In order to make the most out of your connections with customers, you’ll need CRM software. Customer relationship management is a way to ensure companies have control over their interactions with both old and new customers.

On the other hand, email marketing is beneficial for advertising your business, informing your customers about new offers, changes, and other important information. Both of these services have one aim – to encourage the customer to buy services and goods from your business. That’s why we created a guide on how to use CRM and email marketing at the same time to get the best possible results. 

About email marketing 

Firstly, let’s understand these two services clearly. We’ll start with defining email marketing. It is used to communicate with your customers in a more personal, direct way. As people use email for both private and business communication, it is a perfect way to promote your services or goods through their daily tasks.

The reason why you should use it is quite simple. They are very cost-effective and very powerful in delivering important messages. This results in more revenues, and more satisfied customers. 


Figure 1CRM and email marketing make a successful team for increasing sales. alt.tag: inbox of gmail on a computer screen

What’s CRM?

Another aspect of this article is customer relationship management. This system is used to make email marketing even more effective. However, it is often confused with marketing automation software. But, there is a difference between these two.

Marketing automation software is used for marketing, whereas CRM is used for sales. CRM can help companies to understand the needs and preferences of their customers, and therefore make the most out of the company-customer relationship. CRM software can help you with:

  • controlling your sales 
  • managing interactions with customers and maintain a positive relationship 
  • finding new customers 
  • sell more products 
  • making communication between marketing and sales teams easier.

With all these benefits, let’s find out what are the ways you can use CRM and email marketing together, to make the most out of your marketing strategy.

Remember: there are many CRM software on the market, which makes it difficult for business owners to make the right choice. For that reason, you need to make sure you pick the software that suits your business’ needs and simplifies your daily email operations.

Rely on a trustworthy team at and save yourself a lot of time in search of the right professionals who can help you out.

CRM can help you segment your audience 

Segmenting is essential in choosing a particular audience for certain promotions.  CRM filters are a huge time-saver, as you don’t need to spend hours sorting out your customers and leads.

They make the segmenting process a lot simpler and faster, as you can sort your audience into different categories. You can make audience segments according to age, gender, interests, previous buying experience, etc. 

Segmentation leads to a personalization

After segmentation of your audience, you can start personalizing your emails. This is another way CRM goes well with email marketing. CRM software lets you add the customer’s name in the opening line, as well as the subject line of the email.

You can also send certain emails to particular groups who are interested in the subject, which will make the sales go up.


Figure 2 CRM can help you analyze and improve your email marketing strategy. alt.tag: person using laptop for crm and meail marketing

Improve Lead Nurturing 

CRM software is an effective way to ‘push’ the customers to buy a service a product.  They discover what are the points in the purchase process some of the customers give up or stall. Tailoring the emails the right way will ensure the customers are more convinced to buy a certain product or service from your company.

Therefore, you should use CRM to start nurturing your contacts after the first contact. The information you get from CRM can be used to tailor your emails, and entice the customers towards the purchase. 

Make use of previous campaigns

Another way you can use CRM and email marketing together is to make the most out of your previous successful campaigns. CRM can analyze your previous work and select the best campaigns in terms of leads and general success.

This is the way to get the idea for something new, and recycle old, proven ways to bring more customers.

New subscribers alert 

When somebody new subscribes to your emails, they are more attentive than ever. They also expect some kind of welcome message and some info on your products, promotions, etc. So, to make sure that this first contact is as efficient as possible, use CRM to help you tailor these emails to the new subscriber’s needs or interests.

This way, once a new person receives a personalized email, they will be more into your products rather than if they received a random, generated email. 

Figure 3Make the contact between a customer and our business as friendly as possible. alt.tag: wooden letters saying contact

Make the offers more effective 

Among your audience, some care more or less about bargains, discounts, and special offers. Therefore, emails informing everybody of those offers can be less efficient. CRM can help email marketing as it can pick the subscribers who are really after any kind of special offer.

And sometimes, even the smallest discount can push a person to make a larger purchase. For that reason, you should use CRM wisely and implement it into your email marketing for better results. 

CRM and email marketing make a great match 

From the information you could see above, we can conclude that CRM and email marketing go well together. There are several benefits of this ‘collaboration’ and numerous ways you can make it work. That’s why you should refresh and improve your marketing strategy by adding an important segment such as CRM to it, and see the results much faster.