Well, in order to boost user engagement and build relationships with the people we use social media platform as the best source. Twitter serves as the great marketing and promotional platform for many professional bloggers and companies.

Twitter as the leading social platform helps to build strong followers base to become long term subscribers and customers.

Unlike Facebook, twitter helps to reach your product or service to many unknown people at an instance. With twitter you can gain mass followers either manually or by using the free twitter unfollow apps.

With twitter successful promotion of your products, you need to unfollow people on the twitter who are not following back or using the fake or inactive accounts.

What is the reason to unfollow unfollowers on Twitter?

Unfollowing on the Twitter is the most necessary task when you are specific purpose. Here are some ethical reasons to unfollow unfollowers on the Twitter.

They are:

  • Unfollowing the unfollowers on the Twitter will help you to connect with more users.Because twitter allows only 2000 followers. If you won’t unfollow unfollowers you might be missing some valuable twitter users.
  • Unfollowing the people on twitter will help you to lessen the clutter of your RSS feed.
  • Unfollowing people not related or compatible with your business, will make your time very wise, so that you can easily concentrate on other customers.

Here I am going to discuss with you the free twitter unfollow tools to automatically unfollow non followers.

This amazing free twitter unfollow apps are desired with best features and you can learn how to do the following things to unfollow unfollowers.

  • With the help of free twitter unfollow apps you can easily unfollow the inactive users on Twitter.
  • You can unfollow the mass people at a time.
  • You can unfollow everyone with one exception for those who are following.
  • You can automatically unfollow unfollowers on your Twitter.

5. Free twitter unfollow tools to unfollow non followers.

1. Circleboom.com: Free twitter unfollow tools

Circleboom is an social media account management web application which focuses on the Twitter account management.

With the circleboom you can grow and strengthen your twitter accounts. It comes with the set of tools including follow tools, unfollow tools, RSS feeds, Scheduled post module and in depth analytics etc.

As it is compatible with mobile design, follow and unfollow tasks are done very easily and handy.

Circleboom as the free twitter tools supports 4 modules.

  • 1. Smart Tweet Module:

With the smart tweet module you can connect your co bloggers and website RSS feed to Twitter accounts. You can easily schedule your tweets also.

  • 2. Follow Module: Follow module will help you to find out new followers based on your tags, tastes and other filters. You can find tweets for the topics you are interested.
  • 3. Unfollow Module: Unfollow module helps to understand the fake accounts, fake users, inactive accounts. It also helps you to show the accounts who are not following you back.
  • 4. Analytics Module: With the analytics module you can find out the analytics of your account.

2. ManageFlitter:

ManageFlitter is a very reputed and amazing tool and featured as the best among of the top twitter unfollow apps. It is also featured as the top social media blogs like buffer.

With the help of manageflitter unique features you can easily unfollow the most inactive twitter profiles from your account. You can concentrate more on the twitter news feed.

One of the exciting and cool feature is that you can easily get through the number of your twitter followers.

By placing the @ before the account you followed, resembles the position number for your following the account.

It also supports many other visual and cool features when you logged in.

3. SocialBro: Free twitter unfollow tool:

SocialBro stands as the one of the amazing and free twitter unfollow tools to unfollow non followers.

It also stands as the most powerful twitter tool which you need to keep in your social media inbox.

It helps to unfollow the massive twitter users besides other functions such as :

You can get powerful audience insights about your following stats.
You can easily analyze your competitor accounts, track the progress also.
It helps to collaborate with team mates to access specific twitter accounts.
The twitter unfollow tool of SocialBro is a very special tool with powerful interface.

You need to login to the SocialBro account, go to dashboard, then click on community option to see all the users and unfollowers or people not following back.

4. Tweepi:

If you want to make your Twitter account clean and engaged. The tweepi free twitter tool will help you a lot unfollow non followers.

It helps thousands of twitter users to unfollow inactive unfollowers.

It displays the twitter users who are not following back very fast. Tweepi also supports the premium feature as well. But free plan is considered to be enough for unfollow people.

5. Crowdfire:

With crowdfire you can discover and schedule your content. You can manage all your social accounts at one place.

Crowdfire is also known as just unfollowers. It is the free twitter management app to unfollow. With this tool you can easily get rid of the accounts who are not following you. You can keep your account very clean. Teh crowdfire supports the free Android and iOS apps to keep your twitter profiles clean.

In the free version of using this twitter unfollow tool you can unfollow 25 people at a time. It is time consuming process. If you want to unfollow multiple users who are following back you need to go for the premium version.


It’s really a good idea to use any these free twitter unfollow apps to keep your Twitter interface neat and clean.

Moreover unfollowing unfollowers will keep your twitter account more engaged and free from spammy. If you want to be very successful at your business you need to follow the accounts that adds great value.

Well, if you find any other free twitter unfollow tools you can pin me in the comments section.