Project management has become a crucial entity for the industrial world. Especially the tech industry today leads as the number one user of project management. That is because of the complex tasks they undertake, such as developing a PC or coding software. Hence, there should be some project managers who can take care of it efficiently. Due to the complexities involved in projects, these project managers command a high range of salaries. 

The best part, you don’t have to have a degree for starting a career as a project manager. All you need is a certificate of project management.

There are a plethora of methods to earn the project management certificate, out of which CAPM certification is considered as one of the best ways. You can crack through this certification even if you are a total beginner. 

Who can do CAPM certification?

Although you don’t need a degree for mastering a CAPM certificate, there are a few (meager) prerequisites as outlined by the Project Management Institute (PMI):

The Certified Associate in Project Management certification is available for any individual who is interested in shaping up their career in Project Management. The CAPM is intended directly for the professionals who most likely have less experience in the project management but are interested in expanding their skill set to take a managerial role in companies.

Eligibility criteria

An individual need an educational qualification of an undergraduate or secondary degree, which is an associate degree or high school diploma. 

How can CAPM training help you get a steep hike?

The best way to understand whether getting CAPM certifications helps in securing higher salary hike in the job is by knowing the perks it renders. Fortunately, there are many benefits that CAPM certification gives you apart from helping you get a steep hike. Here are some of the salient benefits that procure from CAPM training:

CAPM training renders a steep hike in salary

It is practically proven that individuals with CAPM certifications will receive at least a 25% hike in their wages each year. Though the salary depends on several other aspects such as job role, responsibilities, and location of the company, the CAPM certification still acts as an advantage for any resume. It is not a surprise if a CAPM certified candidate demands more hike than the non-certified employees. Also, most companies prefer having CAPM certified professionals over non-certified ones. That is because of the comprehensive expertise that CAPM professionals possess is very vital to any organization. 

CAPM training puts you in high pay scale category

Many researches have shown, project management jobs as some of the best paying jobs. Typically, project managers earn $90000 to $150,000 per annum. And on an average yearly salary of CAPM certified candidates stands out to be $92000. If the candidate works in top MNCs of the world, then their average pay goes up to $100000 per annum. Doesn’t that sound astounding?

Global job opportunities, means, possibility to work in better projects

One of the excellent chances of getting a steep hike in your salary after CAPM training is convenient to work in global organizations. CAPM training makes it capable of being employed anywhere in the world. It provides you with options to travel around the world and work in more and more better projects. Also, management in some of the companies may be interested in transferring CAPM certified professionals to their international centers, if they feel it is essential for the projects down under.

Apart from a hike in the salary, how does CAPM training help in career?

CAPM training plays a vital role in shaping up your career. Here is a quick note on how it impacts in it:

  • It ensures faster growth as PMIs provide Global CAPM certifications.
  • CAPM certification permits you to become a professional project manager that builds recognition for you.
  • It lets you manage your projects effectively and efficiently, i.e.; you don’t have to hire or depend on any third parties.
  • The amount of time you spend in project management is directly proportional to the amount of profit you get.

Why is CAPM certification valued above other Project management certifications?

You are very well aware of the fact that PMI CAPM certification is considered the best in the world today. That is because of the following skill set that offers to the candidates:

  • Provides skills for beginning a project successfully
  • Supervising, implementing, commanding, and completing the project
  • Preparing for the project and proficiently planning it
  • Ensuring a high-quality result at each stage of the project
  • Proper cost estimation of the project
  • Error-free quality assurance
  • Foreseeing and keeping a prudent plan for uncertainties during the project
  • Leading team from the front, hiring staff and effectively managing the teams to complete a project without a hassle

It’s known that CAPM training is the only course in the project management that offers in-depth knowledge in the areas like time and cost management, scope management, human resource management, procurement management, quality and integration management, stakeholder management, etc. That is too much knowledge for a professional. Isn’t it? That is why the CAPM training gets you a steep hike that other professionals can only dream of in their career.

This comprehensive knowledge acquired in CAPM training aids in securing excellent competency in project management. The significant incentives that CAPM certification cardinally provides are the high paying jobs, professional recognition in the global market, and enormous growth in the career. 


Project management has become one of the well-organized and established areas. Also, the enhanced technicalities in the job, along with increased responsibilities in the project management, make the position of a manager very flexible. That creates a much higher demand for the CAPM certification. If you are looking to grow your career big and have no degree in hand, then don’t worry, CAPM is here to take you to a higher level – both role wise as well as salary concerns.