified candidates have to sit for the online examination.

It has been even officially announced by the IIT-Madras director and JAB chairman Bhaskar Ramamurthi who gave a public statement regarding the same.

Making the exam online mode is very beneficial because as a student goes to higher classes most of the competitive exams are conducted in online mode.

Zero Printing Errors

Printing mistakes can create a lot of confusion when it comes to evaluating the paper and awarding the mistakes. Also, the same might happen when the students are marking their answers. Therefore opting for online examination will eradicate all the chances of printing mistakes.

There have been numerous instances where the authority have been forced to award marks to students due to printing errors. All these can be avoided when the exam is conducted in an online mode. 

No chance of Paper Leakage

Online exam mode offers the maximum level of transparency in the exam conduction process. As the papers are also sent online, there is no chance of any kinds of leakage. Maximum security can be granted for the paper.

This ensures there is no cheating and the students who have worked the hardest perform the best without any kind of cheating. 

Complete accuracy

The advantage of online exam mode is also the accuracy in the evaluation of a candidate’s performance. Humans tend to make mistakes. However, the chances are less when the correction is also made online. This ensures that there is maximum accuracy when it comes to evaluating a student’s performance. 

Changing of the Answer

Competitive exams papers are meant to be tricky. The talent lies identifying the correct answer amongst the given options. The options also tend to be confusing at times. Only with repeated practise and consistent studies can a student perform with confidence in these exams.

However, in offline mode, a student cannot change his answer once it is marked. This is changed in the online mode. Students have the option to change their answer as per their wish. This is very helpful as a student can come back to a question to solve it again for better answer accuracy and change it if necessary. 

Availability of Online Mock test

This is one of the most thoughtful moves from the exam authorities. To ensure the students do not feel uncomfortable or feel alienated in the exam hall, ample mock tests are provided. This ensures students are feeling more confident and at ease when they are taking up the actual examination. 

Change in Question Pattern

With the evolving mode of exam conduction, there is bound to be a change in the type of questions that would be asked in the exam. The question in the exam is expected to be curated more scientifically. An average level of difficulty will be kept in mind before setting up the paper.

With the new evolution system, the questions can be expected to be more concept-oriented. This gives the student an opportunity to actually understand the concepts and learn accordingly. The students will not have to memorize unnecessary information and burden themselves in mugging up the information. 

Taking up the JEE advanced is a matter of absolute pride. This is because all students who take up JEE Main do not qualify for JEE Advanced. Cracking the same to secure a seat in one of the top colleges of the country is an opportunity that most students dream of.

With constant hard work and consistent efforts cracking JEE Advanced would not be an unachievable dream.