It is estimated that 80% of internet users have a Smartphone. The statistics are significant for any marketer who wishes to market a brand, product, or service. You can get professional Uni coursework help to free more time and allow you to learn the latest digital marketing tricks.

Mobile Marketing Tips


Why Mobile Marketing?

You might be wondering why mobile marketing is important for a college student.

  • It is the trend

To begin with, the trend is in favor of mobile marketing. The mobile phone is the fastest-selling gadget in the world today. As a marketer, you want to put your money where potential customers can be found. The growing popularity of mobile phones, especially their use in internet access tells you to learn more.

  • Cost-Effective

Mobile marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional channels. You can reach your target at the cost of pennies compared to traditional channels where you pay hefty amounts. Such low cost allows startups and small businesses to still advertise without depleting their capital.

  • Better Targeting

Mobile marketing gives you better targeting. Mobile phones collect a lot of data that shape future campaigns. You get clear figures on who clicked on your website, their location, and activity upon clicking, among other behavioral information. Such data will help you to plan and sharpen your campaign. It gives you a better return on investment.

If mobile marketing is so lucrative for a business, what tricks should college students learn about mobile banking to survive in digital marketing? Here are a few ideas.

Create a responsive website

Web traffic is divided almost into halves between computers and mobile phones. A lot of developers are still building blogs and websites for computers. However, the growing mobile usage means that you have to cater for people access the internet through mobile phones. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive.

A responsive website adjusts images, videos, and icons on the website to fit within the screen of a mobile phone. It also loads fast on mobile phones in order to rank top. It should be easy to operate on the website as though you are operating on a computer.

Instinctive Buttons

Buttons on a mobile phone should be natural or intuitive. A user should not have to struggle when pressing or navigating your website because the buttons are randomly placed. Icons where visitors will click and navigation toolbars should be within reach of the fingers used on the mobile phone.

Intuitive buttons provide an easy experience to visitors. The visitor can click on a button without changing the position of the phone or the hand. Such convenience adds to a rewarding user experience which brings more visitors to your website.

Add Mobile Payment Options

Are you selling anything on a website? It is time to integrate mobile payment options. Whether it involves clicking or scanning codes, it should be easy and natural for a mobile user. Such easy and convenient payment options form part of an easy user experience that will make users to return to your website during future purchases.

A convenient user experience is especially helpful in preventing cart abandonment. Customers will abandon a cart if they have to switch devices, enter numbers, or pay using cumbersome procedures. Make it easy, natural, and convenient to buy to increase the chances of holding onto your customers.

Test, Test, Test

Mobile phones and operating systems are diverse. A new gadget will emerge between the time you conceptualize a website and begin running a store or set up a website. At the same time, features that work on one gadget might not work on another. It is for this reason that you need to test the website and any feature you intend to use extensively.

Imagine all scenarios possible and examine how your website would behave. It minimizes the chances of errors as visitors explore your site. At the same time, you will spot features that will work on some gadgets and not others. Your technical team will identify the faults and adjust the codes so that they can deliver the desired results.

Keep it Simple

Mobile has a personal touch since the phone is always in the hands of the user. Do not create a complicated ad or procedures that bother a user. While at it, ensure that your website is simple and easy to use. The visitor will not be distracted upon landing on your website.

Leave enough white spaces, do not overuse buttons, and make it easy to navigate. Avoid interrupting the experience using unnecessary ads. A simple website will give a better experience to visitors and improve your ranking on search engines.

Use Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile users are looking for specific types of content. Videos and images receive excellent attention from mobile users. Provide such content and visitors will always flock to your site or respond to your ads.

Avoid images or videos that will be distorted or fail to play on mobile. Integrate social media so that visitors can share your content with friends on other platforms, comment, like, and engage in diverse ways. Give your visitors the best experience when using the mobile phone for marketing.

When all is said and done, your mobile content must be engaging. Visitors will respond by sharing, reading, or abandoning your content based on whether it is engaging or not. Engaging content is memorable and sharable, helping to bring more visitors to your website.