Whether you own a physical store or have an eCommerce business. At some stage, you have to promote your products and services. It is essential to draw the audience to your platform for the growth of your business. 

When we talk about promotions, digital marketing plays a crucial role. These days most of the world population has access to high-speed internet. They are having access to digital gadgets.

You can easily reach them through both iOS and Android push notifications, you can go for SMS, emails, social media advertising, etc.

The idea is to reach effectively to the audience around the world. To make it easier for you, here are some of the effective ways to promote products and services.

Push notifications:

When it comes to reaching instantly to the audience around the world, there is no match to push notifications. Push notifications like Android push notification, iOS push notifications, etc gives you an ability to reach your potential customer with just a single click from your device. 

When it comes to effectiveness, there is no match to the push notifications. Their ability to carry rich media in the form of images, graphics, gifs, emojis, video, etc increases the chances of action. The thing is, rich media creates an eye-catchy effect and motivates the audience to take an immediate step.

Moreover, they are automated and can be timed. This means you need not get involved in a hectic schedule. Push notifications will glow the screens of your user’s device on a timely basis. You only need to select the users that you want to send these notifications.

Social media marketing:

According to “Datareportal”, currently there are more than 3.96 billion active social media users in the world. Among them, more than 3.91 billion are accessing various social media apps through their smartphones.

This means social media provides a huge opportunity to target potential audiences. Moreover, the policies and pricing of social media advertising are flexible. It doesn’t matter you are a small-scale business owner or a medium-scale business owner, you can advertise as per your budget.

Even some of the bigger social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc provides you with flexible budget plans. You can easily advertise on these platforms whenever you want. It will help you to earn free advocacy from users. Sharing, tagging, posting, is becoming popular day by day.

These are effective as most of the audience spends a lot of time on various social media platforms. This time is not only spent on interaction but in surfing too. This means while searching, the chances are high that you will be visible enough to get a response.

Email marketing:

Although email marketing is less in use these days. When it comes to a behavioural or personal approach, there is no match to email marketing. Email provides you with an easy and direct approach to your customers around the world.

It is one of the effective techniques to regularly update your potential customers about the latest products and services. It also provides you with an opportunity to inform your potential customers about discounts and sales on your products and services.

In simple words, it gives you an opportunity to establish direct and effective communication with your audience. It will not only draw customers to your platform but also get conversions for you.

Moreover, email provides you with opportunity to share detailed information about your product and services with your customers.

Go for a featured video:

When it comes to promotions, video plays a crucial role. It is one of the effective marketing strategies that carry the ability to influence the audience.

The thing is, most people are busy with their daily tasks. So they have very little time in reading detailed product information. So they skip reading and make judgments of your product and services on the basis of the image that you have attached. Some people simply make the judgment on the basis of the first few lines.

When it comes to video marketing, things changed a lot. Video provides your users with an easy opportunity to digest the information that you want to share with them. Most above all it provides you with an opportunity to magnify crucial features. You can cover all that you want to share in a short video.

This will let you target your customers in an effective manner. They will be motivated to go for a purchase.

Exclusive preview:

When it comes to promoting products and services, your loyal customers can do a job for you. The thing is, your loyal customers can act as free advocates. They can effectively earn you free advocacy, without asking them to do so. 

What only you need to do, is to invite them to the in-person or virtual launch party. You have to give them an online tour, preview, or demo.

You can also go with a special invitation for your loyal customers to test your products and services and give feedback. These exclusive offers will let your customers know how much you value them and how hard you are trying to retain their loyalty.


When it comes to promotions there are a lot of things that are required to be considered. You have to focus on attracting customers. You have to pay attention to the demand of the market. You need to consider the needs of your customers. Most above all you have to work effectively on your strategies.

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Wonderpush provides you an opportunity to promote your products and services effectively. It provides you with push notifications to target your potential audience.