With the massive progress in technology, the way people do things or manage them had changed.

Even without their presence thing can be made through a single call or any message or through Wi-Fi connections.

Hopeless I was very much tired of working all the day under the supervision of somebody else. Even cannot make time to spend with my family on my selfish journey to make money.

Though I was twenty I felt like I do have reached the dead end because of the routine life journey in my professional job career. Working all the day with no enjoyments made me miserable and unsustainable. I was unable to spend the money I earned on my best things which I prefer.

Started thing………nothing else in my life job…….

I felt like a school kid who is going every day without any break, coming home, doing exercises and then sleep. The routine life as same when I was a kid.

During my working hours in an office, I usually get thousands of ads, got bored of seeing those and started to thing to begin a new happy life.

Making money is very important but money is not only your life there needs to be something special and you should be the special.

To the good start of my life journey, I felt the job and carved freedom to set my own boundaries and find my own clients. I should be the boss and raise my income levels far better than previous.

Now I had decided to change with new ideas and set my own freelance writing business.

My profession is completely location independent and myself being the boss with full excitement. I can travel with fun, enjoy my experience the real world.

On my journey to travel around the world with full of discoveries and freedom to spend y life wisely made me think very peacefully, no tensions, no worries, happy life with good freelance writing business.

It is the perfect decision to get succeed in my life, moving to a new country by keeping aside cushy office job and stable salary.

It took me a few months to set up the freelance writing business where I had worked hard. Then I had continued to expand or large my business into the real world by traveling around the world.

I could spend my day very joyfully and location independent. Initially, you can feel little stress, needs to work hard for the business set up, but it will be worthy of the freedom you had made for your life.

Anyone can build freelance writing business without any budget but needed to think wisely and should manage under any circumstances. Because here you are the boss.

below I had listed a few steps which are required for setting up the freelance writing business while traveling and exploring the world.

Build your freelance writing business while traveling the world:

1. Need to lay the foundation for your business before you leave:

You need to prepare or lay the foundation for your business before you left the office job. Because without any basic idea of the business leaving will cause some problems. You need to plan everything career and should acquire new clients for the business.

You should be managed to get at least 50% of office job income before you start your travel around the world.

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2. Your online presence should be very interactive:

You should work online exclusively irrespective of location dependency. To get more reputation for your freelance writing business, your online presence is the very important factor. It decides your engagement for sharing your content online. You need to share your content with social media accounts every day, connect with other freelance writers, co-bloggers and online community.

Online presence is very essential if you want to run your freelance business successfully.

Your online interaction will help to:

  • You can gain more clients.
  • As a freelancer you need to concentrate on more to showcase your personality and skills for the clients.
  • You can connect very easily to other freelance writers and helps to identify you as an expert in that field.

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3. You need to create portfolio:

If you want to build a freelance writing business from your home, or on a move to your journey, you need to create a portfolio to drive quality clients for your freelance business. You need to get quality clients which enrich your income. Because there are also low paying online jobs, make a note of them.

Your portfolio profile should signify the following:

  • It should show the highest quality content writing samples.
  • It should show the styles you are most experienced in writing.
  • You need to highlight the specific brands and industries you had worked in.
  • You should also signify the price details and offers if they choose you as their customer.

Many of the freelance writers work on a job without strong portfolio. This is what makes them lack down. For any freelance business, your identity should be strong enough to show what you are and what services you provide to your clients.

In order to build a strong solid portfolio there are several effective methods. Among them the most precious ones that need to be outed by every freelance writer to make their content amazing are:

  • You need to start a blog to showcase your writing styles.
  • Submit guest posting to other websites so as to collect the quality content writing articles as the samples for the clients view.
  • As a newbie to the freelance business you need to write for the friends, family members for free so as to gain or create a strong portfolio.

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4.Know the destination before you go:

Many people loved to travel to the different remote places on the earth with their business. But however, working on road i.e while traveling will be somewhat uncomfortable. You cannot get the secure wifi connection to the remote places to carry your work.

So you need to know the destination before you plan your trip. You need to keep in mind that building the freelance business from home and on the road are not compared to each other. You cannot meet your deadlines and work comfortably.

So it’s always best to know the destination before your travel.

5. Use virtual tools for support.

One of the major obstacle you will face while building a freelance writing business on traveling around the world is that you need to communicate properly with your clients to meet deadlines in different time zones.

You might even miss out emails, work orders also.

So, you need to use the virtual tools while traveling around the world to make your life easier and simple. With the virtual tools support you can manage projects, meetings, schedule social media posts for the clients etc.

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Some of the virtual tools which will help while travelling around the world are:

  • Hootsuite or Buffer for automatic publishing of posts on social media networks.
  • A new and more engaging tool trello for managing the projects.
  • Slack for communicating with the clients instantly.
  • Google Hangouts for virtual meetings and calendly for scheduling the meetings.


Making online money irrespective of the office job is very excited. Becoming an online expert content writer will be very hard but needs some patience. You might face few obstacles as a freelance writer. But you need to overcome them. Creating a freelance writing business while traveling around the world irrespective of location might be easy. But you need to work hard to build a proper structure for your freelance business.

You can carve your freedom for fun and joy if you succeed at your dream profession.