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We are no new to Digital Marketing, which is an essential tool for a business to mark its presence worldwide. Marketing has evolved over time where different types of advertising ways have approached different audience types bringing the best for them.

Mediums like blog posts, social media profiles, articles, news are not enough anymore to outreach the masses where they all expect something new and entertaining every day. Its was when marketers realized the need for videos wherein 2016, nearly 61% of businesses (including startups) were involved in video marketing and started using it as one of the robust marketing tools.

Yes, video promotion initiated years back and is still trending due to its amazing end-results. Now let me give you some rational and realistic reasons to prove that visual advertising is beneficial for all business types and is worth investment.

“Video is the cornerstone of Human Connection.”

There are some scientific facts that prove video/visual marketing is one of the dominant promotional types and can bring good results to the business. 

Come On, Let’s Analyze and Relate!

  • Most of the information transmitted to the brain is through visual means (approx. 90%).
  • Human Brain can process visual data 60,000 times quicker and faster than the text.
  • Vision has the upper hand over other sense organs as our eyes can absorb great volumes of content, especially video content that can be retained for long.
  • Humans are visual learners.65% of the population is inclined towards visual learning
  • Visual branding is the first impression a consumer can ever have of your brand.
  • Information presented in an interactive, colourful, and a quick way can reduce the friction to engage with the target audience.
  • Video content can be visually arresting and can hit the brain at all the right places.
  • Companies (small, medium or big) who opt video advertising are more likely to attract people and derive organic traffic.
  • Visual data can hook an individual for longer minutes than any paper post or digital content.
  • The videos allow you to share tons of information in a short time.


So what do you think now? I don’t think that any marketer can afford to miss the chance to grow his business without involving video marketing tactics in his digital marketing strategies.

Video Marketing and How to flow with it?

A Picture says a thousand words and a Video tells a descriptive story..!!!

Video Marketing clears the meaning by itself. It is merely a marketing strategy that uses visual means to reach, engage, educate, and aware the target audience in a much more entertaining way. Undoubtedly today, video is the first mode of consuming online content.

video marketing


We all practically agree that we would rather watch a small introductory video about a product than reading a manual about it. Videos deliver your message uniquely and effectively, which is the need of the hour for all the businesses to stand out.

Digital Marketing is all about progressing business digitally, covering both online and offline audience to possess visibility and acquire a huge and strong customer base. Today, with the running wave of video promotion, one can easily find a video editing company where the video production specialists can help you create visually striking and purposeful videos to showcase your brand the way you want.   

video marketing

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 There are numerous formats and budgetary options to work with using video marketing; here are a few:

  • GIFs.
  • Animations.
  • Web demos.
  • Live footage/live streams.
  • Augmented/virtual reality.
  • On-location shoots.
  • Corporate testimonials.
  • Webinars.

How does Video Marketing Goals align with the Digital Marketing objectives?

Any business, let it be online or offline, has an aim to reach its goal as per its planning.

Your video serves a broader objective, whether it is to be shown at your workplace or to be posted on your brand’s social media account. But, even before the production can begin it becomes inevitable to define a specific video’s main purpose, although it’s main goal is to define a brand’s vision and increase its revenue by cutting costs, but we need to make sure that a specific video is contributing towards a specific goal.

This will help in gathering the necessary information to track and determine what your audience seeks and will help you to create  informative and valuable Video content.

Now, take a rundown at the Video Marketing Objectives:

#1. Build a Strong Business Identity

The first impression is the last one, and this is where short and descriptive videos can tell your whole story in a few eyes blinks. Brand logos, colour contrast, themes, etc. matter a lot and creates a larger picture of what your brand is all about. 

To make a visual presence, your brand must possess meaningful and interactive videos, active across all online channels to proceed with a strong identity and to stay in the competition.

#2.  Social Media Shareability

The more visibility, the more is the shareability. Well-optimized video content having adequate relevancy and a purpose is more likely to get likes and shares over the social media channels.

“Videos are shared 12 times more than the text posts.” 

It’s undeniable that if something doesn’t get shared, it hardly exists. Thus, videos being short, informative, and quick, have a great tendency to work well over fixing a significant social base of your business.

#3. Improve Engagement and Conversion Rates

A video is a feasible method to interact with the people in a more personal way, which more or less increases the chances of your engagement of masses with your brand. In 2018, the percentile of people engaging with a brand after watching its effective video was 53%, which is a good count though. 

Ultimately, when you connect you serve, you serve well, you build trust, and when you build trust, your visitors end up becoming your valuable customers. This is how video marketing helps you to achieve success, thereby enhancing your overall digital marketing efforts.

#4. High Search Engine Visibility

As we already know that the videos are more liked by individuals than the written content, it certainly ensures that well-optimized video content would give you twice the opportunity to rank high and quick on the search engines.

Keyword optimized videos have a huge possibility to get viral on the second largest search engine, i.e. YouTube, to attract even those who would never have found you otherwise.

#5. Lead Generation, Revenue Acceleration

Yes , everything we create today has a motive to derive sales and revenue by making visitors turn into leads, and then finally into happy customers. Videos, images, GIFs and other interactive forms play well with a human’s conscious which paper information cannot do.

Thus, videos act as a powerful tool which helps you serve the real motive of marketing, fulfilling the business demands of revenue generation and global visibility within a short time interval when compared with others.

Final Consideration

Video marketing has become a more widespread and affordable type of marketing and that’s mostly due to the fact that it is easy to share and it spreads like an epidemic plague around the world, “Nuff” said. 

Being creative in your video advertising can help you shift masses towards your sales funnel and will enhance your online appeal.

So, ride the wave and give it a try!! 

Author’s bio:

Chehak Wadhwa is a Creative Head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ Years of Experience in Designing & Animation. She has produced 500+ Videos with her team including some of the well-known brands in the market like UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar, etc.