According a survey, 90% of online shoppers think that watching videos help in making a decision. They have a hard time deciding what to buy, but things have become clearer for them after they have watched a video.

This is such a huge number. If you don’t have a video, it will be difficult for you to convince potential clients to patronize your products and services. This is a number that you don’t want to waste.

Furthermore, there are a lot of companies selling their products online. You want to find a way to stand out or at least explain your company better. If you only have articles or images being put up, you will bore your target audience.

This is true especially if you are targeting younger people. They are too busy or lazy reading long articles. They would rather just click the play button on the video and start watching.

The key is to create something interesting that will really hold their attention. Find a video that won’t bore them. Use 3D animation if you really want them to watch until the end.

You should simplify things as well. They want to know your company more within just a few minutes. Don’t create really long videos since they won’t be interested watching those videos.

If you want to find out more about videos and how effective they are in helping you create your brand, check the infographic below. You will realize that it is time to get started in making videos now.

Using Video To Get Your Brand's Message To More Users