A good cover letter can be the difference that lands you an interview. Learn about the components of a strong stellar digital marketing cover letter.

In case you haven’t noticed… digital marketing is kind of a big deal.

As the popularity of social media continues to soar, more and more companies will seek out digital marketing firms to handle their advertising budgets. This influx of business means marketing firms will need more employees as we look into the bright future of digital marketing.

And that’s where you, the creative and technologically inclined job seeker, come in. It’s your job to impress the HR reps for these marketing companies and land your dream digital marketing job. 

And that dream starts with a cover letter. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to create a stellar digital marketing cover letter. 

Talk the Talk

It’s important to recognize that digital marketing companies have their own lingo. Learn this lingo and build it into your job application letter to show them that you’ll make a great fit in their organization.

How do you learn a company’s lingo? Check out their website. You can tell pretty quickly the corporate vibe after reviewing just a few pages on their website. 

If the company uses words like “unique”, “creative”, and “amazing” to describe themselves, feel free to use similar words in your cover letter. Another great place to look is in the wording of the job listing itself.

Don’t be afraid to write your cover letter in the same tone as the job listing. If the job listing is light and funny, add some light and funny into your letter. Nobody ever said that a cover letter has to be boring and businesslike.

But a quick word of warning: don’t overdo this. You don’t want your letter to feel forced or fake. 

Show Them How You Walk the Walk

Your cover letter should showcase how you are the perfect fit for the job. Instead of focusing on your individual strengths, focus on the strengths that the employer is looking for. And how you embody those strengths. 

Show them that you’ve done your research on the company. And that you’ve read the job listing fully. Explain why you want the job and get specific, pointing to the requirements of the job listing. 

Then give them specific examples of what you currently do and how your skills will fit into the job. Use your personality to show them that you’ll be a good fit for company culture. End by summarizing exactly why they should choose you.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Job searching has never been easier. We have all these resources right at our fingertips. And you can use the ideas of others to craft a cover letter that’s perfect for you. 

Obviously, we aren’t suggesting that you steal people’s ideas. But run a few internet searches for digital marketing cover letters. Read through those samples and jot down the parts that speak most to you.

Use these ideas as a springboard for your own cover letter. Take the basic concepts and insert your own, unique personality. And always personalize the letter specifically for each job you apply for. 

The Perfect Stellar Digital Marketing Cover Letter

Creating a stellar digital marketing cover letter is all about researching the tone of the company you’re applying for. Then weaving that tone into your personal style. If you follow these few tips, you’ll have a great shot at any digital marketing job on the market.

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