Instagram has started to become a lot like Google. When you are typing something on Google, you are going to come across numerous search results on the screen. The websites that are present on the very first page are not there by chance. They are making use of certain tips and tricks to get that particular rank on Google. They are making use of search engine optimization tips for optimizing their website and though it is going to sound complicated, it is extremely simple. You need to know that currently optimizing the Instagram account has also become a thing. Given below is a list of the tricks that can be used for instagram seo  growing the account organically. 

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Optimize the username for  Instagram seo:

You need to understand that words present in the Instagram username are searchable and the username can also act as one of the most important keywords. It is a good idea to add the specialty of your business or the location where your business is operating within your username. You have to think as to what people are going to type for looking for your account on Instagram. The ideal username can help your brand gain recognition. 

Optimize the name for Instagram seo

Not just the Instagram username, but also your Instagram name is searchable. Every word present in the name is responsible for acting as keywords. You must make use of important keywords, which are associated with your business, within the Instagram name. Ensure that you are using something that your audience will use for locating you. This can also help you to get real Instagram followers, which will help in increasing the credibility of your account. 

Optimize the photos for growing the Instagram seo

Instagram is the only visible social networking platform and therefore, your growth on Instagram is going to depend on the photos that you are posting. No matter what you post, your followers need to understand the content almost immediately. Your photos have to be clean and of high quality. Ensure that you are being creative and focus on the main subject. Instagram is currently making use of a new technology, which is known as image recognition, and this technology can scan every photo to understand what it contains. 

This technology can not only help in the growth of your Instagram account but it also helps in naturally displaying the photos to those people, who are interested in the type of content that you post. This is why your photos have to be of good quality. 

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Using hashtags as keywords

Hashtags are keywords. Instagrammers can search for hashtags on Instagram to discover you. Instagram is responsible for checking the hashtags that you are constantly using for showing your posts to potential viewers. You must knowingly use hashtags. According to, 30 hashtags can be used for every post. 


Search engine optimization on Instagram is one of the most important and trending things currently. You must spend a lot of time on Instagram to implement the tricks that have been mentioned above. 

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