Are you worried about how to increase your Instagram growth?

Well, there is no need to worry because here I am going to present the most powerful and ultimate solution for gaining Instagram growth.

Instagram is a huge marketing platform today with millions of users worldwide. Instagram bots had changed the way you manage your Instagram accounts when coming to likes and followers.

If you want a high level of user engagement on this platform, it requires constant timely updating of your profile.

Ingramer the most powerful solution for attaining real Instagram growth. It helps you to market and scales your business on Instagram.

In order to increase user engagement with the Instagram bots, Ingramer provides the best solutions. Ingramer, basically a web service to attract real likes, followers, scheduling posts and comments by automating your activity. One of the advantages for the users is that they can use ingramer on any device to manage Instagram growth.

Ingramer software application uses the AI technology and includes all the features you need to promote your Instagram account.

Now let’s go through how the ingramer Instagram bot really works.

How ingramer works?

Before proceeding for any plan it offers a three days free trial. It requires no download you can manage your campaign for any device.

It takes a very little time to sign up for the Instagram bot and set up your first promotion. With this Instagram bot you can automate your social media marketing in just 3 steps.

Step1: sign up and add your account.

Step2: Set up your new campaign and set daily limits.

Step3: Just slow down, relax and enjoy. It runs your account and tracks down the results using the sophisticated analytics tool.

4 modules support:

Ingramer supports 4 different modules which include all features. You can also enjoy the discount if you choose or subscribe more than one module for longer periods.

The 4 modules include:

  • 1. Basic module
  • 2. Scheduled posting
  • 3. Direct messages
  • 4. Comment tracker

With the help of the basic module you can automatically make likes, follows and unfollows etc. It costs 34$ per month. You can maximum run 10 accounts and the price varies based on it.

The scheduled posting helps you to schedule your content to post automatically.

With the help of direct messages, you can send bulk messages to your target audience.

The comment tracker helps you to keep track of all your comments in the feed.

Pricing :

The prices are very reasonable to promote or increase your Instagram business growth. The pricing plans include for 2 weeks, one month and 3 months.

instagram bots

For 2 weeks per account, the price will be 22$. 1-month plan price is 34$ and 3 months plan 85$ per account.

All the plans include the following list of services.

  • Advanced likes automation.
  • Auto follow and unfollow
  • Targeting by using hashtags, usernames etc.
  • Smart analytic instruments
  • Useful instagram utilities and
  • provides 24/7 support

The reason to consider this Instagram bot is the magic formula behind it.


Moreover using ingramer is a safe journey to growth your Instagram business. Because it is very reliable and strictly follow the Instagram limits and never put the client’s accounts at risk. Your Instagram account will remain safe if you don’t use any other Instagram bots while using the ingramer services.

instagram bots

Some of the Instagram bots may lead to account banned because they use Instagram API without its permission. However, ingramer follows all the rules and regulations stated by Instagram for the users and accounts safety. So in order to use any Instagram bots you need to cross-check with 3 things before your account gets banned. Without failure, you can get all those things with ingramer when compared with other Instagram bots.

They are:

1. You need to check with automated activity speeds.
2. Free VPN purchase and set up your account.
3. A reliable and committed team for customer support.

Ingramer uses the super secure and smart algorithm which was developed in accordance with the Instagram limits. In order to get more or improve security and safety, you need to connect your profile to the Facebook profile and phone number. For security reasons, while working with ingramer you need to turn off the two-factor authentication.

Your Instagram account will remain safe and cannot be banned on using the ingramer. Because the algorithm is designed in such a way and reminds you when it reaches the Instagram limits. Your data will be stored on the encrypted servers. It also works effectively in resolving the issues caused by using other Instagram bots.

You can also embrace the power of new AI algorithm to generate the hashtags for social media automatically. The ingramer free hashtag generator provides you with the relevant hashtags through analyzing your photo, keyword, and link.

The major benefits you will enjoy on using ingramer are likes, followers, comments, popularity, and sales. The users don’t have any access for number actions per day ingramer does this for safety reason.