Instagram has rolled out its exclusive Influencer dashboard that helps brands choose the influencer that exactly fits in with them. The emerging trend of brands collaborating with influencers has made Instagram come up with its very own influencer dashboard.

The dashboard gives detailed yet easy to understand interpretation about the influencers, making decision-making much easier for brands.   

The Need For Instagram Influencer Dashboard 

Today, more and more brands are going with influencer marketing to enhance their reach and maximize conversion rates. According to a recent survey, 70% of Generation Z are more likely to buy products endorsed by influencers.

The whooping percentage shows the way influencers have conquered young minds. As influencers have gained the teens’ unshakable trust, brands are looking to take advantage of influencers as a customer acquisition medium.

Today, many global brands, including Adidas, Puma have joined hands with influencers since they believe that influencer marketing could take their business to new heights. The majority of the fashion and beauty companies have their presence on Instagram.

The e-commerce business on Instagram is widely dominated by apparel and beauty brands. 57% of these companies have influencer marketing as part of their social marketing strategy, while 21% of brands are looking to add influencers as part of their marketing strategy.  

All these brands are going with any 3rd party analytics tool to retrieve data on the influencers and to choose the one that works best for them. The accuracy and credibility of the data depend on the analytics tool chosen by the brands.

Hence, to sort this out, Instagram itself has come up with its very own influencer dashboard with deep insights easing the decision-making for brands. Services like Trollishly also helps brands in spotting their prospects effortlessly.    

The Instagram Influencer Dashboard

The Instagram Influencer Dashboard benefits both influencers and brands, giving them valuable insights. Here we bring out the various advantages of the Instagram Influencer Dashboard for brands. For every influencer, the Instagram Influencer Dashboard lists out: 

  •  Audience Demographics 
  •  Insights About The Followers   
  •  Engagement Rates 
  • Best Performing Posts     

These valuable stats will help brands in easily finding out the influencer that fits for them. Instagram has noted that it will add many new insights to its dashboard.  

With the new Instagram Influencer Dashboard, influencers can know about:  

  •  The Brands Looking For Collaboration
  • Brand Deals   
  • The Expectations Of Every Brand 

Influencers have opined that the arrival of the dashboard has helped them in finding the brands that are open for collaboration alongside providing valuable insights.  

The Instagram Influencer dashboard is availing of enormous benefits for both sides, thereby paving the way for an increase in the collaborations in the coming years.  

The One-Stop Destination

Many marketers have expressed that launching its very own influencer dashboard is a wise move by Instagram. Before the launch of the dashboard, spotting the right influencer was always an arduous task for brands. They also had to look out for a reliable analytics tool.

All these processes had drained their time. But, the advent of Instagram Influencer Dashboard has made it easier for brands to find the right influencer. The dashboard has become the one-stop destination for brands as it brings out all the details required in choosing an influencer. 

The Wise Move By Instagram

As influencer marketing is expected to gain much more importance in the coming years, this dashboard will be much more beneficial for brands and influencers. Today, everyone right from global brands to small businesses are looking to join hands with the influencers.

The dashboard gives data about the previous deals of an influencer using which brands can go with the influencer that fits-in with their budget. Since influencer marketing is witnessing a consistent spike, the dashboard will further fasten the trend of brands and businesses getting adapted to influencer marketing. 

Moreover, with the dashboard stats, influencers can showcase their engagement rate and drive brands towards them.  

The Inevitable Role Of Influencers

Today, the reach of a social platform is largely decided by the engagement rate of the influencers. These content creators so-called influencers drive the growth of a social platform since people are more likely to check the pages of any influencer for new content as soon as they open the social application.

The same trend prevails on Instagram as the influencers enjoy a huge fan base the same as that of Hollywood stars and athletes. In 2021, 10% of global brands have planned to pump-in over a million dollars on influencers.

They are ready to take this massive leap because influencers have garnered the ‘trust’ of people, the essential characteristic that is required for marketing. A brand can convert a prospect into a customer only if it gains his trust. Many of the influencers have ardent fans for them on Instagram.

These people believe and have faith in the influencers. Many influencers ideate content from the day-to-day lives of people, which has helped them in gaining the attention of people easily. Thus, the majority of the influencers are in one way or another connected with the personal lives of people. Hence, influencers act as the driving force that makes people stick with Instagram.   

How Brands And Influencers Could Capitalize On The Dashboard? 

The advent of the Instagram Influencer Dashboard has made collaborations much easier. Brands don’t have to rely on any analytics tool or statics to know about the performance of an influencer since the dashboard itself provides accurate data about an influencer. Thus, the availability of this dashboard has helped brands in spotting their right influencer in a short span of time. 

For influencers, they will come to know about the brands and small businesses that are looking for collaborations. Moreover, they could also know about the previous deals of the brands from the dashboard. Hence, the dashboard drives inclusiveness between the two parties. 

Many marketers feel that the arrival of this dashboard has availed of enormous benefits for them. They also added that the process of hiring an influencer is simplified with the dashboard.

Instagram is a platform that revolutionizes the social media world with its endearing updates. Only after witnessing a higher engagement of Instagram stories, other major social platforms added stories section to their application. 

Instagram had foreseen the way social platforms would evolve into more of e-commerce centric platforms far before and added many features accordingly. As a result, 70% of cosmetic and apparel brands have their presence on Instagram, which is the highest among all the social platforms.

Even today, the trend remains the same as many newcomers are giving preference to Instagram to elevate their social sales. 

Bottom Line

Everyone, including brands and small businesses, has influencer marketing as part of their social media marketing strategy. They try to find the influencer on Instagram that fits-in with their budget. Instagram Influencer Dashboard has eased the process of collaboration between a brand and an influencer with its comprehensive insights.

Thus, in the coming days, we can expect the same from other social platforms who don’t have their very own dashboard. So, if you are looking to increase the social selling of your brand through influencers, take advantage of the influencer dashboard.

which gives you all the detailed insights required for choosing an influencer, thereby helping you make a much appropriate decision in selecting an influencer.