Internet marketing professionals quest for some metrics in order to provide an optimized AdWords campaign. The metrics include the CTR(Click Through Rate) and the PPC(PayPerClick). The CTR is used to measure the good metrics because it is the percentage of the visitors clicking your ad or product after viewing it.

Especially these it doesn’t matter how well you perform audit function on your campaigns and data. Even it does not find best in optimizing the data. There lies a truth which you are missing always and all the time. For example, take an account and just glance the information displayed about it over the screen. It is very easy to puzzle anyone.

Here is a quick question?

That is what one can do to iron out the imperfections in your PPC campaigns.

The answer is in your thoughts ie AdWords campaign audit. It is about digging into your PPC account and checking out the areas with imperfection and rectify them to get an accurate result. In order to sustain an optimum performance on your PPC campaigns, many experts suggest the periodic audit functions on the campaigns in order to catch up the small issues which low down your business.

If the issues remained checked that small may turn into big and severe issues which affect your PPC campaigns as a whole.

When to do the PPC campaign audit?

IS there any specific time to perform the audit?

Yes, of course.

The best and perfect time to do or perform the audit is when the performance of the campaign goes slow or totally down. However, the periodic audits of the campaigns help to boost the performances of the campaign as you can check them regularly. The audit is the performance optimization step and is the core part of the management process.

Because after auditing only you can do necessary based on your PPC campaigns audit results.

Well, if you want to perform the PPC audit then you need to know which areas to be focused to do the audit.

You need to check the key performance indicators which drive you to good output.

Key Performance Indicators(KPI)

The Key Performance Indicators are the set of business goals such as leads, revenue and conversion are the indicators to know whether the client is able to get high throughput or lose without achieving any goals. However, all the paid PPC audits checks whether the campaign is focusing on the right metrics or not. While evaluating the metrics you need to consult with the client on the key performance indicators.

Check with the Data Relevance:

Well, simply by looking at the one-month conversion data and implementing the changes doesn’t find you good rights and it’s not a perfect strategy to implement. If you try to do changes based on the month conversion it might sometimes worsen the performance too. So it is the reason many of the top or expert audits analyze the data in a long run and then according do changes. At Least 3 months of data is required to find out the issues or deficiencies. But sometimes it also does not require a year to diagnose the performance issues.

Check with Campaign settings:

Most of the campaign managers failed to check the campaign settings which they do while creating or in the initial step of account creation. Mostly the many issues hide under it. The problem is that the search option and display networks are clubbed together under one campaign. Next, you need to check with the following parameters.

  • Device Bid Modifiers
  • Ad Delivery Method
  • Ad Rotation
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Location and Language targeting

You need to check all the settings thoroughly so as to optimize your PPC account. Mostly all the PPC campaign audits focus on the above mentioned 3 areas only. There are some comprehensive audits focus on multiple areas as well.