If you are using Twitter, then you should use Twitter hashtags. These make your conversations and posts easy to search and find on the platform. The use of hashtags is one of the highest-rated social media marketing tactics since they help users get maximum exposure for their account or brand. 

Why Do You Need Twitter Hashtags?

According to Twitter, tweets that are enriched with the right hashtags increase engagement by almost 50% for brands and 100% for individual users. This means more clicks, but also more replies, retweets, and favourites. 

When you add a hashtag to a post, Twitter indexes it and makes it discoverable and searchable by others. When a person clicks on any hashtag, Twitter will lead them to a page that has all posts that have used the same hashtag. Now, some of the hashtags that are being used pick up bigger momentum than others. Those are the ones that are trending. 

What does this mean for you?

Twitter is one of the top 5 social media sites in the United States alone, which means that when you create a post there, it is just one into a sea of many tweets. If you want it to stand out, you need hashtags. 

However, too many of the use of wrong hashtags has a similar effect to none at all – your message will lose all value. According to René Johnson, an assignment writing expert, three things determine the success of your use of hashtags: ‘’You need to know where to use them, in what quantity, and most importantly – which ones to use.’’ – she says.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find the Twitter trending hashtags to use on your profile. But first, let’s determine where you need to place them.

How, When and Where to Use Hashtags on Twitter

The right use of Twitter hashtags is when you’re referring to a topic. You can use hashtags for places and events, themes, items or things, industry terms, and verbs. Right now, some of the trending hashtags include those for Twitter Chats like #SEMRushChat or #QChat. 

When it comes to using the ones you have chosen, there are a couple of general rules you should know about:

  • Use a limited number of hashtags per Tweet. Twitter recommends one or two. 
  • Don’t include punctuation in your hashtags.
  • Don’t leave spaces in a hashtag.

How to Find Twitter Trending Hashtags

Now that we’ve gone through the basics about using hashtags, it’s time to introduce the best tools that will allow you to discover the Twitter trending hashtags to use in your posts.

Twitter Native

In this article, you’ll discover that many excellent tools will help you narrow down the choices, but in any case, Twitter should be your first destination when you do this. Robert Terrence, an assignment help expert and social media marketer, says that ‘Twitter is the most obvious and most basic place to look for when you want to find trending hashtags. No tool could provide you with more accurate information, though you should utilize other tools for best results.’’ 

The downside to using this source is that you’ll only get a peek of the top trending hashtags and topics. If you want to widen your search, you still need to use a different application. There’s one trick that could help you a bit with this – use the Twitter mobile app since it provides you with a couple more Twitter trending hashtags compared to the desktop version.

When you open the app, go to the left-hand sidebar right after your profile and search for the list called Top 10 Trends. These are automatically based on your searches and your location, but you can click on change if you want to change the location.


Trendsmap is one of the best tools created for exactly this purpose – to come up with the latest Twitter trends on a worldwide level. You’ll get access to a map filled with words and hashtags that you can click on. When you do, you’ll get results for the specific location that you’ve chosen. It’s a navigational tool that helps people discover which hashtags are trending in which area.

This is extremely useful since the popularity of hashtags can vary greatly in different areas. Depending on your target audience and your personal or brand’s goals, this is a neat and handy finder. 


Hashtagify is one of the widest used, most effective tools for finding popular hashtags. It provides users with custom suggestions and helps them find the competition and influencers in the niche. It works rather differently than the previous option. 

To use it, you need to insert a hashtag you’re considering for your Twitter post. Ideally, you should utilize tools like Twitter and Trendsmap first to come up with some ideas, and then insert those ideas to check them here. 

Once you do, you’ll instantly get results in the form of percentage for popularity, recent popularity, weekly and monthly trend. To make things even better, this tool provides you with additional, alternative hashtags that are similar to the ones you’ve inserted. Finally, Hashtagify will tell you who are the top influencers related to the hashtag you chose. 


RiteTag is a brilliant source of trending Twitter hashtags. To use this tool, you need to enter a term you have in mind. RiteTag will then provide you with two lists – one for instant trending and one for long-term trending. 

The first will feature green hashtags that are currently popular. The latter will feature blue hashtags that are continuously trending and generally popular. And lastly, there’ll be a separate list of hashtags that I find to be useful – the one with hashtags that you should not use. 

In addition to this, RiteTag provides a map of statistics and connections regarding the hashtags you select. This will give you a complete image for each option you choose there. 


SproutSocial is a less popular tool, but a truly useful one nonetheless. If you’re looking to analyze hashtags for a brand, this is an excellent source of useful information. They have a Trends Report that will analyze your incoming messages and tell you which hashtags to use with your brand. 

This should help you maintain quality conversations and relationships with your existing followers, but you still need to use other tools to discover the trending hashtags that would help you attract new followers. 


#TagDef refers to hashtag definition. This is a website that lists all popular hashtags by time frame. You’ll find lists about current trends in Twitter hashtags, weekly trends, and all-time-favourite hashtags. It is more of a generalized list of hashtags, but it is useful to marketers who want to get familiar with a field or topic before they create Twitter content. 

Creating Your Hashtag

The Twitter trending hashtags have all been created by someone. Therefore, one of the best tips you can get is to experiment with hashtags and try to make your own, popular hashtag. This is especially useful if you are working with a new personal or business brand.

A unique hashtag that refers to your brand or your message is an excellent branding tool and will help you stand out in the Twitter crowds. 

It doesn’t even have to be one hashtag. For example, Nike has its popular #JustDoIt hashtag that we all recognize immediately. But, they also create hashtags for their campaigns such as the #Breaking2 hashtag they’ve created when they tried to break the two-hour barrier for running a full marathon.

The result of this hashtag was the usage of over 400 thousand times and over 2 trillion impressions on various social media channels. 

So, how can you create your hashtag? Here are some tips that will help you with this:

  • Make sure that your hashtag is unique and isn’t used before. Check Twitter thoroughly to ensure that it’s your unique idea. 
  • Make it short, memorable, and snappy. Long hashtags have higher chances of being mistyped and aren’t effective. Up to three or four words is perfectly acceptable. 
  • Use capital letters to make the hashtag more readable. The great thing about hashtags on Twitter is that they aren’t case sensitive, so even if others use it without capital letters, it will still be your hashtag.

Wrapping Up

The trends surrounding hashtags constantly change, but one thing is for sure – they are here to stay. Hashtags are used on almost every social media platforms and their number grows with every minute. By using relevant, trending hashtags on your Tweets, you can boost your brand’s awareness and reach new audiences. 

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